These 2022 Halloween Squishmallows Are So Cute, It’s Scary

Get yours before they’re gone for ghoul-d.

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Like Beanie Babies in the ‘90s and Pokemon card packs in a pandemic, Squishmallows can be hard to get your hands on. Collectors know how to hunt these stuffies down though, timing trips to stores at the crack of dawn to catch the latest shipment, fresh off the delivery truck, as soon as it hits store shelves. (Or so I’ve heard.) Holiday releases are by far some of the most coveted picks, and the 2022 Halloween Squishmallows are no exception. From cuddly vampire cats to classic movie characters, there are several cute additions to add to your spooky squad this year.

Where to buy Halloween Squishmallows in 2022

You can buy Halloween Squishmallows both online and in stores at a variety of retailers nationwide. Big box stores like Walmart and Target usually have a large selection to choose from, while grocery stores like Kroger will carry a few of the seasonal selection. Claire’s and Five Below are also well-known for carrying holiday Squishmallows, and Costco is another spot to scope out seasonal varieties (specifically the oversized ones).

Like most things, you can also order Halloween Squishmallows on Amazon. The new 2022 Halloween Squishmallows collection is well-represented on the site, so it’s likely your best bet for finding the newer additions.

Whether you’re looking for a Jack Skellington Squishmallow to snuggle or covet a collection of Sanderson Sisters Squishmallows so that you can form a calming circle when Hocus Pocus 2 debuts, below are some of the best Halloween Squishmallows to snuggle up with this season.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


A cute ghost Squishmallow wearing a hat

New for 2022, Felize the Ghost is a sweet and spunky member of the Squishmallow Halloween Squad. From the tip of her purple-and-orange-striped witch hat to the flip of her little ghost tail, Felize is a ghostly gal who’s here to make Halloween more fun than frightening. Her sweet little smile, squinty eyes, and rosy cheeks show just how happy she is that Halloween is here. But with the word “boo!” emblazoned across her body in bright purple and orange, you know she’s also up for some good, old-fashioned jump scares. This 10-inch Halloween Squishmallow is the perfect snuggle buddy.


A purple bat Squishmallow

Some of the most popular Halloween Squishmallows releases in past years have been bats, but Joldy The Purple Winking Bat’s lavender coloring and adorable winking face set her apart from the rest of the bat pack. Sporting a cute cape, black belly, and little black wings, her flirty eyelashes and tiny vampire fangs are way more cute than scary. But don’t let her sweet face fool you, according to official Squishamllows lore (aka the Squishmallows Wiki fandom page), she loves to play pranks on her unsuspecting human friends. So if you add this trickster bat to your Halloween Squishmallows collection, just be sure to keep an eye (or both) out for Joldy’s spooky self.


A witches brew Halloween Squishmallow

A bubbling cauldron filled with green sludge hardly sounds appetizing, but somehow this Squishmallow looks inviting enough to make me want to take a sip. Johanna the Witches’ Brew is part of the 2022 Halloween Squishmallow squad, and according to her official description, her gray cauldron actually contains a hearty soup made with her favorite fall veggies (and apparently also some bat parts). The brew is kept warm by a bevy of orange and yellow flames flickering around the base, and sticking out of the top is the end of a wooden handle and the black wing of a bat. Johanna’s smiling face, rosy cheeks, and short lashes are so cute, I’m willing to overlook the fact that she’s brewing a bat.


A Halloween Squishmallow pumpkin wearing a top hat

As far as Squishmallows are concerned, these plush pals don’t get much more Halloween-themed than Riba the Pumpkin. A bright orange jack-o’-lantern, Riba’s mouth is carved in a smiling zig-zag pattern, with a rounded triangle for a nose, and two black triangular eyes. Riba wears a bowler hat tipped to one side, which could technically be considered their Halloween costume. Part of the 2022 Halloween squad, Riba is ready for as much fun as you can stand to have this spooky season. Riba can join you for trick-or-treating, cuddle up close to keep you safe while you watch a scary movie, or simply sit on a shelf to decorate your home this Halloween.


A black cat Squishmallow wearing a witch hat

Whether you love black cats, love Halloween, or just want to collect every single Squishmallows Halloween squad member that you can possibly find, Calio the cat in her witch costume checks all the boxes. She’s carrying a traditional jack-o’-lantern bucket, ready to hit the streets in search of some chocolate candy — her favorite, according to her official Squishmallows description. Calio’s signature circle eyes, off-set whiskers, pink nose, and smiling face are too cute to be scary. Topped off with a bright purple witch hat, complete with a belt, this cool cat is a fun addition to any Halloween Squishmallows collection.


A set of Hocus Pocus Squishmallows

Is there a better way to celebrate the release of Hocus Pocus 2 than to curl up on the couch with miniature versions of the Sanderson Sisters? Initially released in 2021 as part of the Halloween Squad, this trio of Hocus Pocus Squishmallows are highly sought after. Popular with collectors of the plush toys and fans of the iconic film alike, Sarah, Mary, and Winifred in Squishmallow form can be found through various online retailers and re-sale sites both individually and as a complete set. Third party sellers on sites like Amazon and Ebay are you best bet for finding the three sisters together. Though they’re some of the priciest Halloween Squishmallows, these witches are worth it.


