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The 16 Best Subscription Boxes For Every Kind Of Kid

From fashion to art, there’s a curated box for every interest.

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As a kid, it’s fun getting mail. Not so much when you’re an adult, because it usually means a barrage of bills. But nothing beats the thrill of getting a box mailed to you and unwrapping its contents. After all, think about how utterly exciting it is when your mail carrier delivers a package, and you’ll know what I mean. Now, imagine that exhilaration each and every month, with these subscription boxes for babies, kids, tweens, and teens.

A lot of coolness has been curated in the subscription boxes below. You’ll find things like toys (yep, you can’t get away from it), but also the opportunity to explore your child’s interests, like cooking, crafting, or even new and exotic cultures. If you’ve got a tween or teen on your hands, then subscription boxes have definitely upped their game to include the things that they love, like makeup, YA novels, or even showing their support for BLM by ordering subscriptions from Black-owned brands.

Besides, having a subscription box delivered to your door means that you, your child (or both of you, really) will have something fun to look forward to. In some cases, you might know ahead of time what the contents will be; in other instances, what you’ll open will be a complete mystery. And that’s the charm of these subscription boxes, which blend the best of both worlds, offering curated items along with surprise gifts, too.

These are the best subscription boxes for kids:

  • Best Montessori: Lovevery
  • Best science: MEL Science
  • Best cooking: Kidstir
  • Best art: We Craft Box
  • Best sticker: Pipsticks
  • Best travel: Little Passports
  • Best eco-friendly: Green Kid Crafts
  • Best books: Literati
  • Best clothing: Kidpik
  • Best LEGO: Brick Loot
  • Best coding: Bitsbox
  • Best snack: Universal Yums
  • Best jewelry: Pura Vida
  • Best baking: Baketivity
  • Best STEAM: KiwiCo
  • Best Black-owned: Black Girl MATHgif

Finally, a reason to look forward to going to the mailbox each month.


Best Montessori subscription box for babies and kids: Lovevery

A subscription box that’s good for Baby’s brain and development, Lovevery has everything you’ll need for your child’s first year. For example, you’ll find a black and white card set, sensory links, a wooden book, and more to help you and your newborn bond via play. The kits ship every two months, so you’ll always have something new to explore with your child. And each kit comes with a play guide that offers expert tips, ideas on how to play, and just-right activities to meet your child’s need at that stage of life. and a play guide to help you explore at-home activities for your newborn. Play Kits start at $80 a box, or $120 for three months of play.


Best science subscription box: MEL Science

From learning how to make a metal tree grow (yes, it’s really a thing), to igniting hydrogen soap bubbles, your kid will love the MEL Science chemistry subscription. For ages 4 and up, kids will not only get to conduct real hands-on experiments, but they can also enjoy VR lessons and live chemistry classes with science teachers as part of the monthly subscription, which will run you $39.90 monthly (the price drops down to $29.90 for an annual subscription). Each kit contains up to seven scintillating (and safe!) science experiments specifically designed for your child’s age


Best cooking subscription box: Kidstir

When you can’t get your kid to put down those dino nuggies and try something (anything) new, Kidstir can come to the rescue. The monthly cooking kit (which costs $23.99 monthly or $19.99 per month for a yearly subscription) contains three yummy recipes for your mini master chef to make, as well as the kid-friendly utensils they’ll need in order to cook. A shopping list tells you what ingredients to purchase, and achievement stickers help your child celebrate their culinary success.


Best art subscription box: We Craft Box

Everything your pint-sized Picasso will need to create works of art can be found in the We Craft Box. The themed monthly subscription comes with photo instructions so that the crafts can be easily completed. In addition to all the materials (sans water and scissors) you’ll need to make your masterpiece, each box comes with a story that helps explain the projects and hopefully inspire your child to think outside the box (or in this case, color outside the lines). We Craft Box starts at $34.99 on a month-to-month basis, or you can prepay for 3, 6 or even 12 months to score some additional savings.


Best sticker subscription box: Pipsticks Kids Club

If you loved stickers as a kid, you’ll be totally stuck on Pipsticks. The monthly sticker club has both a Kids and Pro Club, which are $17.95 monthly (the Petite Pack is $11.95/monthly). The stickers range from animals to the alphabet, food to floral. They also have puffy stickers and (swoon), scratch ‘n sniff. Inside each box you’ll find a collectible puffy sticker, a scratch n’ sniff sticker, an activity book, postcard, and a storage pouch to stick all your stickers in. Pipsticks is aimed towards kids ages 3 and up, and is designed so that kids can peel off the stickers themselves and place them anywhere from a book to a collage — just hopefully not on your walls.


Best travel-themed subscription box: Little Passports

Travel all around the world (from the comfort of your couch) with Little Passports. The subscription box (which starts at $29.95 monthly), allows your child to go on some awesome adventures, starting in Brazil. The kit includes the Little Passport signature blue suitcase, their very own passport, a wall-sized world map (so they can mark the places they learned about), along with a chapter book about each country, stickers, a souvenir, and access to online country-themed content. But in addition to exploring, Little Passports is now offering STEM subscription boxes as well as Kitchen Adventures, which allows tiny travelers the ability to sample foods from all over the world. Buenos Aires, anyone?


