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Table set for St. Patrick's Day celebration

How To Throw A St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower

These ideas are sure to leave you feeling lucky.

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In search of a unique baby shower idea? Consider a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Whether you have a strong Irish heritage, the baby is due around the holiday, or you just love the idea of the whole “luck of the Irish” motif, this is a really cute idea that comes with tons of fun possibilities. Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is often thought of as a drinking holiday, but it’s so much more than that. There are so many fun St. Patrick’s Day baby shower ideas that prove that and show just how adorable this theme can be.

If you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day baby shower, you’ll need to be on top of all of the little details: invitations, decorations, party favors, cute dessert ideas, balloons… there’s a lot to think about! A lot of this will probably focus on rainbows, gold coins, and four leaf clovers, all of which can be surprisingly chic when put together correctly. This is a nice shift from the typical baby animal or boho/flower baby shower themes that are so popular, and it will really make your baby shower stand out. If you need help coming up with genius ideas, there’s plenty out there. The below St. Patrick’s Day baby shower ideas are fun and accessible — we’ve basically done the work for you!

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower Invitations

The first thing you need to find is the perfect invitation to really set the mood and show guests what to expect. You can always hire a calligrapher to create custom invitations for the shower, but just know this will easily be the most expensive option. To save some money, opt for ordering invites online from a printing website or Etsy. There are tons of inexpensive options, and some sites, like Minted, will even address the envelopes for you.

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower Centerpieces

Add some green and gold to your centerpieces to make each table look as festive as possible. Floral arrangements mixed with green leprechaun hats or flowers in leprechaun hats are two cute options. You can buy green and gold mason jars online, or make them yourself, then stuff them with flowers or whatever else you want. For a more rustic vibe, opt for lanterns with shamrock cutouts and some greenery.

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower Balloons

Balloons are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate. You can get them done by your local party store or even pay someone to do a balloon garland, or another option is to order from off Etsy. Just be prepared to blow them up on your own or purchase a helium tank to keep them floating.

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower Signs & Banners

A welcome sign is always a nice touch, especially if your shower is in a public place, like a restaurant — it helps show people exactly where to go, and makes a cute photo op. You can also use signs and banners as pieces of decor throughout the space. Signs like the “mom-osa bar” below are just really adorable to have.

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower Party Favors

Party favors are a thoughtful touch to any shower, and offer another chance to play with the theme. A pot of gold bath bomb is adorable and something people will love to use, or an edible favor, like shamrock lollipops, will always be a crowdpleaser. A small bottle of champagne with an on-theme tag is done a lot, but always appreciated. Small gifts like hair ties are things guests will likely use, and a mask with a cute tag is great for the current climate.

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower Dessert Ideas

Sure, you can serve a cake for dessert and call it a day, but another fun idea is to do a dessert table filled with all kinds of different treats. You can purchase some already made items from local bakeries, or things like decorated cookies and chocolate covered Oreos from Etsy. If you want to be ambitious and make your own desserts, some great recipe options are linked below.

White Hot Chocolate Sticks

These white hot chocolate sticks from Bake Love Give are impressive and very easy to make. They’ll look great on a dessert table with the gold spoons, but they can also double as a really cute edible favor option.

Rainbow Bright Cupcakes

Funfetti cupcakes are always going to be a crowdpleaser, no matter how old the crowd is — and these rainbow cupcakes from Bakerella are perfect for this theme. These are definitely going to take some time to create and put together — those rainbows are carefully colored cookie halves, but the result is well worth it.

Guinness, Whiskey, & Irish Cream Cupcakes

These Guinness, whiskey, and Irish cream cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker are definitely easier to make and just as delicious. Made with a Guinness chocolate cake, Jameson whiskey ganache filling, and a Bailey’s buttercream frosting, these are perfect.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats

For an easy option everyone will love, opt for this twist on your classic Rice Krispies treats: Lucky Charms marshmallow treats from Bakerella. These use Lucky Charms Instead of Rice Krispies and the colorful marshmallows make them nice to look at.

Bailey’s Chocolate Pistachio Fudge

This chocolate pistachio fudge from Simply Scratch is so Instagram-friendly, not to mention delicious. They have a rich chocolate taste made even better with salty pistachios, and they’re easy to put together.

Get creative and DIY or buy all of things! Whether you use some of these ideas or all of them, your St. Patrick’s Day baby shower is going to be perfect.

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