Mother's Day

17 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Want To Regift

Show her how thoughtful you can be.

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A Mother’s Day gift is not really the kind of gift one should put minimal effort into selecting. Unlike a courtesy “thank you” gift you bring to the host of a party, or trinket you feel obligated to leave on your colleague’s desk before the holidays, one doesn’t buy a Mother’s Day gift for someone who isn’t important to you. And it’s likely your gift recipient is hopeful for a meaningful gift as well. A Mother’s Day gift is something that calls for a little bit of foresight and thoughtfulness, and by nature, a personalized Mother’s Day gift checks these boxes. By committing to something that is made to order, you’re telling the recipient that you made the effort to plan ahead and consider something they might actually want, need, and use.

The world of personalization is... vast. There are tons of quirky oddball gifts out there, and while there’s nothing wrong with that kind of present (especially if you know that the recipient would get a thrill out of them), consider taking a more sensitive approach when shopping this year. The best part of a Mother’s Day gift, after all, is the sentiment behind it. You want them to know you’ve been paying attention.

If you want something your recipient will use, love, and not think twice about donating or regifting (monogram be damned), scroll through the assortment of thoughtful personalized Mother’s Day gifts below.


A statement medallion necklace

This is not your average personalized necklace. If Mom’s somewhat of a trendsetter, add this unique personalized medallion to her jewelry collection. It’s a statement on its own, and would look super cool paired with other chains around her neck. It can be customized with up to 4 different initials or symbols, and a diamond accent can be added for an extra $75. The pendant measures about 1-inch in diameter, and the 18K gold plating is five times thicker than that of standard gold-plated accessories.


The chicest lunch box ever with their monogram

It looks like a high-end purse, but this beauty from Modern Picnic is actually a lunch box. If Mom heads to an office on the daily with a dingy tote bag or repurposed grocery bag filled with an afternoon meal dragging down their cute outfit, get them this chic lunch box. It’s made out of vegan leather, insulated (throw in an ice pack and they can skip making a pitstop at the office fridge), lined with pockets to organize utensils, and can be monogrammed with up to three initials. It comes in bright and neutral colors in a variety of textures.


Customized Air Force 1s

Mom’s a sneakerhead through and through, so of course she needs a pair of customized Air Force 1s. You can design every single detail of this shoe (from the tongue to the sole to the swoosh), and to personalize it even further, add an up to 11-character message across the strap. The shoe is available in women’s sizes 5-12.


A unique cut-out name necklace in the style of Art Deco

This cool name necklace from Baby Gold is inspired by the Art Deco style of the early 1900s. Take a peek at the current jewelry Mom typically wears and select the color (14K yellow, rose, or white gold) accordingly. The necklace allows for up to 12 characters, and while the price includes a 16-inch chain, customers can opt for a shorter or longer chain for an additional cost. Baby Gold also has other unique name necklaces worth checking out.


The cutest travel jewelry case

For the jetsetting mom, consider these personalized travel jewelry cases for Mother’s Day to keep tiny trinkets organized. They come in an array of colors and preppy patterns, and are made of soft, pebbled, vegan leather. They measure 4.5 x 4.5 x 2.25-inches and are lined with the softest linen to protect her most precious talismans.


Engraved cutting board

If everything good and important happens in Mom’s kitchen, there isn’t a personalized Mother’s Day gift more perfect than this. Handcrafted from responsibly harvested American black cherry wood, the gorgeous cutting boards from Fifth and Cherry start at $299 (for a 1.75 x 14 x 14-inch size), and cost an additional $35 for personalization. You don’t have to worry about it warping, it can be used for daily chopping or serving, and thanks to its included lifetime warranty, Mom can simply contact the company for refinishing or maintaining down the line.


Engraved bracelet with birthstones

Perhaps Mom likes to wear their heart on their sleeve. This chainlink bracelet from Easter Ahn Designs is detailed but isn’t burdened with any excess charms and baubles, which, in all honesty, can sometimes be cumbersome to wear. The design allows for up to three name bars and accompanying birthstones, and is available in yellow or rose gold.


Personalized warming mugs

The. Moms. Want. Warm. Coffee. The popular temperature-controlled Ember mug will keep liquids at a specific temperature (of your choosing) for up to 90 minutes off the base, or all day while sitting on the coaster (which also acts as the warming and charging dock). The mug weighs about a pound and is available in an assortment of metallics and in matte black or white.


Initial stack ring

Available in ring sizes 4-10, this Initial ring from San Francisco-based jewelry company Goldstories is designed to be worn in multiples, but can also hold it’s own. Opt for meaningful letters, either inspired by the names of Mom’s kids or to spell out short and sweet words like “mama” or “love.”


A family birthstone necklace

Walking around with your kid’s names on your person is not for everyone. If that’s the case for the special mom in your life, this family birthstone necklace from Etsy seller Ace Elegance is a subtle yet meaningful piece of personalized jewelry you can order for Mother’s Day. It starts at $16 for a single stone on a chain and goes into the hundreds depending on the material and number of stones you opt for.


A time-stamped star map

For a truly unique and creative personalized Mother’s Day gift there’s the Personalized Star Map from Starry Maps. You type in a location, date, and if know it, time, and they will generate a poster of the stars of that time and location. The details of Mom’s child’s or grandchild’s birth are obvious go-tos, but you could really highlight any special important moment in Mom’s life.


A diamond initial bracelet

This diamond intial bracelet from NYC-based jewelry brand Nolita is a lovely, classic piece Mom can wear daily or pull out for special occasions. Nolita is committed to using ethically sourced gold and stones in their pieces, and can be ordered in white or yellow gold.


A painted leather tote for work and play

Is it time to update and upgrade Mom’s everyday tote? The leather of this tote from Clare V. wears beautifully, and the handpainted monogram is perfect for the cool and un-stuffy mom who always seems to have everything she needs at her fingertips: a water bottle, bandages, notebooks, half a dozen lip balms, etc.


Not your average hotel robe

Be honest. Before you even started reading this list you considered getting Mom a monogrammed robe. Too bad she already has at least one — probably from you last year. The reason why this Weezie robe makes our personalized Mother’s Day gifts list is due to its unique style: The short sleeves and collarless neckline make it the perfect summer robe. It’s made of soft, water-absorbing terry, which is exactly what you want in a robe, but the pared down silhouette just makes it... less tedious to wear, especially as the days get warmer. It costs an extra $15 to monogram it, and there’s an array of fonts and colors to choose from.


A compact mirror they will use all day, every day

How often does one replace a compact mirror? This one will stay with Mom for ages, and you’ll be fondly (hopefully) remembered every time it gets used. It ships quickly (within 2 days), which makes it a great last minute personalized Mother’s Day gift option, can print up to 15 characters of text, and is less than $30 bucks.


Personalized stationary

If Mom loves her snail mail, she’ll love receiving a pack of personalized stationary. These are simple, but feel modern and elevated thanks to the design and weight of cardstock its printed on. You get 10 7x5-inch cards and envelopes for $31, and there are 9 vibrant color combinations to choose from.


Minimalist personalized necklace bars

If Mom’s style is more minimal, the Skinny Vertical Bar Necklace set from Made by Mary might be just up their alley. Each bar can accommodate up to 10 characters. If you don’t need three bars, there is a single bar option for $74 and a two-bar necklace for $86. All options are available in yellow gold, sterling silver, and rose gold.

You really can’t go wrong with getting a personalized Mother’s Day gift for the special mother figures in your life. Even if you totally miss the mark and end up get something that’s not Mom’s style at all, the gesture of putting in a little extra thought and effort will not go unnoticed.