adding heart window decals in a rainbow of colors is a cute Pride craft idea you can do with kids
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15 Pride Craft Ideas That'll Have The Whole Family Chasing Rainbows

These are so colorful and fun.

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June might be the official start of summer, but it’s also important for another reason: Pride. That’s right, June kicks off Pride Month, which is celebrated by the LGBTQ+ community and its supporters all over the world. It’s a time of joy, color, positivity, and of course, pride in being exactly who you are. So if you’re looking for a fun way to get into the spirit, these Pride craft ideas are perfect for the whole family.

When it comes to Pride crafts, rainbows are all the rage — so why not use them as a teaching tool if you're crafting with kids? Rainbows can help them to learn about everything from basic colors to acronyms (ROYGBIV) to sunlight and prisms to history (as you're cutting and gluing, tell older kids why Pride is celebrated in June and about its connection to the Stonewall Riots of June 1969). And of course, rainbows make a very cheerful home decor theme, too. As long as you're going to all the trouble of making a craft, you might as well make one that'll look pretty hanging on the wall.

But above all, Pride crafts can help you start a conversation with your kiddo about love and acceptance. Because when it comes to crafting during Pride, it really is all rainbows and sunshine. Whether you're a DIY pro who's a whiz with an X-Acto knife or you're looking for a craft you can do with kids who are too little to use scissors, you'll find a fitting project below.


Rainbow doormat

You can be proud (wink wink) to welcome guests to your home when you display this doormat at the entrance to your casa. And while making a rainbow doormat might seem daunting, it’s actually pretty easy, thanks to the step-by-step instructions on Lovely Indeed’s website. You can get a plain doormat and dress it up by using a box cutter to make the arches for each individual section of the rainbow. Some additional supplies you’ll need include masking tape, spray paint in a rainbow of colors, and scrap cardboard to cover the stripes you’re not working on. And soon, with some patience, you’ll have the doormat of your dreams — and one that’s perfect for Pride, too.


Rainbow flower pots

Now you can let your plants show their Pride with this cute craft from DIY Candy. The rainbow-painted flower pots are super easy to make: just pick up a rainbow of colored paints from the craft store, some brushes, and terra cotta pots. This simple craft can be completed in a matter of minutes, and can be a fun activity to do with the kiddos during Pride month.


Rainbow cloud purse

There are only seven steps to making this sweet rainbow and cloud purse — perfect for wearing when you and your littles go to a Pride parade. It does involve using a sewing machine, but if you can easily use a glue gun instead, provided that you don’t put too much into the purse so that it doesn’t burst at the seams. A few rainbow-colored ribbons glued into the inside of the purse create some cute fringe, and a ribbon on top completes the simple yet chic look.


DIY scented rainbow bubbles

Sure, you can always buy bubble liquid at the store, but what about coming up with your own solution? This DIY rainbow bubble recipe from Handmade Charlotte is simple, requiring just a few ingredients like unscented dish soap, food coloring, glycerin (available at the craft store), essential oils and egg cartons to create bubbles that look —and smell — beautiful.


DIY rainbow towel

For this DIY project from blogger A Little Craft In Your Day, all you’ll need is a towel, some fabric in rainbow colors cut into half-moons, and sewing essentials (think thread, pins), and you’ll have a rainbow towel that’s perfect for a day at the beach or pool. Plus, you can teach your child how to sew, which is an important life skill.


Rainbow disco ball

Although it might be a slightly more time-consuming craft (they reported it takes upwards of 15 hours), that’s a small price to pay for having a rainbow disco ball. This craft from A Beautiful Mess requires a disco ball, metallic vinyl adhesive foil, an X-Acto knife, scissors — and a lot of patience. But the effort will be well worth it when you have a rainbow disco ball to spin while you and your kiddo are the dancing queens.


Rainbow door wreath

Show your Pride for all to see with this rainbow fringe door wreath from Burlap & Blue. Felt squares can be cut to form the fringe, which is hot-glued to a wreath form for a fabulous door display that will have all the neighbors talking.


Rainbow jelly soaps

Your little stinker won’t mind bath time when they get to make their own DIY Rainbow Jelly Soaps. This project takes a little over two hours to complete, and uses gelatin, castile soap, and essential oils. The recipe can be completely customized, so you can always add various colors and even glitter (woot!) to make hand washing more fun for your fam.


Kawaii rainbow book bands

These adorable book bands from Handmade Charlotte will hopefully encourage your kid to dive into their summer reading. They’re made from (among other things) elastic, acrylic paint, and felt that can be cut into any shape or size. Simply trace the shape onto the felt, and paint a pretty little face onto the shapes. Glue the shapes onto the elastic, and you’ve got a book band that will hold any page in place.


DIY rainbow sunglasses

It’ll be all sunny skies when you and your kid sport these adorable DIY rainbow sunglasses. The design, from Studio DIY, includes a pair of sunglasses that you don’t mind sacrificing for this project, plus polymer clay, a craft knife, and some glue. Your kiddo will totally be rocking their rainbow shades in style.


DIY rainbow art wall hanging

If you’ve (ahem) been spending a little too much time indoors lately, you might be looking at new ways to jazz up your interior landscape. And this DIY rainbow art wall hanging from Sugar & Cloth can complement your walls without a whole lot of work — or money — since it uses crepe paper, poster board, hot glue, and (shocker), pool noodles.


DIY tissue paper rainbow

Tissue paper squares, a pencil, and glue are all it takes to craft this pretty paper rainbow from The House That Lars Built. To speed up production (er, make your squares), you can use a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and a ruler. Then place your pencil in the center of each square, roll up the sides, dip into glue, and onto your base for a rainbow that is as fluffy as it is beautiful.


Pop-up paper plate rainbows

If you’ve got a little one who loves finger painting, they’ll definitely dig this paper plate rainbow craft from Pink Stripey Socks. With some kid-friendly paint, plates (and a little patience), your kiddo can have their very own rainbow pop-up plate for Pride.


Rainbow paracord dog collar

Now your pooch can be a part of the Pride action when you make this cute paracord dog collar for him. It requires a little time to learn how to braid, but really, if you’ve been braiding your kid’s hair, it’s sure to be a cinch.


Rainbow-drip tie dye shirt

Tie-dyed clothing is so, so cool for the summer. So show off your pride (and your tie-dye skills) with this fun and easy rainbow-drip tie dye shirt from I Love To Create. You can use a tie-dye kit, a cotton shirt, and a sheet or bag to ensure that the dye doesn’t splatter everywhere.

Pride is a time to celebrate love, inclusion, and equality for all. And if all of those feel-good ideals inspire your creative side, you can create something cute with your kiddo that will help you honor (and rock) that rainbow.

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