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The best Mother's Day brunch recipes
22 Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

From sweet to savory, we’ve got you covered.

Some holidays just call for brunch plans and Mother’s Day is one of those holidays. Fingers crossed you aren’t having to make a whole brunch for yourself, but maybe you’re hosting your own mom, or your extended family is having a collective Mother’s Day celebration. Either way, you’ll need some Mother’s Day brunch recipes and, luckily, there are tons.

A good brunch is a mixture of savory foods and sweet foods, if you ask me. You want something hearty and filling — maybe an egg casserole or lots of bacon and sausage — but you also want to load the table up with things like coffee cake, pastries, cinnamon rolls, all of the baked goods. Of course, the best thing about brunch is that it’s just a combination of breakfast and lunch in regards to time — you can literally make your Mother’s Day brunch menu look like whatever you want. But if you need a starting point, these 22 Mother’s Day brunch recipes are a great place to start.

Several of these dishes can be pre-made, which is super helpful if you’d like to actually relax on your Mother’s Day, and a bunch just need warming up right before it’s time to eat. Even better, some can just hang out at room temperature, and there are also a couple of drink recipes included so you can stay caffeinated and hydrated while you wait for your Mother’s Day brunch to start. So get ready to celebrate a mama in your life or being one yourself — these Mother’s Day brunch recipes are just what you need.


The Perfect Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a standard brunch dish, but this cinnamon crumb coffee cake featured on Yummly really ups the ante. It’s a super easy recipe, filled with ingredients you probably already have in your house, so need to run to the grocery store. And it’s one of those coffee cakes with the perfect sweet, crunchy top that you just can’t get enough of.


A One-Handed Breakfast Burrito

I love the idea of these avocado bacon breakfast burritos from Half Baked Harvest being on your brunch menu if you’re hosting outdoors or adding fun activities to the brunch lineup. You can prep them the night before, get them all ready to go, and just warm them up the morning of your Mother’s Day brunch. And honestly, who can resist pesto and cheese mixed in with avocado and bacon in a burrito?


A Frittata Loaded With Veggies

Spinach and tomatoes are always a great addition to eggs, but this spinach tomato frittata featured on Yummly is especially good. I love that this recipe includes Swiss cheese, which is a nice change from some of the cheddar or gruyere cheeses so many other frittatas call for.


An Extra Flavorful Fruit Salad

A fruit salad is a must at brunch, but you can make it a little different with this fruit salad with lime-honey dressing from Yummly. I’m obsessed with this, and it really gives your normal, everyday fruit a total zing of flavor.


A Lemon Treat

Lemon is such a perfect springtime dessert companion, and these little lemon cheesecake mousse parfaits from Yummly are a great brunch dish. I really love that you can make them in individual servings, so you can prep them way ahead of time for people to enjoy whenever they’re ready.


A Savory Side Dish

If you’re looking for savory Mother’s Day brunch recipes, you definitely need to keep an eye on this cheesy grits with seared mushrooms dish from Food Heaven Made Easy. It’s literally making my mouth water to think of those creamy, cheesy grits with garlicky mushrooms and a perfect egg on top.


An Overnight French Toast

So this overnight creme brulée french toast casserole from Yummly is a great one that just needs to be popped into the oven first thing in the morning, but it does also require a little work the night before with making the custard and getting all of the items prepared. But oh gosh, it is so worth it.


The Perfect Mother’s Day Punch

For a bright touch to your Mother’s Day spread, try this ruby red grapefruit punch from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. Not only does it look pretty, but it has a great, flavorful zing to it, and you can whip it up in no time. Bonus: it could easily be spiked if you’re into that kind of brunch.


A Sweet, Fruity Bar

Oatmeal can be hard to keep warm and appetizing during a brunch (it gets real gloopy real fast), but these peach oatmeal bars from Yummly are so good and a great way to get everyone’s favorite high-fiber breakfast on the brunch table. This recipe is also loaded with fresh peaches, so it’s extra delicious and perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch.


