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The Perfect Halloween Craft Is The Make It Mini Food Halloween Series

The teeny tiny pumpkin pie!

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I am obsessed with miniatures, and it’s an obsession I have 100% foisted onto my own children. We have dollhouses and Calico Critters and Polly Pockets galore, but we also have a ton of the Miniverse Make It Mini Food balls and honestly, they might be my favorite. Especially the themed versions, like the Miniverse Make It Mini Food Halloween collection.

If you’re unfamiliar with these little guys, the Miniverse Make It Mini line includes perfect miniature food “ingredients” to make tiny little recipes that harden in the sunlight or a UV light. The “ingredients” always include resin (none of this is edible) and in the Halloween editions, you can either make a miniature pumpkin pie, mini caramel apples, or a teeny tiny pumpkin spice latte. And yes, they are as adorable as they sound.

The line of Miniverse Make It Mini Food is meant to be collected, with different series and different items in each series, but they also come with tiny displays to go along with whatever you’ve made. My two daughters — 9 and 5 — and I made the mini caramel apples from the Miniverse Make It Mini Halloween collection, and I loved them so much, I made them part of our Halloween decorations. Each one came with an orange and black table, and a little orange crate with a checkered liner to put the caramel apples in. They look like the cutest little dollhouse accessory, and my kids had an absolute blast making them.

If you end up with the pumpkin pie one, you’ll get a perfect little spiderweb pie plate with a spooky boo cake topper (packaged as if you just bought it from a real-life store) and if you get the pumpkin latte one, it has the world’s cutest little straw and cup wrap and a teeny tiny bottle of coffee to make your Instagram-worthy creation.

The finished products.
The author’s daughters making their impossibly tiny caramel apples.Courtesy of Samantha Darby

If you’re looking for a Halloween craft, this is the one. The instructions are super easy — I basically just watched both my 9-year-old and my 5-year-old do them together — and after a few minutes in direct sunlight, they were done in no time. But there’s something so special and fun about a holiday-themed Miniverse series, and I can’t wait to see what happens with the next seasonal line.