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Healthy Whole Fruit Popsicles with Berries Kiwi and Peaches
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24 Perfect Popsicle Recipes To Make This Summer

From boozy to fruity and refreshing, there’s a popsicle for everyone here.

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One of my favorite things about summer is that literally everything counts as a meal, including popsicles. What other time in your life does a frozen treat count as hydration? But popsicle recipes can run the gamut from fruity and refreshing to decadent to straight-up boozy. And this summer, I really need you to try every single one of the popsicle recipes listed below.

The really good thing about these summer treats is that so many of them are customizable. You can easily swap in different fruits if needed, and if your family prefers full-fat coconut milk to low-fat, it feels like an easy substitution. You also don’t always need a fancy popsicle maker for popsicle recipes. Many of these recipes below call for the old-fashioned Dixie Cup and a wooden popsicle stick to make the perfect icy treat.

The hardest part about making one of these popsicle recipes is waiting for them to set in the freezer. These are all, for the most part, so easy to blend up and put together, but once you pour them into the mold, that’s when you have to sit around and wait for them to be ready to go. My advice? Make these at night, after bedtime, so that nobody is whining at you about your homemade popsicle until the morning. And by then, they’ll be all ready to go. (And trust me, popsicles make for a great breakfast item.)


The Creamiest Peach Popsicle

Peaches are pretty much the perfect summer fruit, and this recipe for peach popsicles featured on Yummly make the most of the flavor. Just five ingredients, this particular peach popsicle recipe uses coconut cream for an out-of-this-world summer taste.


The Easiest Raspberry Popsicles

Another cheer for coconut with this Yummly recipe for raspberry and coconut milk popsicles. With fresh raspberries, coconut milk, maple syrup, and vanilla, these popsicles are so easy to whip up with some pantry and fridge staples. Plus they make such a pretty color.


The Classic Orange Creamsicle

Few desserts are more classic than the orange creamsicle, and I’m obsessed with this orange creamsicle recipe from Yummly. It uses orange juice and real mandarin oranges (with heavy cream, of course) to make a delightful, perfectly sweet citrus treat.


A Creamy Melon Popsicle

Cantaloupe is a summer staple in my house, so I can’t wait to try these cantaloupe popsicles from Damn Delicious. With just three ingredients, this treat is inspired by Korean melon bars for a creamy, juicy dessert that is beyond easy to whip together.


A Spicy, Boozy Popsicle

Have you ever seena. prettier popsicle? This one is all for the grown-ups though because the spicy tequila sunrise popsicle is basically a summer cocktail in frozen treat form. With tequila and jalapeño peppers, it truly becomes a grown-up dessert, but the grenadine and orange juice make it look like your favorite poolside drink, too.


A Golden, Flavorful Popsicle

Turmeric lattes and milk have always been popular, but now you can try out those flavors in frozen form with this Yummly recipe for golden milk popsicles. With fresh ginger and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and, of course, turmeric, this is one popsicle that really punches with flavors and can be deeply refreshing.


The Prettiest Fruit Popsicle

OK, fruit popsicles aren’t exactly new, but this mixed fruit popsicle recipe is not only fresh and delicious, but so pretty. The chopped fruit isn’t blended or pureed, and when it’s put into the mold with coconut water, it makes for such a gorgeous, Instagram-worthy treat. (Also? Highly refreshing.)


A Boozy Arnold Palmer Popsicle

Another cheer for a grown-up popsicle! These boozy iced tea and lemonade popsicles featured on Yummly are made with sweet tea vodka and other ingredients for a perfect summer treat. It’s basically a boozy Arnold Palmer cocktail on a stick.


A Decadent Chocolate Popsicle

Popsicles don’t always have to be refreshing and fruity — sometimes they can be downright decadent. These chocolate peanut butter graham fudge pops from Averie Cooks are so good, but only require six total ingredients, and can be easily customized depending on your favorite peanut butter or graham cracker.


