Advent Calendars

Kids looking at an advent calendar.
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From Fidget Toys To LEGOs, These Kids Advent Calendars Are Stocked With Faves

The countdown is on.

Put away your Halloween candy, it’s time to gear up for Christmas. If you want to be the ultimate parent (and who doesn’t?) now is the time to purchase a super awesome kids advent calendar. Sure, you could just have your child count down the days until Santa’s sleigh arrives. But where’s the fun in that? With a kids advent calendar they get a small token each and every day to mark old St. Nick’s arrival. Plus, it’s fun for the whole family.

Each day will start with the thrill and anticipation of finding a new treasure tucked behind a tiny door. And no child need be excluded from this holiday tradition. Not today when advent calendars are designed for every possible age range. Want to get your baby in on the fun? No problem. There’s a Fisher Price Little People baby advent calendar. Have a dino-lover who would like a Christmas countdown of their own? Check out the Jurassic advent calendar below. Need to get your Lego obsessed kid a great advent calendar they’ll appreciate? There are more options than you might believe. In fact, if you’d prefer to DIY your own advent calendar, there are products for that as well.

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Squishies Advent Calendar For Kids

Squishies, as the name suggests, are squishy rubber critters that many kids are absolutely in love with. So why not make their squishy dreams come true with an entire toy advent calendar full of them. Some are the traditional puffy characters, other feature wheels, but all 24 of them feature the same sweet signature cute face kids adore. Like a holiday treasure chest, your child will get a new little creature every day, which they can play with or share with a sibling or friend.


Fidget Toy Advent Calendar

It’s hard to sit still when you’re excited for Christmas. Want to keep someone’s busy hands full? Give your child a Fidget Toy advent calendar. Each day leading up to Christmas they’ll get a different sensory toy they can play with. Made from high quality non-toxic plastic, each item gives children a different distraction from push pops to a Rubik’s Cube. There are also some slinkies, squishy, and even a little puzzle or two to have fun with.


Dinosaur Advent Calendar

For prehistoric fans, you can never have too many dinosaurs. Outfit your children with a whole new set of Cretaceous characters with this dino advent calendar. This set includes Includes 20 realistic dino toys, four fences, two trees and one dino egg. But that’s not all. It also comes with a dinosaur world playmat, so once they open a day, they can add their latest character to their Jurassic scene. A launchpad for the imagination, your child will have boatloads of fun introducing each character to their pretend dino world each day.


Polly Pocket Advent Calendar For Kids

What is it about teeny weeny dolls that is so appealing? Polly Pocket has been mesmerizing kids since it came on the toy scene in 1983. Now it’s evolved from little clamshell toys to an entire kid advent calendar where your child will get a new Polly doll or accessory each day. Even more fun? The advent box itself folds out to become a Polly Pocket scene that each subsequent toy can be displayed in. How’s that for some micro fun?


DIY Advent Calendar Kit For Kids

Have a creative kiddo that likes to be in charge? Let them come up with their own advent calendar for the family with this advent DIY kit. A crafty kid’s dream, this kit comes with an envelope, letter to Santa form, paper plate, one yard of elastic cording, 157 beads, 16 craft sticks, 16 sticker-backed jewels, two clothespins, two small sheets of tissue paper, 20 googly eyes, 25 paper strips, three felt sheets, three large sheets of tissue paper, four gift tags, four glitter vials, 42 fuzzy sticks, 5.5g assorted sequins, six crayons, six mini gel pens, 74 pompoms, eight pieces of paper, cardstock advent calendar, cardstock gingerbread cutout, gold string, ribbon, rickrack and glitter tape. Everything they need to do advent themselves.


Playmobil Advent Calendar

Playmobil is a beloved children’s toy brand. So it makes sense that they might offer a toy advent calendar. But they’ve done one better by making their advent calendar entirely Christmas themed. Welcome to Santa’s workshop where the elves are busy crafty 24 surprises for children. Naturally, that includes Santa’s sleigh, his work bench, loads of toys, four figurines, reindeer, a bike, and lots of accessories to make his magical workshop come to life. In addition, the box becomes a backdrop when you unfold it to create a real North Pole playland for your child.


