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These Children's Clothing Subscription Boxes Cater To Every Style & Price Point

They make shopping so easy.

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Every year it seems that the task of buying presents for the nieces, nephews, and even my own kids gets more difficult. Kids just seem to have everything already, don't they? That's why we've rounded up the best subscription boxes for kids clothes, because you can give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and give them something you need to buy them anyway — clothes. This way, you can just make one purchase, and have someone else do the hard work of shopping for you for months to come.

Subscription boxes for children’s clothes are relatively new, but they're growing in popularity. In fact, both BabyGap and Old Navy have launched their own subscription boxes to join the ranks of more independent offerings already on the market. Most subscription boxes for kids clothes work in the same fashion: Input a little info about your kid and their style (or your style for them, as the case may be) and receive a curated box each month. Keep what you love and return what you don't, only getting charged for what you keep. It certainly does make shopping for kids' clothes easier, and you're likely to get a few pieces that you never would have found or chosen on your own. Sounds like a win, win for everyone.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


CubbieKit is a new subscription box started by a mom who found it time consuming and difficult to find high quality, soft baby clothes that were from an ethical supply chain and also environmentally friendly. Enter CubbieKit, a curated box of amazing basics for your baby. You’ll take a quick quiz which considers your baby’s sex (you can choose neutral) your location, and their age.

For $90 per box, you’ll receive a shipment every three to four months that’s filled with super soft organic baby basics in fun colors that are designed to be mixed and matched (the boxes will automatically change based on the season and your baby’s size). When your baby outgrows their clothes, you have the option to “close the loop” and send back your clean but pre-loved Cubbiekit clothes and you’ll receive a discount code. Win win.


The Surprisly subscription box was started by a family whose baby had eczema, and every expert who they spoke with recommended that their son wear 100% cotton clothes which are breathable and hypoallergenic. Even if your child does not have sensitive skin, everyone can benefit from soft cotton clothes, which is what you’ll find in the Surprisly subscription box.

The price depends on how many months you pay for upfront (with the least expensive option being $63 per box for six months). Inside you’ll find three outfits curated from trusted brands like ettel bettel and Hux Baby: one outfit is for baby’s day out, one is for sleeping and the third is for playtime. Every box is created specific to your baby’s gender, age, and clothing size.


KidBox allows you to keep an entire box of stylish pieces and this subscription box also provides an item of clothing to a child in need with every box sold. KidBox sends out five boxes each year, curating them seasonally with different styles.

There are different pricing tiers to choose from too depending on your child’s needs. The least expensive option is BabyBox, which fits sizes NB through 24M and includes five items for $68 a box. The most expensive tier includes 10 items per box, curated for kids sizes 2T through 14 for girls or 16 for boys. The box includes styles from brands like Levis, New Balance, Splendid, and so many more.

Rockets Of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome does something a little different with their subscription boxes — they allow you to review and approve the items before they send them to you, rather than having a surprise arrive at your doorstep. Basically eliminating the need for dragging your kid to a dressing room, your child can try on everything at home then you keep only what they love, and send back the rest. If they end up loving it all, there's also a discount if you buy the whole box of eight pieces for $150.

The initial quiz is quick but it’s also thorough; in addition to the necessary info like your child’s sizes, it also takes into account your preferences; for example, it’ll ask if your kid wears neon colors, if they would wear a shirt with writing on it, or if there are any patterns they don’t like (like leopard or polka dots). All of the clothes are created by the Rockets Of Awesome team so you won’t find them anywhere else.

Lil’ Fashion Box

Lil' Fashion Box offers a seasonal single outfit each month plus a matching accessory like a headband, leg warmers, or a piece of jewelry. You can choose how many months you want to commit to in the beginning, or go for a month to month contract (the most expensive is month to month at $25.99, and the least expensive is to pay upfront for 12 months which comes to $19.99 per box).

Your kid will love getting a surprise outfit each month, and oftentimes the box will coincide with a holiday so you don’t have to scramble to get a new outfit. Just note this box is best for kids who like to wear skirts and dresses and appreciate a bold color or a pattern.


FabKids, run by comfy adult clothing brand Fabletics, is a monthly subscription service that you'll pay $30 for each month. Like their parent brand they offer comfortable, casual looks that are kid-friendly but also designed for wear and tear (and are affordable so it’s not a big deal if they get dirty or get a hole in the knee).

One nice thing about FabKids is that you have the option to skip months if a box a month is too much of a commitment for you; just remember to select skip before the 5th of the month (you’ll get a reminder email) and you won’t be charged. If you forget to skip but don’t want the box that month, you can keep it as a member credit that never expires and can be used in a later month when your child needs some new clothes.


With Girl-A-Tude, every month kids will get a shirt with a positive message on it plus a special note. You can pay by the month for $17.99 or pay upfront for a whole year which costs $207.99. There’s also an option to get a “Mom & Me” box with matching tees. Past shirts say things like “Love will heal the world” and “Adventure awaits.”

As The Girl-A-Tude website says, “we want girls to celebrate themselves, their differences and their abilities, not only their looks. We want them to be happy and confident from the inside out. If we focus on all the wonderful parts about being a girl, then a woman, we can teach the next generation how to make a difference by being just who they are.”

Everlasting Wardrobe

Everlasting Wardrobe is unique from the other boxes on this list in that it’s a rental service. That means that starting at $40 per month you’ll receive eight pieces of clothing from well-made brands like Burt’s Bee Baby, Omami Mini, Kickee Pants, Deux Par Deux and so many more. At the end of the month you’ll send all the clothes back (there’s an option to rent new clothes, too) and once your delivery is marked as being on its way, a new batch of clothing will head to you.

And don’t worry: if your kid can’t live without one of the pieces from their box, anything can be purchased at the end of the month (and if a certain brand fits really well, Everlasting Wardrobe also offers brand discounts so you can buy a few pieces directly from the retailer at a discounted rate).


KidPik offers a subscription box for kids that includes two to three full outfits (made of seven individual items); the outfits are designed to be mixed and matched so the box is super versatile. Once the box arrives, you have a week to get your kid to try everything on and decide what they’d like to keep; if they love everything you’ll get 30% off the price of the box. The average box is around $98 after your discount though the exact total cost varies based on the items included. You don’t get to pick your items each month, though a talented team of stylists will select pieces they think your kid will like based on a quiz you take to get started.


Ever wished your kid could have a wardrobe full of gorgeous Italian-made clothes? Well, thanks to Insolito, they can. Like most of the options on the list, this subscription box starts with a short quiz that will tell Insolito about your kids' fashion preferences. From there, a box that’s hand-selected by an expert stylist will ship to your door (from New York, not Italy, so don’t worry- shipping doesn’t take forever).

You and your child will have five days to decide what to keep. If you love it all, you’ll receive 15% off the total, and if not, you pay for what you like and send the rest back free of charge.


Dopple brings high-end kids brands like Chloe, Monica + Andy, Oeuf, Rylee + Cru, Stella McCartney, Gray Label, and so many more right to your door. It’s a quarterly subscription box that can be paused or cancelled at any time, plus as their website explains, the clothes come at prices you won’t find in other stores.

Prices vary depending on what you buy (and you can name your budget in the style quiz) but for each month you’ll pay a $10 service fee per child every time you get your box; that fee is credited toward anything you decide to buy.