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These Beautiful Yet Simple Mother's Day Decorations Will Make Your Photos

Decor befitting a queen.

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Mother’s Day 2022 is Sunday, May 8. Whether you’re planning a big Mother’s Day brunch or an afternoon cookout, you can make the day more special for Ma by including some fun decorations — perhaps a little something like one of these Mother's Day decoration ideas.

For the crafters amongst us, there are plenty of DIY concepts, from tablescape inspirations to floral arrangements to banners and garlands. But not everyone enjoys working with hot glue. For you, there are options to buy. Thanks to savvy decor retailers, there are all kinds of Mother’s Day-themed decorations you can shop to make your space party-ready.

And you should. Getting a great gift is absolutely a must for Mom, but consider how much you can improve your mama’s day by stocking up on some store-bought or DIY Mother’s Day decorations and making the space you share to celebrate it feel really all about her. Need convincing? Just remember all the times she raced your lunch to school for you when you forgot, or stood up for you to a playground bully, or worked extra hours to buy you your first bike. Enough said.

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A reusable wood table sign

Make your love for your Mom known with a charming pink and white wood table sign you can place in the center of her table or on her mantle. This white-washed, hand-painted wood square sign measures ​​7.5" x 3.5" x 11.5" and reads: “I love that you’re my mom.”. If you’re hosting a backyard brunch for mom, this Mother’s Day decoration works perfectly for that as well as it can be displayed indoors or outdoors. And it doesn't need to be limited to use on Mother’s Day — break it out on Valentine’s Day or Mom’s birthday, too.


A personalized Mother’s Day sign

Holiday decor often means short-lived items that only get displayed once a year, but this personalized Mom sign is a Mother’s Day decoration she can leave up all year long. The painted and stained pallet wood sign spells out “Mom” in large letters. You can customize the scripted text with the names of all of Mom’s children (up to 10 names, depending on the size you order). With hardware installed, the sign is ready to hang upon arrival. Every sign is hand cut and sanded to give it a homespun feel.


A homespun Mother’s Day banner

An ideal banner, be it for a new mom or veteran mother, this little “mama” sign from Etsy seller MrPicklesProducts is made from twine and cardstock. Each flag is 8 inches long and 7 inches long. Spelled out in calligraphy letters, the banner is an expensive way to perk up a mom’s home, but also looks sophisticated and timeless. Super easy to install, you just need some pushpins to place it on the wall or hang it from a doorway. Better yet? This reusable decorative item can be saved for baby showers and birthdays.


An easy to make bouquet

The beauty of Mother’s Day falling in spring is it gives you an opportunity to shop your own garden for decorations. For instance, this pretty posey wrapped in burlap from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs can decorate your table, then go home with Mom as a bonus gift. And it doesn’t require investing in super expensive notions. Just hit up your area Tractor Supply or craft store and buy some burlap — a recycled bag with branding on it actually adds a fun element here. Walk around your garden and collect a few florals (think tulips, camellias, and hyacinth) and wrap the base of their stems in some wet paper towel to keep them hydrated. Then wrap a plastic wrap around this and cover it all with the burlap so Mom can get the flowers home to a vase.


A silly Mother’s Day cake topper

OK, so the blog Aunt Peaches originally suggested this idea for Father’s Day, but it’s worth stealing for Mother’s Day as well. Basically you take a funny photo of your mom, print a bunch of copies, cut it out, add a sparkly crown, then attach skewers to the photos and poke them into slices of cake. Genius. Or, if Mom isn’t a cake eater, you can hand these out to everyone on Mother’s Day for them to hold and take photos with. Either way, it’s a super silly Mother’s Day decoration she’ll get a kick out of.


A make-at-home flower planter

Making the table look nice is as much about choosing the silverware and flowers as it is about the containers you put those blooms in. This little clay planter can be made at home using A Beautiful Mess’ instructions. The first step is to track down some polymer clay. You can find this online or at a craft store. You’ll want to get it in a variety of colors to give your flower pot a perky look. You’ll also need a ceramic planter. This is important to allow the clay to properly adhere to the vessel. While your finger can do the heavy lifting, you might also want to grab a palette knife to properly spread the clay across the pot. After applying the clay, finish the beautiful Mother’s Day decoration by popping it in the oven at 300°F for 15 minutes.


A DIY Mother’s Day vase

One of the more clever centerpiece designs, here Julie Blanner takes a personal photograph, submerges it in a glass vase, then fills it with flowers for a truly one-of-a-kind centerpiece. The best part of this DIY Mother’s Day decoration idea is that you can use one or a number of photos of Mom and her family to make the holiday table look extra special. According to Blanner, you can put professionally printed photos in glass vases, fill them with water and flowers, and the water will amplify the image for a great decor item.