FAO Schwarz Dino Dig Advent Calendar

Have two dino lovers who are interested in sharing? Then you need a second dinosaur advent calendar for kids. This one is more appropriate for the budding paleontologist in your life. Here, children get a whole kit and kaboodle of dino digging accoutrement to help them learn and discover more about the Triassic, Cretaceous, and Jurassic eras. They’ll get dino baby eggs, a hammer, beaker, a brush, and chisel, so they can crack open those eggs and find their new species.


Funko Pop! Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Funko Pops are collectable pop culture characters. And in this case, they’re the cast members of Harry Potter. Roughly 2 inches tall, each has exaggerated characteristics with no mouth and a tiny nose but represent favorite characters. This box has 24 Harry Potter characters including, of course, Harry, not to mention Hermione, Dobby, Ron, and the rest of the Hogwarts crew. What your child does with them is up to them. They can start collecting Funko Pops or play with the figurines and make their own wizarding world.


Pokémon Advent Calendar

Did you know Pokémon characters celebrate Christmas? In this advent calendar for kids they do. Here plastic figurines celebrate the season with little gifts and holiday-themed accessories. All your kid’s favorite characters are here: ikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Eevee. But you won’t just get 24 items. This set actually includes 39 total items in the trifold calendar that can easily sit on your kitchen counter or dining room table. While they review their Pokemon cards, your kid can play with their matching figurines.


Barbie Dreamtopia Advent Calendar

Barbie may have debuted in 1959, but the popularity of the doll endures. And if you have a house of Barbie fans, make their holiday season epic with a Barbie toy kids’ advent calendar. The calendar kicks off with a Barbie doll on day one. From there, 23 days of accessories awaits. Because this is a Dreamtopia kit, she’ll get a mermaid tail, butterfly wings, tiaras, necklaces, a baby dragon, and unicorn! Think of the fantasy possibilities! It’s like a fairytale in a box.


Disney Storybook Advent Calendar

Toddlers need advent calendars too. But toy calendars might be filled with pieces far too tiny for little holiday fans. For them, turn to things like this Disney Storybook Advent Calendar. Rather than toys, this is packed with itty bitty books that tell classic Disney tales. The ultimate perk to bedtime stories, each night you’ll have a new book to read. And because it’s Disney, your kid will love seeing all of their favorite familiar characters. And instead of having bits and bobs of plastic littering the house, you’ll have a new book series to add to their bookshelf.


Advent Calendar Tree

Toddlers are just starting to learn and understand what the holidays are all about. So instead of having them open tiny presents each day of advent, have them use this Melissa & Doug advent calendar as a learning and counting tool. This Christmas countdown tree comes with 24 magnetic ornaments they can place on the faux fur to track how close it’s getting until Santa’s arrival. In fun shapes like stars, snowflakes, reindeer, and other Christmas symbols, you can also have them identify the character as you teach your child simple counting.


Play-Doh Advent Calendar For Toddlers

If you’re in the under four set, Play-Doh is always a good time. So buying this Play-Doh toddler advent calendar is a sure thing. To get the party started, the kit comes with five play-doh cans featuring two sparkle cans, then, for 24 days your kiddo will get a different Play-Doh stamp. And to make life a little bit easier for parents, this calendar also comes with a mat so you can keep the doh on one tiny surface and not all over, say, your dining room table.


Crayola Christmas Countdown Calendar

Know a child who covets art supplies like some people covet fine watches? Then here’s the advent calendar for them. This is a Crayola Countdown calendar filled with great art products. Inside, 24 daily holiday-themed crafts help kids count down to Christmas. One day they might get some paint, another day some clay. And with each item, you can introduce a different craft activity, a great way to spend an afternoon gearing up for Christmas.


