29 Kids’ Costume Ideas For A Warm Halloween

Don’t let the temperature cramp your style.

by Romper Staff
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Although Halloween is often associated with brisk autumn weather, not every town is feeling the chill by late October. If you’re in a temperate (or simply hot) part of the world, then these warm weather Halloween costumes are well worth considering. There’s a ton of costume options that won’t have your kid melting and covered in sweat by the end of the evening, and they’re just as expressive as their cold-weather counterparts.

Even this far into autumn, mid-‘80s (and higher) temps are still the norm in plenty of places from Florida to Arizona, so heavy, bulky costumes are not going to be an ideal option. After all, nothing sucks the fun out of trick-or-treating or other spooky festivities faster than a stuffy plastic mask or sweat-trapping costume (ugh).

So how can you beat the heat? By taking a creative approach, you can come up with Halloween costumes that are appropriate for even the warmest, most humid environments. Sea creatures, cartoon characters, mythical beasts, and even Star Wars heroes are still in the game, so you’re not at all limited, and Barbie and Spider-Man are especially big right now. Here are some hot weather Halloween costumes that won’t have your kid wilting on October 31.


Spider-Gwen from Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse

Spiderman: Across the Spiderverse was amongst some of the favorite new movies with kids this summer. Lucky for you and your child, this Spider-Gwen costume is simple and short sleeves; it comes with the hooded top, which has the tulle attached to it, and the leggings.


Cowgirl Barbie

Barbies are all the rage right now, obviously because of the new Barbie movie. This cowgirl Barbie costume looks similar to what Margot Robbie wore in the movie, with a cute star design at the bottom. It will be in stock in late August, but you can pre-order it now.



This short sleeve pilot costume with all of the adornments you’d see on a real pilot is the cutest thing ever. So many kids have gone through that phase of being obsessed with planes or even wanting to become a pilot — make their dreams come true with this amazing costume.


The Paw Patrol puppies

Most of the Paw Patrol costumes are long sleeve onesies — but not these. This boutique sells costume sets for all of the characters, but with a short sleeve top, shorts, and accessories.


Dottie from A League of Their Own

The popular ‘90s movie about sisterhood, baseball, and the second world war has been revitalized as a series on Amazon Prime Video. This costume is based on Dottie, the film’s protagonist. This costume gives you the opportunity to teach your child about history — not just the war, but also who Madonna is.



This pirate costume is ideal for warm climates and for playing dress-up after Halloween is over and all the candy has been eaten. It’s machine washable, easy to get on and the headpiece is adjustable.



Moana is always dressed for warm weather, so why not dress like her? The Moana costume from Party City includes a pullover dress and the character’s signature necklace. The outfit is sleeveless and hits at the knee, so your little mover and shaker will stay nice and cool.


A Minecraft Character

Got a Minecraft lover on your hands? This kids armor shirt set comes with the headpiece and upper body armor, allowing you to find a T-shirt and shorts that will match and keep your child cool.


Eleven from Stranger Things

If your child loved the latest installment of Stranger Things, this Kids Eleven dress costume is perfect for them. It’s the officially licensed version of Eleven’s dress and shirt combo (Converse not included).


Stuart The Minion

If your kid is a Minions fan, this kids Stuart minion dress costume will win them right over. It comes with the shirt-and-dress combo jumpsuit, as well as the hat with attached goggles.


Wonder Woman

Does your little one love superheroes? Dressing in this Wonder Woman deluxe costume would make any kid look super cool and help them stay super cool. Wonder Woman’s dress includes mesh panels to reduce the heat, and comes with all the cool accessories pictured here.


A Butterfly

It doesn’t get easier and breezier than the shimmering butterfly costume, with its sleeveless design and wispy skirt. Just pop some bloomers underneath and your beautiful bug is ready to collect some candy.


The Tune Squad’s MVP

Space Jam stans will love the kids Space Jam uniform costume from Spirit Halloween, and parents will like that it keeps their trick-or-treater relatively cool on a balmy Halloween evening.


