Woman and baby celebrating St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick’s Day Onesies For Your Lucky Little One

Just another reason for a cute photoshoot.

Let’s be honest: one of the best things about having a little baby is dressing them on theme for each and every holiday. That obviously includes St. Patrick’s Day. March is the perfect time to deck your little one out in all green and gold with leprechauns, four leaf clovers, and rainbows as embellishments. The outfit doesn’t even have to be super extravagant — a St. Patrick’s Day onesie is an easy and comfortable way to go. Onesies and bodysuits are functional and adorable, so chances are your baby will get a lot of wear out of this.

A cute St. Patty’s Day onesie also happens to be perfect for photo taking. Dress your baby up, make them “pose,” and start snapping away. Posting holiday themed photos of your children is basically a mom’s way of celebrating a holiday, you know?

If you don’t feel like searching for them yourself, I’ve done the work for you. Below is a collection of adorable and festive onesies that will make everyone crave a plate of corned beef and cabbage or a side of Irish soda bread. Even better, your babe will be comfortable and happy for the whole day. And don’t feel like you have to buy just one — you can definitely celebrate the days before as well!

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Baby’s First St. Patrick’s Day

This two-pack of matching onesies is perfect for the baby who is experiencing St. Patrick’s Day for the very first time. They only have one chance to wear the “my first St. Patrick’s Day” onesie, so you might as well take advantage of it while you can! These are comfortable and easy to pair with just about anything. The long sleeves will keep your baby warm and cozy if it’s chilly out (which, let’s face it, it probably will be), and it comes in a variety of sizes. The four-leaf clover onesie is also great for the holiday, but versatile enough to work for any other day.


Lucky Charm Outfit

You can just buy a onesie and have your baby wear it with pants you already have, or you can buy a whole little outfit. This one is a pretty adorable outfit option. The onesie, which says “Lucky Charm,” pairs perfectly with the green joggers and the little hat. All of these things can be worn together or separately, making the whole set very versatile. The hat is also personalized with baby’s first name, which is a fun option. This is a really cute going home outfit idea if your little one is born around St. Patrick’s Day!


Happy Baby

How adorable is this “happy go lucky” onesie? It features two shamrocks holding hands and walking, and it’s the perfect onesie option for your smiling, happy little bundle of joy. Plus, the best part is that it’s only $5. You really can’t beat that price for a holiday themed onesie that they might only end up wearing once or twice. The short sleeves might be a little chilly, but you can always have your babe wear this under a cardigan or with a long sleeve white onesie underneath it for some layering warmth.


Personalized Onesie

Personalizing your onesie is a nice touch that makes the outfit feel a little bit more special. This lucky charm outfit from Etsy can be personalized with your baby’s name, and at just $10, it’s a really good price. The green rainbow is fun and right on theme for St. Patrick’s Day, but this onesie doesn’t even have to be for the holiday — it can really be worn whenever. This is a great going home from the hospital outfit, perfect for photos, or just cute with green joggers. There are lots of options here.


For Your Tiny One

This onesie, which says “pint sized” on it with a tiny shamrock image, is the perfect choice for your especially tiny baby on St. Patrick’s Day, whether they’re a newborn or not. It’s simple and minimalist for the parents who prefer things to be less colorful and more neutral, but it still fits the theme of all things green for the holiday. Made of 100% cotton, it’s comfortable and will last through many washes. Pair this with green joggers or little sweats to make a whole outfit. You can also easily put your little one in this at any time of the year without people assuming it’s about St. Patrick’s Day.


Lucky Little Outfit

Sometimes it’s easier to buy a whole outfit for your little one rather than just a onesie that you can pair with other items you have at home. This St. Patrick’s Day outfit from Carter’s is a great example of that: it’s already all put together, so there’s no thinking or styling required on your end. We love the little shamrock on the baby’s butt, and the “lucky baby” on the onesie is adorable. This is a comfortable and warm outfit for a chilly spring day, and both pieces can be worn separately as well. What’s not to love?


