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Exclusive: Wow In The World Podcast Explains Covid Vaccines In A Way Kids Can Understand

Hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas explain what the Covid vaccine is — and how it works — in a way kids will understand (and enjoy)!

Explaining the importance of vaccines to a child who pretty much shuts down after they find out they have to get a needle can be difficult. Fortunately, Wow in the World, the kids’ podcast enjoyed by millions of families is coming out with an episode all about the vaccine — how it works, how to get it, and what to expect — this Monday, Nov. 22.

Hosted by NPR’s Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, Wow in the World pairs family-friendly storytelling and a cast of silly characters with real-life stories about science, technology, and innovation. In this upcoming episode, Guy and Mindy are hosting a neighborhood talent show to celebrate the fact that, well, they can have talent shows again now that the Covid vaccine is available to everyone over 5. But Dennis, their goofy, clueless, but self-assured neighbor reveals he’s been entirely unaware of the pandemic for the past 20 months and is unvaccinated, they help him overcome his fear of needles and explain what the vaccine is, how it works, how to get it, and why it’s important to overcome your fear and get the shot.

WOW in the World

The episode is genuinely funny (your kids will get a kick out of Dennis) and truly informative, putting vaccines (and the remarkable science behind them) into terms even young children can understand. It’s also super helpful for soon-to-be vaccinated kids to know ahead of time exactly what an appointment will be like (Guy and Mindy walk Dennis through ever step of his vaccination for moral support) and to know that even if it pinches for a moment, it’s really not so bad.

Check out Romper’s exclusive preview of the episode below, in which Guy and Mindy explain just how a vaccine helps keep you from getting sick from Covid-19.

In a statement, the team at Wow in the World said that Wow in the World said that now more than ever, families need to trust science. “Wow in the World has shared a love for and trust in science with families around the world for the last four years. We want families to turn to Wow in the World as a trustworthy kid-friendly educational resource to spark important conversations about the importance of science and trusting vaccines.”

The Covid vaccine episode of Wow in the World will be available on Monday, Nov. 22 on Tinkercast or wherever you get your podcasts.