Kroger's Easter hours might be helpful this year.
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Here’s What You Need To Know About Kroger’s Hours On Easter Sunday

Will you be hopping over to another local grocery chain on the big day if you forget an ingredient?

When I think of Easter food, I think of ham, deviled eggs, fried chicken, a Cornish game hen, lamb, dressing, rolls, salads, and other spring fare. If you love shopping at Kroger, where it’s “fresh for everyone,” and you celebrate Easter, you’re probably already dreaming up what you’re going to serve. But if you don’t have a plan or forget something, you’ll need to know if Kroger is open on Easter. And unfortunately, all of this depends on what time you’re reading this article and where you live.

The Kroger website noted, “The Kroger Family of Companies is closing early on Easter Sunday ... to provide its associates with more time to rest and be with their families. Holiday operating hours will vary by location and market.” So be sure to check your local favorite Kroger to see what their hours will be on this day, as it varies from city to city.

However, I’d highly recommend trying to get all of your delicious ingredients beforehand, because Kroger has some killer deals on Easter favorites in their weekly ad leading up to the big day.

Kroger’s weekly ad the week before Easter has so many deals, you’re going to want to grab them before the day of, especially since they’re closing early on the big day. Boneless pork tenderloin is coming at you for $3.49 a pound with your Kroger card, and honey or brown sugar bone-in Smithfield Shank-Portion Ham is just $1.79 per pound with card, with a limit of 2 hams.

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Kroger has got you covered for Easter basket and decor needs, too. Easter Lilies in a 6-inch pot are $6.99 and up. But I must add a public service announcement — please keep lilies away from your animals, particularly your cats.

Holiday home Easter basket starter kits are $9.99 with card, and the most polarizing Easter treat, Peeps, are available for two for $3 with card. Y’all, if you have a larger Kroger near by, you can even snag some adorable Easter and spring-themed books for 25% off. And don’t forget to grab your Easter baking accessories for those Easter cookies, which are 40% off.

You can take advantage of these deals now, and make sure you do, since Kroger may be closed early on Easter Sunday depending on your location.