Instant Pot Oats

OK, now remember what I just said about oatmeal, but this recipe for banana bread steel cut oats from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is made in the Instant Pot. Talk about an easy meal to whip up, and it has tons of delicious, nutty flavors.


The Perfect Iced Coffee

There will be OJ, hot coffee, and plenty of other drinks available at your Mother’s Day brunch, but this iced coffee recipe from Yummly is a must to try, too. With only four ingredients, it’s really easy to pull together for each guest who’d like a glass or if you want to make a big pitcher instead.


The Most Savory Jam

Having bacon at brunch is one thing, but what about this bacon jam from Yummly? It’s a bit time intensive to make and requires a lot of ingredients, but it’s so worth it. Spread it on biscuits, add it to brie with crackers, or just serve it on the side of all your other brunch dishes. You can’t go wrong.


A Spicy Swirl Bread

Talk about a pastry for brunch. This chocolate cardamom swirl bread from Love, Cake is so packed with flavor, it’ll be the star of your Mother’s Day brunch. It definitely requires some work to get it going and made, but is moist, delicious, and just sweet enough.


A Savory Little Muffin

Egg cups are a popular choice for any breakfast or brunch get-together, and I love the flavor in these ham and cheese egg muffins featured on Yummly. The ham’s a nice choice when bacon and sausage are usually so popular, and you can quickly pull together tons of these for a Mother’s Day brunch.


A Classic Quiche

Is it even a brunch if there’s not a quiche? This sun-dried tomato quiche from Simply Lakita is not only delicious, but look at how pretty it looks! Everyone will want a slice of this quiche, and it’s a great addition to a brunch table, especially if you have a lot of sweet things or baked goods already in the spread.


A Mini Hashbrown Dish

For another egg recipe that changes things up a bit, try these hash brown egg nests from Yummly. With avocado and bacon sprinkled on top, they are loaded with flavor and so easy to put out on a plate for everyone to serve themselves at a Mother’s Day brunch.


Traditional Crepes

Crepes are just the fanciest, most delicious brunch recipe, and you can easily pull them together with this classic crepes recipe from Averie Cooks. A fun way to serve them is to put out tons of toppings, from sweet to savory, so that you can really make the crepes your own.


The Best Breakfast Potatoes

Mmmm any version of potatoes is great for brunch, but these easy breakfast potatoes from Damn Delicious are the best. With sausage, bell peppers, and tons of spices, this recipe is so packed with flavor, and all you need is a sheet pan to pull it all together.


Indulgent Churro Waffles

Waffles are one thing, but churro waffles? Holy. This churro waffles recipe featured on Yummly is so decadent and hits so many must-haves on your Mother’s Day brunch menu: it’s sweet, it’s filling, and it’s versatile.


A Fruity Bread

For an easy bread loaf that you can enjoy warm or cool, try this blueberry lemon bread from Pinch of Yum. It’s so soft and moist, but has tons of flavor thanks to the lemon and blueberries inside. Just add butter for a perfect brunch recipe.


A Super Flavorful Biscuit

I am drooling over these fig, goat cheese, and honey biscuits from Two Red Bowls. So delicious, so easy to pull together, and you won’t get enough of all that crumbly salt and sweet flavor.


A Giant Cinnamon Roll

Don’t waste any time making small cinnamon rolls. Just go for it and make this giant cinnamon roll from Gimme Some Oven. The dough is so soft and delicious, and there is so much cinnamon in here, it’ll make your head spin. The icing includes cream cheese, too, so it’s really a total flavor bomb.

These Mother’s Day brunch recipes cover all of the things you look for in a brunch dish. There are savory recipes, sweet recipes, some you can pull together quickly the morning of, and some you can prep the night before. Just pick your favorite Mother’s Day brunch recipe and enjoy.