Best eco-conscious subscription box: Green Kid Crafts

Part STEM and part art (and all eco-friendly), Green Kid Crafts Box has 4-6 educator designed STEAM projects waiting inside. A 12-page magazine works as a guide to help inspire and challenge young learners. As for its eco-friendly nature, Green Kid Crafts has a partnership with One Tree Planted, so that for each ordered placed, one tree is planted. The subscription box (which costs $34.95 to start), is made with sustainable materials and the company offsets 100% of its carbon dioxide emissions. Kids can learn about bubble science, understand how volcanoes work, and even have an intro to electricity that might spark some new ideas — and cool experiences together as a family.


Best subscription box for children’s books: Literati

Literati is a cool subscription book club for kids that functions kind of like a library. You’ll get five books monthly that have been meticulously curated for your kid. (You can even switch up the schedule depending on your family’s needs, too, for even greater flexibility.) Keep the books that your child likes and then return the rest for free. (You get 5% off when you keep all five, though.) By using the Literati app to identify your child’s personal reading preferences, each subsequent month’s book box should contain titles that your child will totally love and want to read over and over again.


Best clothing subscription box: Kidpik

Imagine having your own personal stylist who knows your signature style in and out. Well, that’s what Kidpik is like, except that the clothes that come in the monthly subscription box are for your child. This total timesaver works by taking a style quiz to help the style experts identify what your kid loves (comfy sweats) and what they don’t (shirts with scratchy labels). A box full of curated clothing will arrive at your doorstep, and you only keep what you love and return the rest for free in the already-included prepaid return envelope. (Individual items start at $16 per piece.) Your kid will be the most stylish student at school.


Best LEGO subscription box: Brick Loot

For your LEGO-loving little one, you can’t beat Brick Loot. Each month, you’ll get a custom kit with 4-8 items each month consisting of LEGO bricks, accessories, custom LEGO minifigs, and other fun products. A monthly subscription will cost $27.28 monthly, but there are also 3-month, 6-month, and yearly options as well. There are some serious exclusive items in the Brick Loot boxes, such as kits made by famous LEGO designers and new brick items not sold in stores. But with so many extra LEGO pieces being shipped to your house, make sure to not walk around barefoot, because, ouch.


Best coding subscription box: Bitsbox

Coordinates, conditionals, and coding, oh my! For kids who love to code, there’s no better subscription box than Bitsbox. Aimed for the 6- to 12-year-old set, Bitsbox has everything your child will need to learn how to code, problem-solve, and experiment with ease. The monthly box has new projects that will introduce a computer science concept. Kids will build apps on the Bitsbox website (which work on any mobile device) using simple commands — no previous coding experience necessary. The Basic Bitsbox subscription costs $24.95 monthly and comes with a dozen app projects and a cool binder to keep your kid’s work organized and efficient… just like them.


Best snack subscription box: Universal Yums

When you’re a kid (or if we’re being honest, a parent, too), snacks are your life. But why get a subscription for snacks that you can get at the supermarket when you can sample tasty treats from around the world? Universal Yums lets you foster your little foodie’s love of snacks with a monthly snack box filled with fun foods to try together. You can opt for a box that has strictly snacks, or the Yum Yum Box which has 10-12 snacks along with a 16-page booklet that has trivia and games to play. Once you’ve decided on how many snacks you want, and how often, it’s off to choose your first destination, which might be Italy, South Korea, or even India.


Best jewelry subscription box: Pura Vida bracelets club

For the tween in your house, the Pura Vida Bracelet Club lets your kid score some new accessories each month. The subscription includes three exclusive bracelets each month, along with a signature sticker. (You can choose which ones you get or simply be surprised.) Shipping is free in the U.S., and a monthly plan starts at $14.95, although you can pay just $11 for a 12-month plan. And because the Pura Vida bracelets are beautiful when stacked together, it won’t be long before your kid has a cool collection of them up their arms.


Best baking subscription box: Baketivity

You go to make some chocolate chip cookies with your kid, and (womp womp), you’re all out of those semi-sweet morsels. Well, with Baketivity, you never have to worry about missing ingredients. For $34.95 a month, you’ll get a kid-friendly recipe that you can replicate with your child, plus all your dry ingredients. There’s even a cook-along video to watch in case you get stumped on how to whip your egg whites. A chef’s hat and apron come in your first box, and you’ll even get some stickers that are like a culinary gold star.


Best STEAM subscription box: KiwiCo

Science-loving kids ages 3-16 can have a blast when they get a monthly KiwiCo subscription box. You’ll first pick a line (ranging from Panda crates for children ages 0-24 month all the way to a Maker Crate which is good for kids ages 14-100). Your child might build a stomp rocket or a kite to fly, or assemble an arcade claw game (complete with pom pom prizes). You’ll get all the essentials you’ll need each month, along with kid-friendly ste-by-step instructions, as well as the explore! Magazine and other online DIY ideas to keep your child engaged and entertained.


Best Black-owned subscription box: Black Girl MATHgic

Math can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be, thanks to Black Girl MATHgic. A monthly subscription box for grades 3-5, it’s geared to help decrease math anxiety in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math level (you know, when you start doing multiplication and division). The box has real-world math problems and activities written by experts, plus positive math affirmations, and a screen-free manipulative, like a book or other learning tool) to help young learners begin to love not just math — but themselves, too.

Subscription boxes are a fun way to spend some quality time with your kiddos. So if you’re looking for a box full of beauty products, fashion, DIY crafts, or toys, there’s always a subscription box for it.

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