"please take one" trick or treat sign

11 Cute 'Please Take One' Halloween Signs For Your Halloween Candy Display

Because you want enough candy for everyone (plus leftovers).

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A few years ago, I vastly underestimated the number of trick-or-treaters who would be visiting my house. Surprised to have trick-or-treaters at all, I’d let the first 15 or so Batmans and princesses take fistfuls of candy, only to find myself at the end of night completely out of mini chocolate bars. So, I started offering Kind bars instead, and let’s just say, the kids were less than enthused (most flat-out turned my bars down without so much as a smile). If you don’t want to end up like me, these “Please Take One” Halloween signs will help you ration candy so it lasts all night.

Maybe you’ll be out trick-or-treating with your own kids so you won’t be able to monitor the candy selection, or for social distance reasons you plan on leaving a bowl outside, or maybe you’d rather have a sign do the talking so you don’t have to be the enforcer. Whatever your reasons are, a “Please Take One” Halloween sign is a great way to make sure later trick-or-treaters don’t miss out (and maybe you’ll even have some Reeses leftover for yourself).

From free printables, to digital downloads, to framed signs you can use year after year, these “Please Take One” Halloween signs are a helpful and polite way to encourage sharing.

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A Masked Pumpkin Halloween Sign

It’s no biggie if it dawns on you Halloween night that you don’t have a sign for trick-or-treaters, because this cute digital file will be sent to your inbox just a few minutes after purchase. Kids who are masked for the festivities may feel a little solidarity with this pumpkin. And if you are planning ahead, this ‘please take one’ Halloween sign can definitely be printed at a copy store (like Kinko’s or even UPS) on nice, thick paper. Laminating the sign will make it last, though hopefully it will serve more as a relic of the pandemic than a sign you’ll need each year.

A Pumpkin Sign

This sweet sign is also a digital download, and you can laminate or frame it if you want it to last. I like that this sign allows for two pieces of candy, which feels generous and should still allow for plenty, especially if you have one of those giant bags of treats. If you want to recreate the look from the picture, a simple frame can be bought at the Dollar Store; string some small and twinkly battery-powered fairy lights around it and you have a glowy, slightly spooky Halloween sign that no one will miss (and if they do it’s either on purpose or because they can’t read).

A Double-Sided Halloween Sign

This is a physical sign (no printing required) and it’s reflective so little ghouls and goblins can see it in the dark. Plus, if you’re out of candy just flip the sign over to let everyone know (and reduce the number of times your doorbell rings), especially if you have a sleeping baby who rouses easily). It’s 10 x 14 inches (about the length of a shoebox), and water-resistant, so it’ll be fine on a rainy night, plus the aluminum has been treated to be anti-rust so you can use it year after year. Talk about magic.

A Free Printable Halloween Sign

Perfect for smaller bowls of candy, this printable sign features a row of beaming pumpkins. Best of all, it’s free to download and print, and it has a nice message of “please take one, or the others will get none.” Nothing scary about sharing. Because as we all know, sharing is caring. A sweet sign is a lovely way to leave a little cheer and a greeting, even when you’re not there to physically welcome trick-or-treaters (because you’re likely out with your own kids). The sign comes courtesy of Playdates To Parties, a blog where you can find all sorts of recipes and party crafts, including Halloween decor and spooky snacks.

A Framed Take One Halloween Sign

If you’re looking for something that will last more than a season or two, try one of these framed ‘Please Take One’ signs. The ghost is never going out of style, and you get to choose the size of the sign; the price shown is for the smallest, and at 12 x 24 inches, the largest sign costs $47.50. You can choose from black with white lettering (which may show up a little better in the dark) or a classic white background with black lettering — just remember to add your choice in the personalization box before checking out.

A Faux Chalkboard Halloween Sign

This printable sign looks just like a real chalkboard when it’s resting or hung on an easel (plus you don’t have to be a chalk artiste to make this happen). Reviewers noted that it prints out beautifully, but you may want to do it at a copy store unless you’re cool with using up a ton of black ink and waiting a bit for the sign to dry. As soon as your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive a receipt with a link to download the file (so make sure you don’t accidentally delete the email) then print in whatever way works for you.

A Small Free Printable Halloween Sign

Dare trick-or-treaters to take two pieces of candy (at their own risk) with this free printable sign. A popsicle stick and some tape is an easy way to prop up the sign in a pinch. And if you have extra popsicle sticks on hand and are looking for a fun Halloween project to do with your kids, you could try making a popsicle stick Frankenstein also from PJs and Paint, which will look freaky next to the candy bowl and doesn’t require much more than some sticks, markers or paint, googly eyes, a pipe cleaner and some creativity and imagination.

A Frankenstein Halloween Sign

The cute, masked Frankenstein is sure to capture the attention of trick-or-treaters, (so they actually read the sign). Hopefully the face mask will be retired in years to come, but for under $5, this digital download is a steal and the illustration looks right out of a fun kids book. This sign is 11 x 8.5 inches (which is convenient as it’s the exact size of standard printer paper) and as with the other digital files on this list, you’ll get an email with download instructions as soon as your payment processes. Many of the reviewers noted how cute this sign looks in person.

An Aluminium Halloween Sign

If you’re looking for a ‘Please Take One’ Halloween sign you can use year after year, this reflective aluminum sign is a good bet. Its sturdy material will last a long time, plus there are tons of different designs, from owls to pumpkins or cats, cauldrons, or spooky fangs. It looks even more reflective when lit by candlelight (real or battery-powered). Plus, this one is available on Amazon Prime, so it’s not a problem if your brain is filled with costume creation and candy buying, and you only think to order it a few days before the holiday.

A Non-Scary Take One Sign

Printed on cardstock in a loopy script, this sign says it all without being scary or intimidating. Cursive letters in a festive fall color will never go out of style. You actually get to choose the color of the lettering from black, purple, orange, pink, and more, which can be helpful if you’re planning to use this for other reasons beyond Halloween.

This style is available in several sizes with the largest being a whopping 50 x 40 inches, which costs just under $50 but could be worth it for the literally massive impact. The smallest is a cute 13.75 x 11 inches, which is really not all that tiny.

A Minimalist Take One Halloween Sign

Another framed option, this trick-or-treat sign reminds everyone to please take one piece of candy, and it’s in a font that’s clear and easy to read (cursive always looks pretty but most kids can’t read it). I like that it has little bats which give a little eeriness without being scary. The price shown is for the smallest size (10 x 10 inches) but it’s also available in 12 x 12 inches for $34.50 or 16-inch square for $45.

You get to choose from seven colors for the frames too including white, black, gray, or various hues of wood, so you can find one that matches your vibe.