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Astrology For Kids: Here' What 2021 Has In Store For Them

Things will be calmer, though not entirely smooth.

2020 year asked so much of kids: Whether it was adjusting to virtual school, not seeing friends IRL, or learning to wear a mask everywhere and forego hugs, children everywhere rose to the challenges of this year with patience and adaptability (and like adults, the occasional meltdown). The good news is that according to astrologer's predictions for 2021 kids horoscopes, the year ahead is shaping up to be much more calm. So if you're hoping to get a sense of what's in store for your child this year based on their zodiac sign (which hopefully means a year of fewer surprises) read on to see what celebrity and pop culture astrologer, Kyle Thomas, and astrologer and author, Donna Stellhorn, predict 2021 holds for your little one.


This year you may notice your Aries child blossoming out of their shell and becoming more confident. Your kid could start talking about a whole new group of friends, or get deeper into friendships with their group of BFFs. "Special awards or achievements in school are possible. Consider entering contests for poetry, art, or writing. This year, life is better when you branch out to explore new ideas, take up drawing, or express yourself through dance," Stellhorn tells Romper. So blast some tunes and have a dance party with your little one or pull out the paint set. After all as Thomas tells Romper, this year is about growth, but Aries can also expect to have a lot of fun, too.


Your bull child may rebel this year if they're feeling, "ignored, caged, or unfulfilled," Thomas tells Romper, so try to schedule some one-on-one time with your Taurus kid if you sense they're acting out; they may just need to feel seen and understood. Stellhorn adds that Taurus children should, "focus on how many options [they] have, there are more than [they] think." Your job as a parent may be to help your little one see the big picture and make choices that feel authentically best to them, and as Stellhorn says, you can help them, "learn to prioritize what's really important." 2021 should be a strong year for friendships with Taurus children gaining popularity and new pals.


The twin signs of the zodiac may be antsy to leave their comfort zones this year, Thomas says, and a after a year of being quite literally cooped up, Geminis are ready to soar and will likely be interested in travel and new experiences.

"[The] focus this year is on how working in a team can bring success," Stellhorn says and adds that Gemini children may need to be encouraged to seek extra help, tutoring, and extracurricular activities. "There is positive energy around scholarships, grants, or special awards," she adds. "Outdated relationships will end," Thomas says, so don't be surprise or discouraged if you see your child leaving behind friendships and picking up new ones.


Get ready for your Cancer child to have a busy, social year. "School gets a lot more fun when it's in-person classes, but [they] learn equally well if the classes are online. Look for classes that teach psychology, negotiation, or public speaking," Stellhorn says.

This water sign may gain powerful skills this year like patience and self-care. "Life is better when [Cancer children] get exercise and enough sleep," Stellhorn says, and it may be a good idea to find ways to exercise with your child, whether it's a long walk in the neighborhood or a sweaty dance party. 2021 looks like a bright year for friendships, Stellhorn says, and you may see your child mingling with many different groups who allow them to express different parts of their personality.

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2021 looks like a creative year for Leo children. "Art, music, and creative projects are highlighted in school for [Leos] this year," Stellhorn says, and you could also enroll your child in an extracurricular that helps them express themselves like dance, acting, or pottery. Stellhorn also notes that "life is better when [Leos] do something in the community," so you and your child could volunteer somewhere together; you may be surprised by how much they get out of the experience.

You may see your Lion babe hanging with a new friend who could turn out to be a lifelong buddy, thanks to an eclipse taking place in June, Thomas says.


Don't be surprised if your Virgo child steps into a leadership role this year, whether that's running for student council or just by acting as the head of their preschool crew; after all, as Stellhorn says, "life is better when [Virgos set] a positive example for others." As Thomas notes, 2021 should be a year of success in all areas (including financial) so you may want to see your child up with an allowance for doing their chores or even their first savings account (even if that's a piggy bank). They'll also take a genuine interest in their own health and you can help out with that by initiating exercise or other fun healthy habits.


2021 is both a year or luck and creativity for Libras. "School shows to be quite enjoyable this year, especially if you're in theater or sports. Look for classes on acting, singing, dancing," Stellhorn tells Romper. You can expect to see lots of impromptu performances from your Scales sign child this year as they get in touch with their inner artiste, and she adds that a lot of time outside of school will be spent with friends.

As far as school goes, older Libra kids may need some parental guidance when it comes to working on their "long-term educational goals," Stellhorn says. Thomas says to watch out for the retrograde in Libra's sign in October which could cause confusion and trouble with communication.


Scorpio children may need a little help minimizing distractions the year (Robux, anyone?) and Stellhorn says that may need to be urged to visit a guidance counselor or ask for help from their teacher specifically about study habits, focusing in class, and time management. If they get the help they need,"school shows to be very interesting and just challenging enough to help Scorpios really grow," Stellhorn tells Romper.

As Thomas notes, 2021 is a year of, "expansion and growth," and Scorpio kids may grow their friend circle and seek out new hobbies that make them feel confident.

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Sag children will likely make major strides when it comes to communicating their feelings and listening to others (parents of Sagittarius, lucky you). Don't be alarmed if your child doesn't seem to have a ton of friends; they're "probably sticking close to a very tight circle of special friends," this year, as Stellhorn notes. You may notice that your Sagittarius kid is "using technology to communicate ideas more effectively," she adds, and screen time may not be a totally bad thing if they're using it for a good reason (maybe you could get them writing emails to friends or loved ones, even if you do most of the actual typing).


Your Capricorn child may not be completely interested in the subject matter at school this year, Stellhorn says, but they will be motivated by how their hard work brings rewards, and Capricorns typically grasp material quickly and do well on tests. If your child is having trouble intrinsically motivating, you could try a sticker chart or another way to reward their efforts.

Eclipses in May and December could act as a time to, "prioritize mental and physical health," Thomas says so don't hesitate to give your kid a day off from school to lounge, or enroll them in a new sport which can help get some of that energy out.


2021 is a year for turning over a brand new leaf for Aquarius, and these changes won't just be a brief phase but can actually last a lifetime, Thomas says. With new beginnings comes new responsibility, as you may see your Aquarius child experiencing both joy and fear simultaneously. The focus for the Water-Bearer sign is "on understanding how [they] are unique and expressing that uniqueness," Stellhorn tells Romper. "School is quite exciting this year, with some big opportunities both academically and athletically," she adds. 2021 should ultimately be fun and fulfilling, and while progress won't always be linear, Aquarius kids will find themselves growing personally and within their friend group.


New horizons await for Pisces children and this new year will be about "learning about yourself, your preferences, and interests," Stellhorn says. The year may feel slow to Pisces, Thomas says, but instead of this time being a bad thing, it offers room for healing, growth, and personal development. If your child shows an interest in something brand new (even if the hobby seems random or bound to be short-lived) go with the flow and let them explore new hobbies.

Pisces are adaptable, and whether school is online or in-person, your fish child will be surrounded by an "an exceptional group of friends, all talented, bringing together different interests," Stellhorn says.