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20 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers For The Procrastinating Santa

Because this has been a busy year.

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I’ve always loved opening my holiday stocking, there’s just something about all of the tiny gifts that completely delights me. This year, my daughter is finally starting to understand all of the holiday shenanigans and I’m so excited to get her take on the stocking tradition. Of course, I know that not everyone is like me and a lot of people put off shopping for stocking stuffer gifts altogether so they end up needing ideas for last-minute stocking stuffers as Christmas approaches. Well, if that's the case for you, don't worry. We've got you covered with some pretty fantastic small gifts.

Below you’ll find an assortment of last minute stocking stuffers ranging from beauty products to small toys to statement-making clothes. The best part? A lot of these gifts clock in at under $20. Personally, I plan to snag a pair of the cozy socks for my BFF and the sugar scrub from my sister who loves all things luxury. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you see my daughter and I out and about with matching nail decals. They’re kind of hard to pass up.

Whether you’re looking for something for your partner, your parent, or even yourself (hey, someone’s gotta fill that stocking, right?). Here are some items worth adding to your cart.

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DIY Unicorn Stuffed Animal Kit

Upon first glance, this looks like the perfect stocking stuffer for a kid, but honestly, it’s a craft adults would love just as much. The stuffed animal kit includes everything needed to make your very own enchanting felt unicorn. Each kit includes a sewing pattern, pre-cut and measured felt sheets, yarn, doll eyes, stuffing, wire, and thread for making this gorgeous creation. If unicorns aren’t your recipient’s thing, but you know they’d love this kind of kit, then check out the rest of DelilahIris’ shop where you can find everything from a snail to a fox to a giraffe and beyond.


Stylish Notebooks

This is a fantastic gift whether you have one stocking to fill or three. It comes with three separate notebooks, each with a different (beautiful) design on the front. The journals all have soft covers and come with 48 pages of college-ruled pages inside. Journals make for a perfect stocking stuffer because, for one, they are small enough to fit in a stocking and most people could stand to have a small notebook with them to write down their thoughts, to-do lists, or even just write little notes to themselves or rip out a page and write a note to someone they love.


Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color

When all else fails, you really can’t go wrong with adding some weight to their stocking with some nail polish. Depending on the brand, they can be really inexpensive (like this one), they’re a good size for stocking stuffers, and they tend to be well-received. There are so many options out there in pretty much any shade of the rainbow you can find, like this bright pink from the Wild Shine Nail Color line by Wet n Wild. Grab a few colors you think your recipients would like, and maybe a bottle or two for yourself (hey, your stocking deserves some love this Christmas, too).


A Very Honest Tumbler

As a mom, I find myself exhaustedly uttering the phrase, “I’m doing my best,” on what seems like a daily basis, so a travel coffee mug with that statement on it seems pretty perfect. I know I’m not alone in this, either. Even if your gift recipient isn’t a parent, there are probably plenty of times throughout the day where they think this very line to themselves. This travel mug is handmade, holds 16 oz of liquid, and is double-walled insulated so it’ll keep a hot drink toasty all morning long. It’s a great cup, but you might want to give your recipient a heads up that it needs to be hand washed.


A Totally Unique Candle

Normally, I’d say a candle is a pretty generic gift, but how cute is this one? When a candle is this unique and well-crafted, it’s clear a lot of thought was put into it. This 5.5 oz work of art is totally handmade, from the color of the wax, to the molding to the construction of the candle. It’s made from 100% soy, so it has a nice clean burn and it has a strong throw so you can smell the delightful cactus and pomelo scent from across the room. Aside from how pretty it is, it’s also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer and is especially good for adding some weight to it.


Yes To Coconut Hydrating Mask

Who doesn’t enjoy kicking back with a soothing sheet mask now and then? Stuff your recipient’s stocking full of relaxation and TLC with this Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask which uses coconut to moisturize and soften the skin, leaving your loved one looking even more glowy than usual. It’s a fantastic gift, and since it’s so inexpensive, you can add a few to the stocking to really fill up some space (you can never have too many masks, after all). Pro tip: this is an especially great gift for a mama who never gets any time for herself.


Kids Pizza T-Shirt

Know a toddler or little kid who just can’t get enough pizza? Well, now they can let everyone they meet know their love for the delightful food with this adorable shirt. There is a wide variety of shirt color options for you to choose from, so chances are high you’ll be able to find your kiddo’s favorite color with no problem, and the design will be printed on in either white or black (leave a note with the seller if you have a preference). Not only is this shirt super cute, but it’s also incredibly soft and safe for the washer and dryer.


A Kamala Onesie

Will celebrating the first female VP ever get old? I don’t think so. This Christmas, you can have your favorite baby cheering for Madame Vice President right alongside you by stuffing their stocking with one of these adorable onesies. The short sleeve onesie is made from 93% jersey cotton, making it super soft for baby’s sensitive skin, and it has three reinforced buttons for closure to keep it snug and to make diaper changes a little easier. Specs aside, there’s no arguing that this onesie is just flat-out cute and is a great gift to help break up all of the Puffs and rattles that are stuffed into their stockings.


Shower Icing

Wouldn’t you love to discover something this colorful and fun as you unpack your stocking on Christmas morning? Toss a few of these little travel size shower icings in your family’s stockings and you’ve given them the gift of a luxurious shower and super soft skin. To use it, all you have to do is scoop the icing out of the container, put it on a loofah, and apply to your skin during your shower. It serves as both a cleanser and a moisturizer, and there are lots of delightful scents to choose from. It is sure to be a stocking favorite.