A Mother’s Day wreath and sign in one

Dress up a mom’s front door with this Mother’s Day wreath. More than just a series of lovely faux flowers, it includes a little adhered sign that reads: “Mom, you will forever be my always.” This touching phrase sits adjacent to a lovely plaid pink bow to take the wreath over-the-top. Measuring 22 inches in width, it’s big enough to make a statement, but not so large as to take over the entire door. And, because it doesn’t feature fresh flowers, Mom can store it, then bring it out the next Mother’s Day as a reminder of how much you care.


An indoor mural

Want to go super big for Mother’s Day? Dress up one of her walls with a removable wall mural. Available in large, extra large, and giant, this floral decorated mural that reads “Best Mom Ever” will definitely make a statement. Made of thick, high quality vinyl, it’s designed to stick to most surfaces. All you need to do to apply it is stick it on the same way you might put a bumper sticker on your car. It helps to wipe the wall surface first to remove any residual dust.


A simple yet beautiful place setting idea

Making the table as beautiful as possible is a must on Mother’s Day. One way to do this is by topping each place setting with amini flower bouquet as HomeyOhMy does here. Simplicity is key. Long stemmed flowers — tulips, long green branches, or tea roses (beware of thorns) — are all lovely choices and can be held together with twine or ribbon.


A DIY mini garland you can reuse next year

Send a sweet message of love via the delivery of your mom’s meal with this charming mini garland idea, also from HomeyOhMy. This lovely Mother’s Day decoration requires a knack for crafting along with paper, cardstock, a circle punch, tiny hole punch, colorful string, bamboo skewers, and colorful string. Spell out your message in circle punch cardstock and letter stickers, then string them together using the tiny hole punch. Finally, tie them to the skewers and you have a super thoughtful cake topper ready to go.


A DIY art installation

If ever there was a time to be “extra,” Mother’s Day is it. Why not go the extra mile and create an entire wall of paper flowers for your mom to enjoy? The blog Lovely Indeed has all the instructions to make it a reality. The ultimate photo backdrop (just imagine Mom with all of her kids and grandkids posing in front of this), you just need a boatload of thick crepe paper that’s stiff enough to hold its shape, masking tape, and a pair of scissors.


An upcycled plastic bottle vase

If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to make a pretty centerpiece, blogger Rosyscription shows you how to transform plastic water bottles into flower vases by covering them with colorful papers and ribbons. You’ll also need Mod Podge and glue to pull this project off.


A confetti moment

What’s a Mother’s Day dinner party without a little confetti? Throw caution to the wind and let the wild rumpus begin with this easy-to-create personal confetti bottle from Paper and Stitch. Get small glass bottles or vials with cork lids. You can upcycle bottles you have on hand or find these at craft stores. Fill them with confetti (homemade using a crepe paper and hole punch or store-bought). If you want to up the fun, attach little messages to each either advising guests when to throw their confetti or reading “Happy Mother’s Day.”.


Weather-resistant Mother’s Day yard signs

Announce to Mom’s entire neighborhood how much you care about her with Mother’s Day lawn decorations. These waterproof and weather-resistant plastic signs from Etsy seller BigDotOfHappiness feature a floral pattern and come in a set of 8 assorted pieces so you can pepper them throughout her yard for maximum impact. With proper care, they can be stored and reused year after year.


A classic Mother’s Day balloon

She’s the best, right? Tell her so with this World’s Best Mom balloon. Made of pink foil, the phrase is surrounded by a confetti pattern. The oversized balloon is ​​18 inches tall, self-sealing, and reusable. You can order it directly from Party City’s site, but if you pick it up in-store, they can inflate it onsite for you. It’s important to note that inflation should happen as close to your Mother’s Day celebration as possible for the balloon to maintain its full appearance. Party City recommends keeping balloons in the backseat of a car if traveling and at room temperature as much as possible once inflated.


Festive Mother’s Day paper straws

You know what makes signature drinks look so much better? Decorative “Best Mom Ever” and “Happy Mother’s Day” straws. These striped disposable paper straws aren’t just attractive, they’re better for the environment than plastic options. Treat your mom to her favorite beverage then pop one of these straws with fun shaped cut-outs in it. She’ll get the message loud and clear that you went above and beyond in prepping for her party. Each pack comes with six “Happy Mother’s Day” hearts, 12 “Best Mom Ever” circles, and six flowers.


Cute Mother’s Day wine labels

Who says Mother's Day decorations have to be limited to the walls and table? Dress up the actual items you plan to imbibe too with Mother’s Day Wine Labels. Essentially large stickers (​​4 inches wide x 5 inches tall), you can place these festive labels that read things like “Best Mom Ever” and “Happy Mother’s Day to the World’s Sweetest Mom” on top of your Mom’s favorite varietal. These also work on liquor bottles too if she loves a drop of the hard stuff. It’s an easy, fun decorative idea that doubles as a gift too. “Easy to peel and went onto the bottles perfectly. Used them for gifts and the recipients loved them!” writes one Amazon reviewer.

Ready to spoil mom now? Get decorating for Mother’s Day to show her how much she means to you.

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