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These stocking stuffers for kids under $10 are too perfect.
21 Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under $10 That They’ll Love

Remember: You don’t have to spend a lot to please them!

When you’re doing your best to make Christmas morning as magical as possible, it’s easy to overthink the little things, like stocking stuffers for your kids. But it’s also unnecessary to panic about shopping for stocking stuffers: the small gifts that fit perfectly inside an adorable Christmas stocking are meant to be little treats, not something incredibly extravagant! Stocking stuffers are your chance to spend less and still make your kids happy. They’re just thrilled to go through those things and pick out all of the gifts inside! And luckily, there are plenty of stocking stuffers for kids under $10 that will make them thrilled without breaking the bank on your end.

Whether you’re sticking a few small toys in a stocking for your baby or picking out items for your slightly older kid, we’ve done the work for you and have found some really great stocking stuffer options. They all come in at under $10, and they’re all fun, functional, and versatile. You can mix and match a few different ones, or buy one or two of these and then fill the rest of the stocking with candy and snacks (kids love that kind of thing). Whatever you choose, just know you’re doing a great job at playing Santa Claus. Check out the below inexpensive options and start shopping.

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A Cute Puzzle

Kids love puzzles, so this is a versatile option that will work for a range of age groups (in other words, your little one will love it just as much as your older one). This Mudpuppy ocean puzzle features beautiful illustrations of ocean animals they’ll be excited to recognize, like a whale, octopus, turtle, and shark. It’s colorful and cute, and the pieces aren’t too small. What we really love about it, though, is that it’s travel friendly. Everything comes in a drawstring bag that makes it easy to tote this around to grandma’s house, on an airplane, or just into the playroom from the kitchen.


Press-On Nails

Older kids who are into makeup, beauty, and all of that fun stuff will love receiving a set of glittery press-on nails. They’re easier than taking your little one to the nail salon for a manicure, and they’re super simple to use: these don’t require any messy glue, you just press them on and go. This is a fun stocking stuffer that your kid will probably want to put on right away for the Christmas celebrations that day… or they can even save them for New Year’s Eve. They’re inexpensive and likely won’t last super long, especially if they play rough, but that’s the beauty of the price.


A Stroller Toy

Your baby doesn’t need a lot of items in their stocking because, well, they don’t really know what a stocking (or a gift) even is, but you can get them a few small things for yourself. This stroller toy from Skip Hop will prove to be a lifesaver on long walks or when running errands, and it’s super inexpensive. The colorful clip easily attaches to a stroller handle or even on a car seat, and then they can play around with the different textures. The bottom leaf is a little teether that they’ll love, and all of the bright colors will keep them entertained.


Moldable Clay

When in doubt, stick with art supplies… or at least that’s my personal motto when it comes to buying gifts for kids. Helping them be more creative and into art is always a good idea. This Ooly set of air dry clay is a fun alternative to something like Play-Doh or crayons. It’s a sculpting kit that comes with super soft clay that kids can mold into whatever they want easily, as well as three plastic tools to add dimensions and shape to any project. Once they’re done, they can allow the clay to air dry to set, and then they can paint it or color on it with markers. There are 12 different colors in there that can be used on their own or mixed together.


A Versatile Fidget Toy

Keep things simple with a classic: Wikki Stix! This 24 pack comes with multiple colors and will keep them entertained for a surprisingly long amount of time, mainly because they offer so many play options. Soft and pliable, these can adhere to most surfaces when you gently press them down, so they’re easy to clean up and won’t ruin any surfaces. They can be used to mold and sculpt into shapes and there are tons of ideas of what to do with them online. They also come in a travel-friendly tube so they can be taken anywhere without worrying about losing them.


Hot Wheels Cars

For kids who love cars, Hot Wheels are a perfect small and inexpensive toy option, and they happen to fit perfectly inside a Christmas stocking. This set of race-ready cars will have them so excited to roll and zoom these all over the house. They’re fun to play with on their own, or they make a great addition to any collection or kit your child might have. And if you’re getting them a larger Hot Wheels toy as well, then these make a great add-on. Keep in mind that these cars are small, and they aren’t recommended for kids under 3 years old.


Baby Rattles

These adorable shakers are perfect for your little one’s first Christmas morning, but they’re entertaining enough that your toddler would probably appreciate them as well. Shaped like little eggs, they come in three different characters — an owl, a fox, and a bear — and they stand out with their bright colors and patterns. Each one makes its own unique sound when baby shakes them up, and your little one will love shaking them all over the place. They’re easy to hold and also feature interesting textures that will keep your baby amazed. These are easy to throw in the diaper bag as well, because they’re small (but not small enough to be a choking hazard, of course).


A Silly Snack

For kids who can appreciate a little gross-out humor, you can opt for something silly and fun, like this bag of Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy. They’ll get such a kick out of this ridiculous gift, which claims to be 100% magical, 100% majestic, and 100% merry, as well as Santa’s favorite Christmas treat. Inside the bag, which is just funny to read, there are 3 ounces of peppermint cotton candy, so it really is a delicious snack in their stocking. These are so cute that you’ll want to get one for every member of the family, even the adults.


A Musical Toy

This Fisher Price video game controller toy is great for babies over 6 months of age and younger toddlers. To be honest, the music and sounds coming from it might drive the parents slightly up the wall, but it will also entertain your little ones so... it’s worth it. It has two “gaming” modes, and they can play around with the different buttons and the joystick to hear songs, numbers, sounds, and phrases. It’s developmentally friendly and helps with fine motor skills like dexterity and hand-eye coordination, and there’s really just something about it that keeps the little ones occupied. It’s also small, so it’s ideal for throwing in the car or the diaper bag.


