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Parents Can Exchange Or Return Their Kids’ Clothes To Target After One Full Year

Even if their clothes are damaged.

One of the most frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive elements of parenting is trying to keep your kids dressed throughout their never-ending growth spurts. Especially with younger kids who seem to constantly be growing out of their clothes. Which is why some moms on TikTok were so excited to spread the word about Target’s seriously amazing one-year return policy for more than 45 owned-brand kids’ clothes. While this policy has been in place for years, many parents are just now realizing what a game-changer this is for their wallets.

In 2015, Target expanded its return policy to allow customers who purchased Target-owned brand clothing, including items from the ever popular Cat & Jack line, to exchange or get a full refund up to a year after purchase with a receipt. Even clothing that has been damaged can be returned after one year, which will come as a huge relief to parents. The previous return window was 90 days.

Why is Target allowing parents an entire year to return their kids’ clothes? “This guarantee is in place because of the confidence we have in the quality of what we are offering when guests shop our owned brands,” a Target spokesperson told ABC News.

Last summer, mom Jazmine Valdivia sounded the alarm for other parents, sharing her experience on TikTok of returning clothes for her three kids and receiving $537.80 back. “Attention all moms,” she explained in a video that amassed more than 1.2 million views. “If you guys buy Cat & Jack for your kids, there is a one-year warranty that Cat & Jack offers if your kid outgrows the clothes, whether it’s stained, ripped, whatever it is, they’ll refund you.”

TikTok mom Sandra Puente documented her own Cat & Jack returns and ended up with around $150 to spend on other kids’ clothes, while TikTok mom Miriam Ariane shared a video of herself returning her baby girl’s Cat & Jack clothes “even without the tags” for store credit or exchange.

Parents are justifiably excited about Target’s return policy, even if some are a little frustrated that they didn’t know about it before. “How am i on my third kid and just learning that Target’s Cat & Jack kids clothing line has a one year return policy for any reason including them literally outgrowing the clothes?!? My kids woulda been draped down in returnable Target items for YEARS now,” one mom tweeted.

Target employees confirmed to Insider that parents were indeed returning their kids’ outgrown clothing, with some returns amounting to $300 or even $400 to be refunded. Returns without proof of purchase are capped at $100, and unwashed returned clothing is reportedly thrown in the garbage.

Target’s return policy might have been a well-kept secret until now, but back-to-school clothes shopping will be here before we know it. Truly a game-changer.