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Kohl’s New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day Hours Are Pretty Great

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Like a good friend, Kohl's will be there for you.

With the last of the gift-giving holidays safely behind you, you might have thought that you’d gotten all the presents you needed by this point. But then, something (or someone) unexpectedly pops up for a New Year’s visit, and oops, you need another present. Now, if you crave going to Kohl’s for their competitive deals, your first instinct is probably to ask yourself (or your partner), Is Kohl’s open on New Year’s Day? Well, here’s when you can expect the discount retailer to open and close on New Year’s Eve 2022 and New Year’s Day.

What are Kohl’s New Year’s Eve 2022 hours?

When it comes to getting gifts for others (and, hey, picking up something for yourself, too), you can’t beat Kohl’s. They have a slew of stocking stuffers, tons of toys (in case your kid breaks one of their Christmas presents and needs a replacement), and a bounty of beauty care items. In short, it’s pretty easy to grab a gift at Kohl’s that’s going to be a hit. And as for their hours, they’re kind of a gift, too, since Kohl’s will be open on New Year’s Eve from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. That means you have enough time to shop, get home, and changed before the ball drops at midnight.

What are Kohl’s New Year’s Day 2023 hours?

Now, let’s say that you don’t like the way that the New Year’s Eve dress you picked up from Kohl’s fit — and you wound up having to wear something from your closet instead. Well, you can head right back to the store bright and early on January 1, because Kohl’s is open on New Year’s Day 2023 as well. In fact, doors open at 9 a.m., which gives you plenty of time to do returns, or pick up the present that you really wanted for the holidays (but didn’t get) to start your New Year taking care of the most important person of all — yourself.

Whether it’s to buy something for a family member or yourself or to just get out of the house for a hot minute without a kid clinging to you, you can grab a cart at Kohl’s and cruise through the aisles for some retail therapy and relief.