Parents and children have made their support known at pride festivals around the world throughout th...
30 Beautiful Photos Of Families Celebrating Pride Over The Years

Every June, families and folks around the world — painted in glitter and waving rainbow flags — celebrate Pride Month at parades to celebrate love and lift up the LGBTQ community. Indeed, there are many beautiful and fun photos of parents and kids celebrating Pride from over the years that help document how families have joined together to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Pride Month has been celebrated for decades, officially beginning in June 1970, a year after the Stonewall riots of 1969 — six days of confrontations between the gay community and police officers in New York City — jumpstarting the gay rights movement around the world. And while Stonewall took a violent turn, modern Pride celebrations are known for being family-friendly and many participants bring their children to take to the streets to celebrate gay pride.

This year's celebrations, of course, have been a bit different as parades and events have been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. So if you're looking for a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pride, despite the pandemic's damper on demonstrations, these photos of parents and children celebrating Pride over the years will give you all the rush of a full-filled parade.

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A woman and a little girl decked out in rainbows celebrate Pride in Belgium.

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Rocking neon green sunglasses, a young Jewish boy holds a sign in support of his moms.

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A colorfully dressed child high-fives a crowd while walking in a rainbow cape at a Pride parade in Portland in 2019.

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In Portland, a little girl holds a rainbow flag, dressed in a Supergirl costume and in a tutu, at a Pride parade in 2019.

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In Manhattan in 2017, a little girl in a sequin leotard and rainbow bow in her hair celebrates Pride's 48th anniversary.


A little girl smiles for the camera at a Pride event in Brazil in 2014.

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A girl in a rainbow tutu rides on her mom's shoulders with rainbow face paint at a Pride parade in London in 2019.

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A girl in a beautiful rainbow butterfly costume celebrates Pride Month at a parade in East Sussex in 2019 with other colorfully dressed attendees.

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In England, a little baby with rainbow face paint naps in a stroller during a Pride parade in 2018.

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In London, a boy rides on his father's shoulders while waving a rainbow flag in a crowd of people marching through the streets at a parade in 2019.

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At Pride 2019 in San Francisco, a mom and baby, who has a little rainbow painted on their face, wave hello while walking with other parents.

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Unicorn hats, feather boas, no fashion is off the table during Pride.

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A little girl holds a rainbow flag high during a Pride parade in Dublin in 2015.

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Posing with her daughter, a mom in San Francisco wears a "Free Mom Hugs" shirt. Free Mom Hugs is a nonprofit organization "made up of parents and allies who love the LGBTQ+ community unconditionally and are working toward full affirmation and equality for all."


In Johannesburg, South Africa, a little girl wearing a pink feather boa celebrates Pride in 2019.

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This duo at a Pride parade in Tel Aviv in 2008 holds a rainbow high and proud.


A family marches together at a Pride celebration with a baby in a carrier.


Draped in rainbows, a woman holds her baby in a carrier at a Pride parade in New Delhi in 2019.

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Parents pushing kids in strollers marched in a Pride parade in Taipei.

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Holding a sign that reads "I Love My Family," a young boy in Greece celebrates Pride in 2014.

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A family marches together in colorful face paint at a celebration while a girl smiles down with cotton candy in her hand.

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A father and daughter have a snack break at the UK Black Pride in Haggerston Park in London in 2019.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family regularly march in Pride parades in Canada, sharing their support for the movement.

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A little girl marches with her family at a Pride parade in Belgium in 2018, looking fabulous in sunglasses and a cape.

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An interracial lesbian couple marches with their children in a Pride parade in 1995.

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In New York City, a little boy smiles and waves a rainbow flag during a Pride event in 2011.

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A little girl rocks rainbow flowers in her hair at a UK Black Pride event in London in 2019.

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A little girl moves through the crowd on a rainbow scooter, being cheered on by Pride celebrators surrounding her at a parade in London in 2019.

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At a Pride parade in Manhattan in 1995, a lesbian couple marches with their baby in a stroller.

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A young girl smiles under a massive rainbow flag at Pride parade in London in 2018.

Although it's not possible to march in Pride parades this year, if you're looking for a tangible way to support the LGBTQ community during Pride Month while taking into consideration the focus on Black Lives Matter, take action. In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, David Johns, the National Black Justice Coalition president suggested people donate, sign petitions, and "put some skin in the game."

"Donate to LGBTQ organizations led by black people, indigenous people, trans people," he told the newspaper. "Sign petitions and legislation that seek to reduce police violence. Use your platform, whatever that may be, to lift up people and organizations doing work in black queer spaces."

No matter how you celebrate Pride Month, keep in mind that the struggle for equality and representation is ongoing. Consider donating to the many LGBTQ organizations fighting for just that.