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Mickey Mouse Party Ideas Kids Will Love

From Mickey Mouse invitations to cake toppers and favors, you'll find everything you need to throw the ultimate Disney party.

Is anyone throwing Garbage Pail Kids themed birthday parties anymore? Didn’t think so. The enduring appeal of Mickey Mouse is evident. If you have kids, no doubt Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or the Mouse’s latest animated Disney Junior show, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, has been playing on your television. Perhaps your kids have even asked for a Mickey Mouse-themed party. And if they have, then your role as party planner just got a whole lot easier: These Mickey Mouse party ideas are adorable, engaging, and guaranteed to take your party into Funhouse territory.

There’s more to throwing a Mickey Mouse party than handing out mouse ears (though that certainly helps). From the invitations to edible treats and banners, these goodies will go a long way to bring your Mickey Mouse theme to life. And to entertain the kiddos during the party, there are games that toddlers and bigger kids can enjoy.

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Mickey Mouse Party Invitations

From formal mail-in options to on-theme computer paper you can use to create your own custom Mickey Mouse party invitation, these options will get the party started on the right cheerful note.

Mickey Mouse Party Decorations

When it comes to decorating for your Mickey Mouse party, think beyond the napkins and cups, and look up. Your ceiling is a prime spot for decorating with hanging spirals, lanterns and lights. Decorations hanging from the ceiling immediately fill the room with color and offer big visual impact for a little bit of effort. You can even get balloons delivered to the party location with the Party City store’s balloon delivery service, so you won’t have to drive home with a helium Mickey Mouse mylar flying out of your car window.

Mickey Mouse Party Favors

Not that the experience of your Mickey Mouse party wouldn’t be enough of a joyful takeaway for kids, but if you feel like sending guests home with favors, these treats are sure to delight. And if putting together goody bags feels like one too many to-dos, try sending each guest home with a themed balloon that you used to decorate.

Mickey Mouse Party Games

There are a number of game boards you can print out for fun activities, like scavenger hunts and Bingo. If you’re looking for something a little more active, these two games might fit your fiesta.

Mickey Mouse-Themed Activities

Think about entertaining kiddos with these fun ideas:

  • Have a Mickey Mouse dance party! Just pump fun videos through your bluetooth speaker and get moving.
  • Play pin-the-ears-on-Mickey. Just print out a photo of Mickey Mouse, cut out some ears and get the blindfold ready.
  • Play musical chairs with your Mickey Mouse playlist. Bonus points if you set up your chairs in a cloud of bubbles.

Mickey Mouse Cakes & Desserts

There’s a lot to think about when planning a kid’s birthday party. You can always order a cake, make your own Mickey Mouse cake, or assemble a homemade cupcake tower. However you serve up your sweets, your kiddos are sure to love them. These ideas can enhance your dessert, or inspire you toward the perfect one on which to blow out some celebratory candles.

A Visit From Mickey Mouse

Are you really ready to go all-out? Think about researching and hiring a local character performer to come to your party and entertain as the Mouse himself. Some characters can play games, sing, and even stay for cake-cutting. Consider Mickey Mouse the ultimate party guest.