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Pinterest Predicts Their Top 2023 Trends In Parenting, Beauty, Fashion, Home, & More

Gimme all the Gemini hair and mushroom decor.

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Trends come and go, and some, we’re all happy to wave goodbye to. As for what’s coming next, well, Pinterest has some ideas. The Pinterest Predicts Report analyzes what users are searching for to determine what trends will take shape in the new year. Along with all the home decor themes and beauty movements on the 2023 Pinterest trends list, it appears that postpartum planning and gender neutral parenting are going to become the norm next year.

2023 Pinterest trends: Parenting

The Pinterest Predicts report states Millennials seem to be looking for meaningful ways to support new parents when they get home, as evidenced by searches like postpartum meals increasing by 70%. In fact, the fourth trimester is getting a lot of buzz on Pinterest, with users looking up things like “postpartum essentials” (spoiler: you’re going to need postpartum underwear), “postpartum gift,” and “postpartum basket.”

Also on the radar for 2023: all things gender neutral. Gen Z and Millennial parents are looking to deconstruct gender norms for their kids and let them discover their own interests and identities, according to Pinterest. The site has seen big upticks in searches for things like “personal pronouns flashcards,” “my self activities for kids,” and “unisex names.”

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Of course, Pinterest isn’t just a hub for finding recipes to take a new family or posts about which mesh undies are the best. The site also has predictions about the rest of its most popular topics.

2023 Pinterest trends: Beauty

Long nails have been the it look for a few years now, but Pinterest’s findings suggest short nails may be the thing to try in 2023. Users are also getting really into scalp care, and looking for inspiration on “Gemini hair” (hair with two distinct colors). According to Pinterest, these searches are up, up, up:

  • Scalp massage techniques
  • Clean scalp
  • Scalp treatment for dry scalp
  • Natural hair mask for growth
  • Clean scalp build up
  • Blue and black braids
  • Lavender and blonde hair
  • Pink and lavender hair
  • Brown to pink balayage
  • Multi tone hair color
  • Micro french nails
  • Short stiletto nails

2023 Pinterest trends: Home

Interior design trends for 2023 have a few major themes, according to Pinterest’s data. It seems spa-like showers are the new place to relax (sorry bathtubs). In general decor with either skew eclectic with a mix of modern and vintage touches, or into the cottagecore-slash-fantasy realm. Some of the most-searched home terms include:

  • Amazing showers walk in
  • Home spa bathroom
  • Doorless shower ideas
  • Eclectic interior design vintage
  • Mixing modern and antique furniture
  • Maximalist decor vintage
  • Antique room aesthetic
  • Fantasy mushroom art
  • Vintage mushroom decor
  • Funky house decor
  • Weirdcore bedroom
  • Freaky wallpaper

As for outdoor home trends, front porches will get a glow up in the new year. Also, climate change is, you know, kind of stressful, and Pinterest’s Millennial users are wondering how they can contribute to water conservation at home. The site has seen increases in searches for:

  • Foyer entryway decor ideas
  • Front door portico
  • Front door transformation
  • Rain water harvesting architecture
  • Drought tolerant landscape design
  • Rain chain drainage
  • Rock drainage landscaping

2023 Pinterest trends: Fashion

What’s coming in the world of clothing? Well, lots of fringe, tassels, tulle, and shimmering fabrics. In keeping with 2022’s resurgence of ‘90s and 2000s fashion, you’ll see more of the same, as well as some futuristic ‘fits. Here’s what Pinterest users are looking up most:

  • Shimmery dress
  • Tulle sleeves
  • Ruffle shirt men
  • Sheer pants
  • Fringe dress outfit
  • Tassel jacket
  • Beaded fringe dress
  • Fringe wedding dress
  • 2000s girl
  • Pink mini skirt outfit
  • Summer outfits vintage 90s
  • Dystopian outfits
  • Cyber streetwear
  • Gamer girl look

2023 Pinterest trends: Food

Mocktails will have their moment in 2023, with Gen Z Pinterest users showing major interest in a dry lifestyle. The report also cites big increases in searches related to superfoods from the sea, and desserts with herbal or floral designs. Here’s what Pinterest found (and what they forecast):

  • Fancy non alcoholic drinks
  • Mocktail bar
  • Green algae
  • Seaweed snacks recipes
  • Nori recipes
  • Salmon bowl
  • Wildflower cupcakes
  • Herbal apothecary aesthetic
  • Purple floral cake
  • Sage green cupcakes

2023 Pinterest trends: Health & wellness

As Millennials and Gen Z’ers turn to therapy for their mental health, they’re also turning to the internet for creative ways to heal what ails them. Pinterest reports increases in the searches for:

  • Writing therapy
  • Expressive art therapy activities
  • Music therapy
  • Journal writing prompts therapy
  • Art journal therapy (up by 3,375%, so yeah, you may see more of this in 2023)

As for physical health and fitness, ditching fancy equipment and using only what your mama gave you to exercise is going to be in. Users are currently interested in:

  • Primal movement
  • Mobility stretches
  • Neck hump exercises
  • Knee mobility exercises
  • Hip mobility exercises

While most of these 2023 Pinterest trends come down to personal taste, the idea that more parents are planning for their postpartum journey — and that loved ones are looking for ways to support them — makes the new year feel promising for anyone giving birth.

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