A Stormtrooper

Need a warm weather Halloween costume inspired by Star Wars? This kids stormtrooper dress is perfect, made of a lightweight material with a flowy skirt and lightweight hood.


A Swimmer In Danger

Does your kid like funny costumes? They’ll get a lot of laughs wearing the inflatable man-eating shark costume. The costume includes the shark suit itself with a battery pack and fan, but you’ll need to supply your own rash guard, snorkel, and other accessories.


A Glow-In-The-Dark Witch

On the hunt for a cool witch costume (as in, impressive to all the other kids and temperature-wise)? The kids' midnight witch glow-in-the-dark costume hits both marks. It’s short sleeved and has a lightweight skirt, and all the glow-in-the-dark details will make your kid stand out.


A Slice Of Pizza

All kids love pizza, right? If yours is especially into a pepperoni pie, the pizza slice costume is what they need. It just slides over their head over whatever they’re wearing, so it’s one of the best Halloween costumes for hot weather.


A Hogwarts Student

Hogwarts robes and scarves? Not this year. But a kids Hogwarts dress is the perfect warm weather Halloween costume for fans of the Harry Potter universe. The costume includes the pullover dress, which your little wizard can style up with a wand, socks, and magical animal assistant.


Princess Jasmine

You know, Princess Jasmine was from a hot area too, so of course a Jasmine costume for kids is ideal for a warm Halloween night. It’s basically sleeveless and has mesh panels on the shoulders for extra breathability.


Link from The Legend Of Zelda

Millennial parents played it on their Nintendo 64s and kids today puzzle through it on their Switches. The Legend of Zelda games have delighted multiple generations, so this Link costume will be recognizable to people of all ages. It comes with the tunic (short-sleeved, of course), hat and belt.



Channel the punky vibe from the live-action Cruella movie with this adorable Cefirature Cruella Halloween costume. It has the character’s signature colors and style in spades. Add in a cute Dalmatian plushie and you’re good to go.


Mario Kart

Designed to slip over the clothes your kid is already wearing, this Mario Kart inflatable cart costume for kids is sure to speed through your town’s Halloween celebrations. Just watch out for banana peels and blue shells along the way.



Celebrate your kid’s love of animals with this cool veterinarian costume, which includes a printed lab coat and paw print pants. Add in a stethoscope and their favorite stuffed animal for some props to finish the look.


Russell from Up

With a jumpsuit, hat, badge, and neckerchief, your kid will be totally prepared for any and all adventures dressed in the Up classic Russell costume. Plus, dressing as a character who already wears shorts is a clever way to beat the heat.



With a ruched satin top and tulle skirt, The fairy blooms deluxe dress in green can be worn over leggings or shorts to help your kiddo stay cool all evening. Plus, this beautiful, flower-filled getup will be perfect for playing dress-up long after Halloween has come and gone.


Peppa Pig

This kid's classic Peppa Pig costume is the perfect hot weather Halloween costume — it’s got short sleeves, has a wide, breathable silhouette, and a headpiece that’s easy to take on and off to let your kid’s head cool off. Pop it over shorts or capri leggings and take off trick-or-treating.



With a cape, mask, and hand and shoe covers, this adorable dinosaur costume for kids is perfect for Jurassic period fans who live in hot climates. Plus, it can transition easily to a dress-up toy once Halloween is over.


A Mermaid

All your kid really needs for a mermaid costume is an awesome, sparkly mermaid tail like this toddler mermaid costume from Carken Design on Etsy. After that, they can make the costume uniquely their own with any kid of age-appropriate top, ocean-themed accessories, and maybe some glitter in their hair.


Poppy From Trolls

Poppy captured the hearts of kids everywhere when Trolls debuted, and if your little one still loves her, this Trolls World Tour deluxe Poppy costume with leggings is a great costume option. It comes with leggings, but you can make it even cooler by opting for shorts.

While a hot October isn’t what most people dream of for fall, you can still have a spooky, celebratory time trick-or-treating. Just make sure those costumes have lots of airflow.

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