"Bring Me A Glass Of Wine" Socks

I don’t know about your family, but in my house, a few packs of socks are a staple Christmas gift, and the more fun the design, the better. These particular socks aren’t just cheeky, they’re also actually functional. Not only do they send a very important message, but they’re also made from super warm and soft wool so they’ll keep feet feeling comfortable during the cold winter. They’re one size fits all and hit right above the ankles, so they’re perfect for wearing with tall boots or little booties. Shoot, these socks are so great, don’t hesitate to stuff a pair in your own stocking.


Bath Crayons

If you have a little kid who loves to color on pretty much any surface they can find (no matter how many times you tell them not to), then they will be absolutely thrilled to find these crayons in their stocking because they’ll actually be able to color on the walls with them (well, the walls of the bathtub, at least). The set includes nine crayons in different colors, all of which are non-toxic, fun to play with, and really easy to clean up after some bathtime fun. Full disclosure: these are best for kids who are old enough to understand they can’t use these to color on all of the walls (because if they’re anything like my toddler, they’ll sure try).


Lollipop Earrings

While candy is always a good filler for a stocking, it doesn’t hurt to add a few other things to the mix, too. If you want to stay on the candy theme, then consider this amazing pair of earrings from Etsy's Sweet Potato Shop Co. They’re arguably just as sweet as real candy, except they won't contribute to any upcoming dental work. The earrings are totally handmade using Tibetan silver for the charms and sterling silver for the hooks (you also have the option to upgrade to titanium). If Blow Pops aren’t your loved one’s style, no worries, because there are plenty of other options from the shop including stars, feathers, and even dinosaurs.


Unicorn Sugar Scrub

If it hasn’t become obvious to you already, I am very much obsessed with all things unicorn (take one look at my oldest daughter’s bedroom for further evidence), and this sugar scrub is a fantastic way to share some unicorn love with a grownup. It’s the perfect size for a stocking and it’s handmade with ingredients that are free of parabens, SLS, and phthalates. It also smells incredible with a blend of grape, peach, plum, citrus, rose, and just a hint of musk. Not to mention, in addition to being gorgeous, it’s also effective and will leave skin feeling soft and smooth.


Cupcake Slime

Whether you love it or hate it, you just have to accept that kids will be forever fascinated with slime (and all of the gooey mess that comes along with it). There are plenty of slimes you can choose to stuff into your kid’s stocking, but if you pick this particular brand, they’ll be getting a fluffy non-toxic slime in two colors that can be mixed together for extra fun. There are also some surprise charms in the mix, so it’s basically the gift that keeps on giving. The slime has a buttery consistency, not sticky, and it was made for kids by a fellow kid, miss Lily Adeleye.


Eco Tools Dry Body Brush

With winter comes wonderful things like snow and icicles, but it also brings some seriously dry air that will leave skin feeling anything but smooth. By stuffing your loved one’s stocking with this Eco Tools Dry Body Brush, you can help them slough off that dry winter skin and give them a little TLC in the process. After using the brush, their skin will be exfoliated, detoxified, soft, and smooth. Plus, you can feel good about this purchase because the brush is 100% vegan, is made from renewable bamboo, and is packed in “tree-free” wrapping. In fact, you should probably go ahead and get one for yourself while you’re at it.


Some Pretty Pens

Okay, maybe pens don’t seem like the most exciting stocking stuffer ever, but these are pretty great because they feature glitter. They’re available in a variety of gorgeous colors, all of which are handmade with high-quality metal and include a little section filled with glitter and liquid that, when flipped upside down, create a lava lamp-like swirling effect. They have a retractable design with a ball point tip and black ink that can be refilled. If the thought of giving your loved one a pen still doesn’t seem very exciting, then check out some of the other amazing products at TheFinePrintPaperie, because there are plenty of other fun options to choose from.


A Paint Kit

Perfect for anyone who loves a good craft, this little paint kit comes with 3 wood flowers, 2 paint brushes, 6 paint colors (which you can choose), sandpaper, sealer, and instructions with inspiration. This paint kit is the perfect way to spend an afternoon, and it has rave reviews from shoppers for its quality and entertainment value. One reviewer wrote, “I ordered 5 of these for a party of 10 year olds. I was on a bit of a deadline and they arrived quickly. The quality was great!! Easy to assemble after painting. Such a hit for my daughter and her friends. Thanks!!”


A Personalized Keychain

For kids, there’s nothing better than having a cool statement keychain hanging from the zipper of your backpack, and for adults, well there’s nothing like having something on your keychain to liven things up a bit (since your car and house keys probably aren’t all that exciting). There’s something extra special about a keychain with your initial, especially when it’s handmade with flowers and resin. With each big letter, you also get a tassel and a charm that all come together to create a gorgeous statement keychain. You can even contact the shop owner to request specific colors and designs to make this stocking stuffer even more special.


A Cute Makeup Bag

If you’re stuffing the stocking of someone who loves all things glam, then you can’t go wrong with this fun makeup bag. It measures 9” x 6” and says “Soup Of The Day: Champagne” across the front. The bag is made from black Egyptian cotton and has a sturdy zipper closure along the top. If you love the idea of a makeup bag, but aren’t sold on the design, effiespaper has a bunch of other fun options like one that says “I Uber To The Gym” or another that says “Black Girl Magic.” There are also fun wet bathing suit bags to choose from as well as coffee tumblers, stationary, and basically all things colorful and fun.


Luggage Tag

Are you stuffing the stocking of someone who loves to travel or who has a special trip coming up? If so, consider this gorgeous customized luggage tag. The tag itself is available in several colors of acrylic and the strap is made from leather (which is also available in a variety of color options). It measures 2” x 2” x .25” and is durable enough to withstand the beating it will surely take as the luggage it's attached to makes its way on and off a plane. If your recipient isn’t a traveler, this still makes an excellent gift for things like diaper bags, backpacks, and more.

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