Labor Day

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Kroger's Labor Day Hours Are So Convenient This Year

Because you’ll probably need a last-minute ingredient (or two).

As the end of summer draws near, we use Labor Day as an excuse to grill out one last time before pools close up and temperatures drop. The holiday weekend is a busy one and if you need a last-minute grocery item you may find yourself wondering, is Kroger open on Labor Day 2021? Then, of course, there’s the obvious follow-up question: what are Kroger’s 2021 hours?

Is Kroger Open On Labor Day 2021?

If you’re preparing your famous burgers or cocktails and find yourself missing a key ingredient, you can most likely count on your local Kroger to be open on Labor Day 2021. Representatives from stores in Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee confirmed they’d be open on Labor Day during regular store hours. Since standard hours can vary from store to store, and because some stores may slightly modify hours on holidays, it’s always best to contact your local store first before heading over to do some shopping. You can find the store closest to you using their online store locator, which will give you the address, phone number, and hours of operation.

Kroger Labor Day Deals

Even if you have no plans to shop at Kroger on Labor Day 2021, you may want to plan on heading that way between now and then, because they are having some amazing deals on Labor Day staples starting Sept. 1. Some of the sales advertised in their weekly ad include a whole seedless watermelon for $2.99 (which is delightful when grilled), boneless beef strip steaks for $7.99 a pound, buy-one/get-one on Oscar Mayer hot dogs, among many others. You can even get all of the fixings for s’mores, a six-pack of Hershey’s chocolate bars, a 12 oz. bag of marshmallows, and a box of Honey Maid graham crackers for $7. These deals (and more) are valid Sept 1 through 7 and many of them require a Kroger card, so if you don’t have one already, sign up online.

Whether you’re doing your shopping early or you realize you forgot to pick up ketchup for your cookout, Kroger has you covered this Labor Day.