Fisher-Price Thomas and Friends Advent Calendar For Toddlers

Thomas the Tank Engine is one of the all-time most beloved children’s TV shows ever. Kids love trains and kids really love Thomas. So imagine their delight when you give them a Thomas advent calendar filled with all their favorite tiny trains! Your kid can play Mr. Conductor as they unveil a different train each day, with 24 in all. An no worry about trying to build some tracks. The box itself is a train track set they can run their little choo-choos over.


Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

The ultimate in toddler advent calendars, this one is all about Paw Patrol. Adventure Bay comes to life in 24 days featuring their favorite pups. Items include a sleigh with room for two of the pups; Chickaletta wearing a hat and scarf; a snowman; Christmas trees and more! You can probably hear the theme song already as you imagine this incredible gift. Designed for children 3 and up, this advent calendar is perfect for little Paw Patrol fans.


PJ Masks Advent Calendar

PJ Masks is the ultimate toddler superhero show. So what’s better than binge watching a bunch of episodes? Opening a new PJ Masks toy every day with this advent calendar. Owlet, Catboy, and Gekko all appear as well as tokens and accessories to go with it. There are 24 total items for the 24 days leading up until Christmas. As your child prepares for their own pajama clad mission, outfit them with a team of superhero sidekicks to help them complete the challenge.


Brio Toy Adent Calendar

Brio trains are one of those toys that families pass down for generations. The super durable, well made toys last forever, which is why they’re such a childhood favorite. If you buy this advent calendar for kids, they’ll have even more Brio to add to their collection including tracks, animals, accessories and exclusive seasonal content such as Santa Claus and a unique Christmas Train – all made from high-quality plastics and FSC-certified European beech wood.


Little People Advent Calendar For Babies

Tiny hands have different advent calendar needs than bigger kids. But babies need not be excluded from the December countdown tradition. You just need to find an advent calendar appropriate for their development level. That’s where Fisher Price’s Little People calendar. Babies can make merry with these toys perfectly made for their little hands. There’s Mr. and Mrs. Claus as well as a handful of other little characters and accessories to play with.


Pottery Barn Personalized Advent Calendar

Want to make sure your child not only loves every advent calendar toy but also that they’re safe and age appropriate? Make your own with this Pottery Barn personalized advent calendar. With this festive fabric hanging advent calendar, you can have your family name embroidered on the top, so it becomes a family heirloom. With 25 little pouches, you can fill up the wool calendar with whatever items you want. Sure, it’ll take a bit more work, but it will be completely tailored to your children.


Finger Puppet Advent Calendar For Babies

Want an advent calendar for your baby? Here’s the perfect option. A calendar filled with finger puppets. Perfect for tiny hands and developmentally appropriate for little people, they’ll love finding a new character each day they can play with. There are 24 little critters including a horse, hare, tiger, monkey, moose, bear, elephant, dog, duck, doll, house, fish, panda, and more. A whole menagerie of animals, your child will have their own zoo by the time Christmas rolls around.


Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar

For some kids, anything Star Wars-themed will make them happy. But why limit that joy to just December 25? Make it a month-long celebration with an entire LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. This kid packs a whopping 335 pieces into it, so that your child won’t just get tiny Stormtroopers, they’ll build an entire galaxy. And relax, Grogu (the Child, aka Baby Yoda) is included too. So your little Mandalorian fan can pretend they’re in the wildly successful Disney+ series.


Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar

Another natural LEGO advent calendar concept is this pack of Harry Potter toys. Whether your child has watched all the movies a dozen times or just started reading the books, they’ll love seeing the entire Hogwarts world in miniature and have fun building it as the month progresses. Six figures along with a bunch of accessories make Harry Potter come to life. For example, brooms, owls, Gringotts’ gold, etc., are all included. They might not be able to attend Hogwarts, but kids will feel like they’re there with this advent calendar.


LEGO City Advent Calendar

LEGO advent calendars are such a great way to not only give your child a toy a day, but also an activity a day as each little window on the box leads to a building project. That’s no different with the LEGO City Advent Calendar. This kit has 349 pieces in it. What does that add up to? Well, your child is going to build Santa, naturally. Not to mention other characters from the LEGO City Adventures TV series. But the best part? The box for this set unfolds to become a backdrop to LEGO City.