Squishmallows Halloween Costumes For You & Your Plush Pals

Dressing up like Holly the Owl is a hoot

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They’re adorable, they’re everywhere, and it’s impossible to have just one. Of course, we’re talking about Squishmallows, the super soft (and squishy) toy that kids can’t stop collecting — and hugging. So when it comes time to choose a costume, it won’t be a shocker if your child chooses to dress up like Jenny the Cow, Harrison Dog, or even Angie the Shiba Inu come October 31. Now your kid can become a part of the #Squishmallowssquad in the cutest way by wearing a Squishmallows Halloween costume.

Although they’re arguably one of the hottest toys on the market, you might find it surprising that there are very few actual Squishmallows Halloween costumes out there. And that can be frustrating for a kid (or adult) who wants to dress up like Regina the Corgi, Heidi the Husky, or Sinclair Stackable Avocado Toast. Sure, if you have some superior sewing skills (and access to lots of soft spandex and polyester fiber), you can make a DIY Squishmallows Halloween costume… or you can just pick from these cute ones below.

Squishmallows Halloween costumes

Squishmallow Cam the Cat Costume

Your child will be feline good when they wear the Squishmallow Cam the Cat costume. Of course, the costume is basically one big Squishmallows that your kid can wear over their regular clothes, but that gives them an opportunity to really let their creative side show. They could wear a pair of kitty ears and draw some whiskers and a black nose on their face.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Emily the Bat Squishmallow Costume

The Emily the Bat Squishmallow Costume is one that your kid will go batty over. Unlike real bats (which can be creepy), this costume is cute since Emily is all dressed up for Halloween, too, with her jack-o-lantern bottom. Your child can wear comfy clothes to complement the bat costume, which will make them look fangtastic.

Holly the Owl Costume

If you’re considering a Squishmallows costume, you’d be wise to pick up the Holly the Owl Costume — and quickly. This is the Squishmallows costume that is selling out everywhere…and with good reason. Holly, who is always a know-it-owl with her purple plumage and spots that look like sprinkles, is all dolled up for Halloween. Not only is she wearing a witch’s hat, but her wings are black as well, making this costume a total hoot.

Squishmallows Halloween costumes for your plushie

Let’s say that you have your Squishmallows Halloween costume, but you don’t want Landi the Lemur or Raisy the Ramen to feel left out. Well, you can dress up your plushies in perfectly adorable Squishmallows Halloween costumes that are just for them. Most of the handmade costumes come in 5- or 8-inch sizes, but if you have a 16” plush Peppermint Latte Squishmallow, custom orders might be available.

Whether you decide to dress up for Halloween as a Squishmallow or have your Elodie the Octopus wear a costume that covers all her tentacles, you’re sure to have some squishy good — and sweet —fun.

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