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9 Adorable CoComelon Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Or DIY

Dress like the YouTube superstar this year.

One of the most popular YouTube channels right now, CoComelon videos show the adventures of Baby JJ and his friends and family as they sing gentle, catchy nursery rhymes and share life lessons. Because this 3D animated baby is so wildly popular, it’s no wonder CoComelon Halloween costumes are at the top of many kids’ lists this year. For preschool kids, JJ is one of the most famous characters ever, so of course he’s a top choice for trick-or-treating.

Bright, colorful animation and repetitive, rhyming songs are some of the reasons babies and toddlers love watching CoComelon so much. The sing-song videos have millions of views, with some vids (such as “Lost Hamster”) drawing a staggering 250 million views. As far as YouTube celebs go, no other influencer can really compete with the animated child who sings about getting dressed for the rain or losing a tooth.

So if your kid is among the many CoComelon fans out there, CoComelon Halloween costumes based on Baby JJ, YoYo, and more will be right up their alley. Whether it’s store-bought, handmade, or DIY, these CoComelon Halloween costumes will make your kids happier than singing another round of the “Wash Your Hands” song.

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Baby JJ Halloween Costume

Made for toddlers of all sizes, this Baby JJ CoComelon Halloween costume makes getting dressed for trick-or-treating easy as can be. With a simple zipper back, it’s a one-and-done outfit. The little whale-print design looks just like JJ’s, so any fans of the series will instantly recognize the outfit. Just add in your kid’s favorite shoes and you’re good to go. Your toddler will love dressing as one of the most popular YouTube cartoons. Just don’t be surprised if you happen to sing the “Halloween Pumpkin Patch Song” and the “Halloween At School Song” all month long, because it will put your kid in a CoComelon mood.


CoCoMelon Halloween Set

This handmade CoComelon-inspired outfit for Halloween is packed with tons of adorable and slightly spooky details. The front of the top features Baby JJ in a Halloween costume, and even the watermelon logo is transformed into a cute Jack-o-lantern. The hood, sleeves, and pants have a repeating pattern with JJ and the Jack-o-lantern, as well as bats, spider webs, and a little puppy. An outfit with many uses, your kid can definitely wear this as a Halloween costume inspired by CoComelon, as well as an outfit throughout the fall months. It’s the perfect fall wardrobe choice for any kid who is all about CoComelon and friends.


How to Make a CoComelon Custom Birthday Outfit

Although the video is designed around a CoComelon-inspired birthday outfit, you can easily use the same sort of design for a custom CoComelon Halloween costume. YouTuber Godriven TV shows how a simple outfit with a shirt and overalls can be totally customized with a Cricut EasyPress. The vid shows every step of the creative process, from printouts to the final painting. Commenters responded positively that “this is exactly what I needed PRECISELY” and “that turned out so nice, I love it.” If you’re a Cricut fan, then this vid will teach you how to turn any outfit into a CoComelon masterpiece.


YoYo Halloween Costume

If your family is interested in a CoComelon group costume for Halloween, then this YoYo Halloween costume is a great addition. Made from Dacron fabric, the one-piece costume features a purple dress with white polka dots, as well as a long-sleeved pink top with a little flower detail. JJ’s sister YoYo is featured in many of the popular videos, and now your kid can dress just like the famous 3D animated character. To complete the costume, add in some green Mary Janes and a red wig. Now your children are ready to recreate their own version of “My Sister Song” or “You Can Ride A Bike.”


DIY CoComelon Inspired Costume

If you’re handy with sewing, then this DIY CoComelon-inspired outfit from YouTuber zavardy official is well worth a watch. The vid provides clear and helpful instructions on how to make a similar outfit based on the colors of the adorable watermelon mascot. Commenters praised the video maker’s “impressive talents” and marveled at the way “Cocomelon is just conquering the households with babies haha!” For the most part, the video is also a handy reminder that sometimes it’s fun to think out of the box for Halloween costumes. With a little creativity, you can probably design a CoComelon Halloween costume out of regular kid’s clothes (and maybe even outfits that your little one already owns).


CoCoMelon Watermelon Costume

The little watermelon mascot is one of the most iconic images from the CoComelon universe, and now your kid can wear an entire Halloween costume devoted to this cute character. The dark and light green stripes are clearly watermelon-inspired, and the smiling watermelon character (and ladybug) on the front of the design are made for all the CoComelon fans out there. Add in some green shoes and a silly wig or hat, and your kid is all ready to go. This Halloween, dress your child as one of the most recognizable watermelons among the Gen Alpha set with this CoComelon toddler costume.


CoComelon Character Masks

For any family who is planning a group CoComelon Halloween costume, this mask set is a cool choice. The many masks include Baby JJ, YoYo, the CoComelon watermelon, TomTom, the parents, and plenty of the animal friends. These masks are the perfect finishing touch for your child’s JJ or YoYo costume, and there’s honestly enough characters to recreate your own versions of the videos. You and your kids will likely enjoy this mask set long after Halloween, because it’s always the right time of year to watch YouTube vids while wearing an elephant mask. Basically, it is the Halloween mask set for people who like to keep their options open.


Baby JJ Costume

For a more casual, comfy Halloween costume, this Baby JJ shirt and shorts outfit is ideal. The cute blue top with a whale and yellow shorts look very similar to outfits that JJ wears in some of the most-watched YouTube videos. Best of all, if you live in a place where warm weather Halloween costumes are necessary, then this simple top and shorts combo is sure to keep your kid cool while they’re out trick-or-treating. Just be aware that someone will start singing “Baby Shark” while you’re out and about. (Group costume idea: dress as a shark when you take your kid out in this Baby JJ outfit).


DIY CoComelon Costume

If you (or a creative loved one) is great at crafting toddler outfits, then this handmade CoComelon tutu from YouTuber kutikuti diy is definitely worth considering. Follow the step-by-step tutorial to turn some tulle, ribbon, and a few other supplies into this gorgeous and detailed tutu dress, inspired by the CoComelon watermelon and its bright colors. The outfit can do double-duty as a birthday dress, too, if your little one was born near Halloween. Simply add in some cute green shoes and a comfy headband or bow to finish off the look, and your kid will be all set for an adorable Halloween.

If you’re trick-or-treating with a toddler or baby this year, then the CoComelon Halloween costumes will be a hit.