A Fruity Yogurt Pop

Yogurt is a great ingredient for making popsicles, and these blackberry yogurt popsicles featured on Yummly prove it. So simple and easy to make, and they come out looking so pretty and tasting so creamy.


A Spicy Margarita Popsicle

There had to be another boozy popsicle, right? These salted spicy watermelon margarita popsicles from Half Baked Harvest are so pretty, but also so refreshing and delicious. Your classic spicy watermelon margarita flavors are there, but there’s an added sweet kick of a slice of kiwi at the top of the mold so the entire popsicle itself looks like a wedge of watermelon. Genius.


A Breakfast Popsicle

I’m not saying popsicles for breakfast are ever a bad idea, but this recipe for overnight oats popsicle is a really good breakfast idea. Everyone’s favorite make-ahead breakfast can now be eaten like a popsicle, and it’s going to feel so good to chow down on one of these during a hot summer morning. You can substitute ingredients to make your own variety, too.


A Bright & Refreshing Cocktail Popsicle

Margaritas are back, but this time we’re enjoying them as honeydew cucumber margarita popsicles. So refreshing, so bright and pretty, so boozy. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a grown-up popsicle.


A Classic Indian Flavored Popsicle

Inspired by a traditional green mango drink, the aam panna, this aam panna popsicle recipe is delightfully smooth, smoky, and tangy. With cumin, honey, mint, and lots of green mangoes (among other ingredients), this popsicle takes a little extra time to pull together, but is so worth the effort.


A Creamy Oreo Popsicle

Another decadent one, this Oreo cream cheese popsicle reminds me of those Oreo and cream cheese truffles everyone makes during the holidays, but in a popsicle form. If you love cookies and cream flavored ice cream, this is the popsicle for you.


A Creamy Avocado Popsicle

This tropical avocado popsicle feels like your average one, but while the major plays like avocado and coconut milk aren’t surprising, it’s the addition of tarragon leaves that really pulls the flavors together. Plus, have you ever seen a prettier shade of green?


A Refreshing Tea & Peach Popsicle

Another creamsicle recipe to try is this black tea and peach creamsicle recipe from Hummingbird High. It’s like a refreshing glass of tea on a hot summer day, but better.


A Creamy Chocolate Popsicle

I love frozen, chocolate covered bananas so much, and this recipe for peanut butter banana popsicles from Inside Bru Crew Life is perfection. It’s like a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie on a stick.


A Piña Colada Popsicle

This one isn’t a boozy cocktail, but with literally three ingredients, you need to make these piña colada pops from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs part of your popsicle rotation this summer. Thanks to the crushed pineapple and coconut, the flavor is not only unbelievable, but so is the texture.


A Mojito Popsicle

This boozy popsicle sounds so good with rum, but you can easily make these kiwi mojito popsicles from Gimme Some Oven without alcohol for a refreshing treat. These take a little extra work thanks to all the mint boiling and blending, but they are so refreshing.


A Cereal Popsicle

Take your favorite cereal and make it into a popsicle with these cinnamon roll crunch vanilla popsicles featured on Yummly. They may not be the prettiest looking treats, but they have tons of fun flavors and a super fun texture thanks to the cereal.


A Creamy Apricot Popsicle

Apricots aren’t usually my favorite, but these apricot chamomile cream popsicles featured on Yummly might just change that. Combined with chamomile tea and coconut cream, the apricots really stand out and bring a fun summer flavor to a treat that usually doesn’t get apricots added all that often.


A Bubbly Fruity Popsicle

Strawberry champagne sounds celebratory enough, but in popsicle form? Just so very good. Featured on Yummly, this strawberry champagne popsicle recipe could not be easier to make and is the perfect blend of bubbly and sweet.


A Cherry & Tea Popsicle

The bold flavors of both cherries and tea come to life in this cherry black tea popsicle featured on Yummly. They aren’t overly sweet, but they do have a rich, luxurious flavor to them.

Whether you’re making popsicles for the kids in the backyard or to enjoy solo after bedtime, these popsicle recipes are a must to try this summer.

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