Toadstool Tips

17 Mushroom Nail Designs, Because It’s Fall Manicure Season Babes

Whether you like ‘em subtle, spooky, or psychedelic.

Fall is nearly here, which means it’s time to put away the vibrant cherry reds and summer neon polishes and embrace earthy, autumnal colors on your nails. While which colors are in season doesn’t change much year to year (brights in summer, jewel tones for cooler months), there are some interesting new trends that pop up, like 2023’s mushroom nails. That’s right — mushroom nails are having a moment, and if you’re a fan all things spooky, dark, and magical, then you have to ask your nail artist for mushroom nails at least once this autumn (and maybe on repeat).

It’s there’s no telling exactly where the mushroom nails trend came from, but chances are it’s happening thanks to all the cottagecore home decor and fashion, and the adult fantasy novels taking over the bestsellers lists. Millennials who grew up loving Harry Potter now have disposable income, and we want to spend it making our homes, bookshelves — and now our nails — as magical as possible. Mushroom nails are the perfect autumn manicure for those of us who would be living in a fantasy novel, running a quaint potion shop on the edge of the village. Whether you like the idea of mushroom nails in bright colors, earth tones, or bold or subtle designs, there’s a look here for you.


The quintessential mushroom nails

When you think mushroom nails, these perfectly painted red and white toadstools are probably what come to mind. The black base and little foliage details make these the perfect magical, mystical vibe for the fall.


Pretty mushroom nails with muted fall tones

That blue would be gorgeous all by itself. Topped with adorable mushrooms of all shapes and sizes, in earthy, rusty tones? These nails are just too good.


Toadstools in orange and blue

If you like a lot of contrast, this autumnal orange and blue color palette will definitely speak to you. The little leaves and mushrooms add a cute cottagecore vibe.


Psychedelic mushroom nails

Maybe you like your nails a little bolder. Maybe you like mushrooms for more than just their appearance *wink wink.* In either case, these vibrant mushroom nails would be perfect for you.


Spooky mushroom nails

Looking for more of a witchy, dark academia vibe for your mushroom nails? This mani, with a matte tan base, black and white toadstools, and adorable little ghosts fits the bill.


Vibrant mushrooms on a blue velvet base

Some people like their nails to look like art, and these mushroom nails certainly are a masterpiece. Each one is totally unique, and the bold colors are super eye-catching. You’re going to get a lot of compliments on these.


Magical mushroom garden nails

Um, it absolutely looks like fairies would live in this magical little glen of toadstools, wouldn’t you say? This look is proof that you don’t have to have super long nails to ask for intricate art.


Short, subtle mushroom nails

Another stellar short-nail look: these creamy green nails with a couple earth-toned mushies on accent nails. This is how you do the mushroom nails trend in an office-friendly way.


Groovy mushroom nails

So many nail artists are mixing and matching patterns right now. Lean in to the mushroom’s groovy roots and add in fun rainbows, yin and yang symbols, and more to your nails. You could stick with the pastel color theme here, or switch it up depending on your preferences.


More mix-and-match mushroom nails

If you love the groovy patterns but aren’t the pastel type, consider this red and green color scheme instead. The flowers, happy faces, and mushrooms are so cute together.


Mushroom nails with a retro color palette

While you’re thinking about throwbacks, check out this color palette. It’s giving the best of the ‘70s, and the little mushrooms tie in perfectly.


An olive green manicure with hand-painted mushrooms

If you want full on enchanted forest vibes, a mottled, mossy green base is where you should start. Topped with ultra detailed, hand-painted mushrooms (they seriously look like textbook illustrations), everyone will be absolutely gushing over how cool these are.


Pastel pink mushroom nails

This Barbie has mushroom nails. Seriously, these matte pink and blue beauties are so well done, and the speckled accent nails mimic just what the tops of little toadstools would look like up close.


Super cool rainbow mushroom nails

Trippy! These black nails with rainbow mushrooms are seriously so cool (Like, how do you even create these?!). This is a super fun October manicure if you’re looking for something a little magical and dark, but orange and black and pumpkins aren’t your thing.


A funny mani with frogs and mushrooms

Don’t be afraid to get a little cheeky with your mushroom nails. These little red toadstools and bright green frog French tips are just too cute.


Halloween mushroom nails


Need a Halloween manicure? Mix mushrooms with potion bottles, slithering snakes, and a witch’s hat for the perfect set. You’ll look like you’re ready to perform your own practical magic.


Mystical mushroom nails

If you feel like you’d make a great potion shop owner in another life, you’ll love these nails, all decked out in mushrooms, herbs, and all-seeing eyes.

So, which mushroom nails are you now obsessed with? Save all the inspo pics to show your nail artist, and see what kind of mushroom masterpieces they come up with for you.