Pretty Hair Clips

Some kids can’t stand having anything in their hair, no matter how much it needs to be tamed, and others really enjoy playing around with different hair accessories. If your child is one of those kids who loves to accessorize, then these sparkly unicorn hair clips are such a great stocking addition. The pastel ombre glitter fabric is so pretty, and little ones will love all of that sparkle. They’re versatile and will make any outfit more fun and add some personality. The gold clips hold some of their hair in place nicely, so these are both cute and functional.


Colorful Foam

When your kids are getting bored of Play-Doh or crayons, it’s time to introduce play foam. This stuff is spongey, the texture will feel awesome for them, and it’s a bit more versatile than some other arts and crafts supplies because it never dries out. Kids can shape it, squash it, and start all over again without worrying about coming back to a rock hard mess. It’s great for sensory bins for toddlers and preschools and will help them develop fine motor skills, but even older kids will like playing around with this stuff. This basic set comes with a few different colors and it’s inexpensive.


A Sweet Book

When in doubt, a book is a great way to add some bulk to your child’s stocking, especially a board book like this one. It works for a wide range of ages and is perfect for babies who you’re reading to every day or toddlers who are starting to play with books on their own. This one also has a really sweet message that all kids should learn: it goes through the alphabet, with each letter representing a word that has to do with being kind and generous. The illustrations are adorable and the cardboard book won’t easily fall apart in the hands of teethers and toddlers.


A Piece of Jewelry

You obviously don’t want to spend a lot of money on jewelry for a little kid. Unless they’re incredibly responsible, they will likely lose it or break it not too long after they get it… or they’ll just never really wear it. That’s why this initial necklace from Claire’s is a great stocking stuffer for an older kid. It’s cute, simple, and pretty, and it just has their initial in gold, so it’s kind of trendy, too. It’s also less than $5, and so you really can’t go wrong with the price! If you want them to start experimenting with jewelry, this is the way to do it.


A Card Game

You might not be able to fit a board game in a Christmas stocking, but you can fit a card game… and that might even be better, since these are super portable and great for travel (definitely bring this on an airplane or in the car for a long road trip). This Smack It card game is a twist on the classic kids’ card game Slap Jack, and it’s easy to learn and play. It’s appropriate for ages 6 and up, and can be played with two to seven people. Aside from being fun, entertaining, and simple to figure out, it’s also educational.


Something For Dinosaur Lovers

Kids who can’t get enough of dinosaurs will love this National Geographic kit, which comes with all of the supplies they need to dig dino bones out of the “ground.” They can excavate a realistic looking T. rex replica tooth from inside a dig brick, as this comes with an excavation tool, brush, and magnifying glass, as well as a dino poop fossil for fun. It’s unique, educational, and interesting, and a great way to introduce kids to the fun side of all things STEM. It’s a simple concept that really works and reviewers rave about how much their kids love it.


A Magic Wand

Sometimes the best toys for kids are the most simple ones. Little ones who are really into imaginative play and all things feminine and magical will really appreciate getting a magic wand in their stocking, as silly as that might seem. This one from Skip Hop is meant for ages 2 and up, so it’s perfect for toddlers. It’s easy for them to hold and won’t break if they play a little too hard. There’s a button to press that lights up the star and gives off a magical sound, and the colorful ribbon trim makes it feel special.



If there’s one thing kids love more than coloring all over everything with their crayons, it’s sticking stickers all over every surface they can find. This chic coloring book and sticker set combines the two activities and will make an excellent stocking stuffer. The coloring book features 20 pages and five sticker sheets, and they can create anything they want out of both. The drawings are stylish and almost sophisticated, but still kid-friendly, and the whole thing is just aesthetically appealing for everyone. It’s like the elevated, fashionable version of a kid’s coloring book, and it works.


Tiny Dolls

Kids who really love playing with dolls will love these tiny Perfectly Cute doll figurines. Each bundle comes with a surprise teeny tiny doll, as well as an equally tiny carrier, blanket, lovey or teddy bear, and a bottle or sippy cup. These are small and adorable, and your little one will love toting it around just about everywhere. They’re also fun to collect because there are several of them, and it’s easy for parents because they’re so inexpensive. Because these are so small, you don’t want to give them to kids younger than 3, but otherwise they’re a really fun option.


An Interactive Game

This scavenger hunt pack comes with three different packs of cards, and you can gift them altogether in one stocking, or split them up if you have multiple little ones. This family-friendly game is the best way to go about creating a scavenger hunt. Each deck of cards has a theme: one is home, one is outside, and one is in the car. Scavenger hunts are such a simple concept to teach and understand and will really get your kids thinking, learning, and moving. They can play them with their friends, siblings, or with you.


Art Supplies

Remember, when you don’t know what else to get, another pack of crayons is probably the answer (especially if you have toddlers who love to break them and hide them). These Ooly chalk crayons are extra special. Dustless and less messy, they are super versatile and can be used on everything from glass to wood to whiteboard. They aren’t the same as traditional chalk, but they still offer hours of creative fun and artwork. This pack comes with 12 different colors and will last a decent amount of time. They’re perfect for all of those messy tiny artists out there.


A Water Paint Book

Whoever came up with paint with water is basically a genius. A way for kids to paint without actually getting paint all over the place? Incredible. A parent’s dream! This Melissa & Doug art pad is a perfect small gift that comes in at a great price point. It comes with a brush and a pad, so all you have to do is add water. They can paint the pages with their little brush and pigment patterns will automatically appear. It’s a nearly mess-free way for kids to explore their creative and artistic side, and this pirate-themed book is especially cute.

Choose a few of these stocking stuffers and you’re sure to make your kids smile on Christmas morning... even before they get to their more elaborate gifts. And you might just get a few moments of peace thanks to them, so who can argue with that?