Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci showed their support for kids.
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Obama & Dr. Fauci Surprised Kids As They Got Their Covid Vaccines At School

Fist bumps and stickers all around.

Kids lining up to get their vaccine at Kimball Elementary School in D.C. got a lovely little surprise on Wednesday. President Barack Obama and the nation’s leading immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci showed up to offer their support and encouragement.

The two men, both fathers themselves, talked to kids who were getting ready to get vaccinated against Covid-19, with Obama handing out stickers along with a healthy dose of compassion.

“Nobody really loves getting a shot. I don’t love getting a shot,” Obama told a crowd of about 50 parents, teachers, and children, per People. “But I do it because it's going to help keep me healthy.”

Administering the Covid-19 vaccine to kids under the age of 12 years old has become a real stumbling block for many parents, despite the fact that the White House estimated more than 2.6 million kids have received at least their first dose of the vaccine, according to NBC News. And of course the very real fear of needles doesn’t help young kids get excited for the jab. Which is where Obama and Fauci stepped in, to alleviate some of that fear and reassure not just kids, but their parents.

Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci supported kids getting vaccinated.

Obama shared photos of the two men greeting families at the event on social media, writing on Twitter, “Getting our kids fully vaccinated is the best way to protect them against COVID-19. Today, Dr. Fauci and I stopped by Kimball Elementary School to meet with families and kids getting their vaccines — and encourage more parents and kids to do the same.”

In his trademark casual way with kids, Obama greeted many with fist bumps and stopped to have chats with them about more than just the pandemic. One reporter shared a conversation between Obama and a young boy on Twitter, “Diego Mattioli, 10, met former President Obama and Dr. Fauci. What did they talk about? Their favorite Thanksgiving food. Obama: ‘How much stuffing did you eat?’ Diego: ‘Two!’ Obama: ‘Two plates of stuffing? That’s unbelievable.’”

It’s not easy to take your kids in for their vaccine. They naturally might feel frightened, nervous. So how lovely to have Barack Obama and Dr. Fauci show up out of the blue to tell them they’re going to be alright. And distract them with discussions of food.