A set of Squishmallow characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas

What’s this? What’s this? It’s Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, and Oogie Boogie together in Squishmallow form. Initially released as part of the 2021 Halloween Squad, these Squishmallows are miniature replicas of the main characters from the 1993 Tim Burton classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. From Jack’s bat tie and Sally’s dress down to the stitching on Oogie Boogie’s mouth and Zero’s pumpkin nose, they’re the cutest, cuddliest versions of each character. Though you can find each character separately in various sizes across the web, family-owned toy store, Owl and Goose Gifts has a set of four 5-inch Squishmallows from The Nightmare Before Christmas squad available to buy together.


Lock, Shock, & Barrel Squishmallows from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Fans of the classic Disney film will automatically recognize this trio of “Halloween’s finest trick-or-treaters” (according to Jack Skellington, anyway), collectively known as “Boogie’s Boys.” Yes, Lock, Shock, and Barrel are the three mischievous henchmen who serve Oogie Boogie and kidnap “Sandy Claws” in the movie. As Squishmallows, Lock, Shock, and Barrel are much cuter than they appear on screen. With pink, red, orange, and turquoise accents, they look less ready to wreak havoc on your home this Halloween and more like they should just join you with a bowl of popcorn while you re-watch The Nightmare Before Christmas for the thousandth time.


A cat vampire Squishmallow

Tally the Tabby Cat is a classic Squishmallows pet, first released in 2018. As part of the 2022 Halloween Squishmallows squad, the squishy tabby has transformed into Tally the Cat Vampire, a not-so-vicious creature that’s every bit as lovable in her Halloween costume as she is without it. With a bright red bowtie at the neck, purple vest with gold buttons, black bottoms, and a red and black cape, Tabby looks every bit the part of a creepy vampire. Though her signature grin sports some faux vampire fangs, in her costume you can still see the dark stripes on top of her head, perky ears, fluffy gray body, and cute kitty whiskers that Tally is known for.


A Halloween Squishmallow owl in a mummy costume

Winston, the teal owl from the Squishmallows adventure squad, is best known for his cute triangular nose, wide eyes, and interest in cooking. Winston the Mummy Owl is part of the 2021 Squishmallows Halloween squad, but is still available to order from various online retailers for the 2022 Halloween season. Poking out of the top of his hastily-wrapped DIY mummy costume are his two teal ears and part of his feathery front. This 8-inch Squishmallow is the perfect size for snuggling, but also makes a cute companion for anyone wearing a mummy costume — homemade or otherwise — to trick-or-treat in this Halloween.


A Squishmallow cat wearing a pumpkin costume

Another version of Calio the Cat, available as part of the 2022 Halloween Squishmallows squad is the cute kitten in a pumpkin costume. Her face peeks out from inside the pumpkin costume’s bright orange hull with her wide eyes, upturned mouth, pink nose, and adorable whiskers sticking out. On top, you can see Calio’s black, triangular ears poking out from either side of a green pumpkin stem topper. She is all set for a fun night of tricks and treats! There was also a version of Calio in her pumpkin costume produced with a green stem made from shimmery fabric, but that particular Halloween Squishmallow edition is incredibly rare.


A Minnie Mouse Squishmallow in a witch Halloween costume

Anything affiliated with Disney is pretty much destined to become a collectible, especially in the form of one of the more iconic characters. This is particularly true when paired with another item that collectors go gaga over, like Halloween Squishmallows. So, it makes sense that the Minnie Mouse Witch is one of the most popular Squishmallows you can get for Halloween. Released in 2021, Minnie is ready to trick-or-treat in a purple witch costume, complete with a cape that’s fastened in the center with a vampire accessory. Her purple witch hat is propped up over one ear, and she’s ready to collect as much candy as possible.


An owl Squishmallow wearing a vampire costume

Who knew vampires could be this cute? Ellette is a vampire owl who is part of the 2022 Squishmallows Halloween squad. At just 5 inches, he’s a tiny little hooter, but he’s just right for snuggling up with on October 31. Ellette has a bright orange body with white markings, big, round eyes, and a small, yellow beak. Dressed in his Halloween costume, he sports a green vest with orange buttons, black bottoms, a bright purple bow-tie, and a black cape that flows out behind him. His fierce, but friendly vampire look is topped off with purple triangular tufts atop his head.


A Squishmallow treat pail shaped like a bat

New for 2022, Squishmallows released several plush treat pails shaped like some of the most beloved Halloween squad members from previous years. Emily the Bat was originally part of the 2020 Squishmallows Halloween squad, and returned in 2021 sitting inside of a smiling, orange jack-o’-lantern with her little black bat wings poking out of the top. For 2022, you can get a snuggly Emily the Bat Squishmallow treat pail to hold all of your candy or fill with smaller versions of your favorite stuffed Halloween friends. The pails are 12 inches tall and have a plush handle, so they’re perfectly comfortable for carrying around the neighborhood.


An owl-shaped Squishmallow treat pail

Another Squishmallows pet that can double as a carrying case for candy this Halloween is the Holly the Owl treat pail. Holly was one of the original eight Squishmallows released in 2017, and she’s been re-released in various Halloween squads wearing different costumes in years since. This version of the lavender owl sports a black witch hat with a a gold belt and purple buckle around it, as well as a pair of black bat wings. Carry this Holly the Owl treat pail around by her plush purple handle and this Halloween is sure to be a real hoot with her by your side.

If history is any indication, these Halloween Squishmallows will fly off store shelves faster than a witch on her broomstick. So get off your haunted haunches and grab your favorites before they’re gone!

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