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These 23 Mother's Day Cards Are Sure To Outshine Any Gift

Whatever you do, don’t forget the card on Mother’s Day.

Even if your mom is the type who claims that Mother’s Day is a made-up holiday or that her children are the only gift she’ll ever need, there’s something you should know: get her a card anyway. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up the best Mother’s Day cards, from funny, to sentimental, to Ecards, to free printables (which will save you if you realize you’re card-less at the last minute).

Whether or not you get your mom, your mother-in-law, your sister, or your mom friends a gift for the holiday is totally up to you, but if you choose not to exchange for the holiday, then a card with a handwritten message is a sweet gesture that all moms will appreciate.

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Free Printable Mother's Day Cards

1. A Fully Customizable Card

This printable Mother’s Day card goes above and beyond what I’d expect from something free. It has a beautiful graphic on the outside, plus you can customize the text on the inside (or leave the sweet message as is). You also have the option to email this one.

2. A Card With Floral Lettering

Classic black and white gets a floral twist with this free printable from Delia Creates. It has a cool minimalist vibe so your message will really shine. This one looks especially nice printed on cardstock.

3. A Card With A Simple Message

You don’t have to be a gifted artist to get your mother a pretty pink watercolor card. The printable shows you exactly where to fold which is helpful if eyeballing isn’t your strong suit.

4. A Blank Printable Card

This card is a digital download that comes to your inbox as a PDF after you buy it. The perk of simple cute card like this is that because it’s digital you can print it off as many times as you like and give it to all the moms in your life.

5. A Card To Thank Your Mom

It’s always thoughtful to acknowledge and appreciate all the things your mom has done for you over the years. This printable card is a beautiful thank you to the person who does it all. You could print this on cardstock or matte photo paper to make it look professional.

Mother’s Day Ecards

1. A Paperless Post Mother’s Day Card

Let your mom know that she simply cannot be beet by sending her this punny card. It will be delivered straight to her inbox and it pops out of a virtual envelope just like snail mail.

2. A Video Ecard

A video and a card combine in this funny “symphony” which is a compilation of kids in various situations yelling, “mom!” It’s relatable, hilarious, and strangely nostalgic and moving if her kids are grown.

3. An Illustrated Ecard

I love the beautifully simple illustration of a line of mothers and daughters holding hands. Inside it says, “A mother holds your hand for a while but holds your heart forever.” Cue the tears.

4. A Bilingual Ecard

Give mom a virtual smooch with this Ecard from kids Spanish-learning app, Canticos. You or your child can type in your own message and email it over with the click of a button without ever leaving the website.

5. A Socially Distanced Mother’s Day Card

This Ecard show that you’re thinking of all the mom friends in your life, even if you haven’t seen them recently (*sob*). Punchbowl allows you to personalize your design, add a giftcard to places like Amazon, Target, or Sephora (you don’t have to), upload a video message if you’d like, then send the card via text or email.

6. For A Magical Mum

This springy card is lovely if your mom is British (or if she just loves The Crown). It comes in a virtual envelope that’s lined in the same pretty floral print.

Sentimental Mother’s Day Cards

1. Show Your Gratitude

If you find it hard to express in words what you want to say, you can get a sentimental card that says it all. Inside this one, you’ll find a sweet message detailing all the reasons why you’re grateful to your mother.

2. A Mother’s Day Card For A Stepmom

Even if they’re not your biological mother, don’t forget all the wonderful mother figures you’ve had along the way. Any stepmom will be touched to receive a card acknowledging their role in your life.

3. A Mother’s Day Card With A Sweet Message

Moms do a lot of work that goes unnoticed so it will feel good for her to see that you appreciate all she does. I like that this card gives you space to write your own note inside.

4. A Pop-Up Card

Make the Mother’s Day bouquet last forever with these intricate pop-up cards. This is pricier than your average greeting card, but it also makes a major statement with its delicately cut pop-up design.

5. A Mother’s Day Card For Your Wife

In addition to letting her sleep in, don’t forget to give your wife a card this Mother’s Day. This one shows the gratitude you have for your wife and for you family.

6. A Card You Don’t Have To Remember To Send

Be warned that this sweet card is sure to make your mom tear up, especially if you can’t be together on the day. Postable will add your own personal message to the 100% recyclable card, then print, stamp, and mail it for you, no trip to the post office required.

Funny Mother’s Day Cards

1. A Thank You Card

This funny card pops thanks to the cute watercolor letters. It’s from a women-owned company, too, and a portion of each sale goes to the young artist who designed it.

2. A Card For A Wine-Lover

This punny card is perfect for the mom who taught you to enjoy the finer things in life, like a glass of wine on a hot day. The one goes well if your mother’s day gift to her is a bottle of wine.

3. A Schitt’s Creek Mother’s Day Card

Honor your mom’s inner Moira Rose with this card. You just may become her favorite child if you get her a Schitt’s Creek gift to go with it.

4. A Card For Super Mom

They may not feel like they have superpowers every day (that’s what coffee is for) but every mom is a superhero sometimes. This card is blank inside and it also comes in a boxed set of eight ($20) so you can send one to everyone in your mom squad.

5. For The Mom Who Wants Grandkids *Now*

If your mom is wondering (aloud and constantly) when she’ll have grandkids, then this card is for her. It’s cheeky and fun, plus it’s hand-printed and made to order so the quality feels really good.