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Will Safeway Grocery Stores Be Open On Thanksgiving Day?


You know, just in case...

There’s nothing like planning the perfect Thanksgiving meal — and then getting distracted and burning the buttered rolls. In instances such as this, you'll need some last supplies, but are grocery stories, particularly Safeway, open on Thanksgiving day?

Thankfully, Safeway is a safe bet on Thanksgiving, particularly if your sweet potatoes just won’t cook in time for the main meal. Safeway is open on Thanksgiving 2020. But open doesn’t mean that the store is holding its regular hours. You’ll need to call ahead to see what time they open — and more to the point, what time they close. “Customers can call the store or to go to find their local store’s specific Thanksgiving hours,” Andrew Whelan, Senior Director, Communications & Public Affairs at Albertsons Companies, tells Romper in an email. Because standing outside of a closed store with a list in your hand isn’t exactly going to give you an attitude of gratitude.

Once inside, though, you’ll find a bounty of yumminess that you can serve for your feast. There’s an abundance of appetizers, like the Hormel Gatherings Honey Ham & Turkey Party Tray, ($8.99), or the Primo Taglio Entertaining Platter Italian Style Classic ($13.99). And if being around the fam requires copious amounts of vino, well, Safeway won't let you down. There’s the Korbel Champagne California Brut Special Select 24 Proof ($11.99), or the Meiomi Wine Red Pinot Noir ($17.99 club card price). Adult beverages aside, if there’s no room left in the oven for dessert, you can always score a Fresh Baked 11 inch Pumpkin Pie ($8.99).

And if you just don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to cook on Thanksgiving, now you don’t have to. Safeway has a handy dandy Order Ahead option which lets you order anything from apps to antipasto, roasts and turkeys to fruit and veggie trays. Just call your store ahead of time to ensure that you can get your order before the big day.

So if you’re cooking and forget a crucial ingredient or just need to add an extra app to your meal, Safeway will safely get you through your Thanksgiving meal as long as you get there early enough.