To Wear With Dad

Is your little one obsessed with their dad? If so, this onesie, which says “daddy’s lucky charm” on it, is a funny choice. It would also make a really cute photo op with their dad! Plus, this one comes from a smaller shop, so if you prefer to shop small rather than buy baby clothes from bigger companies, this is a good option. They also offer a toddler t-shirt that matches this one in case you like to have your littles all wearing the same thing. And if you want to show mom some love, there’s a “mommy’s lucky charm” onesie option as well. Basically, this shop has got it all.


Looking For Trouble

The perfect onesie for your mischievous little one is this bodysuit from Etsy that says “up for shenanigans” with a smiling shamrock. This one comes in toddler sizes as well as baby sizes, so it’s really ideal for your tot who is stuck in their terrible twos or terrifying threes, and truly is up for all of the shenanigans. You can also opt to get it in long sleeves if you think it’s going to be chilly enough for those. This adorable option is great for all of the wild babies out there.


Looking Dapper

OK, this has to be one of the cutest options on this list, and definitely one of the most unique ones. This onesie was designed to look like a little sweater and shirt combination, which is so adorable. It’s actually two bodysuits layered together. The bottom is a white bodysuit with a green and white bowtie attached, and the top is a green bodysuit with buttons made to look like a cardigan. It’s all the cuteness of a cardigan without the annoying riding up that happens with babies. And the pants complete the look, of course.


Simple & Cute

Some parents prefer to go all out with their baby clothes, decking them out in a lot of different colors and patterns, and others like to keep this as minimalist as possible. This bodysuit is ideal for the parents who prefer a minimalist lifestyle. It just says “lucky” on the front, and the small green shamrock masking as a period makes it work for St. Patrick’s Day. This comes in lots of different size options so your small children can all match, and it’s versatile enough to be worn whenever. I love the font on the bodysuit and how simple it is.


Tutu Set

For the most feminine little girls out there, this St. Patrick’s Day inspired tutu outfit exists. The onesie is so cute with the watercolor shamrock and the flecks of gold, but the tutu skirt attached to the pants is even better. This gives you all the adorable feels of a tutu without being as comfortable or cold as one. Both can be worn separately or together, making a green tutu more affordable than you might imagine. These sets are so fun, and the tutu skirt automatically makes them a winner for pretty much anyone.


Lucky Charms

The cute and colorful graphics on this one are really what make this so adorable. The tiny shamrock, heart, and rainbow are so sweet and perfect for your little one. Because there are so many colors in this one, you can easily pair it with any other color when it comes to pants, and it would also look really sweet with a tutu skirt. This is another one that obviously has a St. Patrick’s Day theme, but is still versatile enough to wear any day of the year.


First Celebration

It’s hard to beat the $4.99 price tag on this bodysuit from The Children’s Place. Even if this only gets worn one day for a few photos, it’s still worth it! This cute onesie features a rainbow and a shamrock and celebrates baby’s very first St. Patrick’s Day. I love that it also has the year on it to make it feel more personalized and special. Have your little one wear this with red pants and a cute pair of shoes, and they’ll look more than ready for whatever festivities are going on.


Little Leprechaun

You could keep things simple for your little one’s first St. Patrick’s Day by putting them in a festive onesie or having them wear all green. Or you could be a little extra and dress them up as a leprechaun. Why not, right? This onesie set is the best way to do just that. The onesie shows everyone that it’s their first St. Patty’s Day celebration, but it’s really the leprechaun hat and booties that are the stars of the show. This set was really made for an Instagram photo, so don’t fight it! Take some pictures and enjoy them forever.

While all of these onesies might obviously be for St. Patrick’s Day, they can also all be worn year round, whether while playing or while sleeping. Pick your favorite and get them dressed up for the holiday before everything is sold out!