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These Texts Are Just What A Potty-Training Parent Needs

Because it’s a real s*** show.

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As a parent of a freshly potty-trained toddler, I can tell you that between the neverending laundry, the many, many carpet cleanups, and the horror of finding poo smeared across your child’s bedroom wall, the process is anything but enjoyable. What made the experience a little more tolerable, though, was that my friends and family seemed to miraculously know the best texts to send someone who is potty training their child.

Whether they were showing support or making me laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, the texts my friends and family sent to me proved to be essential to my sticking to the rather unpleasant process of teaching my child to use the toilet. So, if you know a parent who is in the thick of it and you want to show them a little love, here are some ideas of texts to send someone who is potty training their kiddo.

Encouraging Texts

  • You’re one day closer to having a fully potty-trained kid! You’ve got this.
  • Keep your eye on the prize: Never having to buy diapers again.
  • Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight. Stay the course!
  • Yay, [Kid’s Name] is doing such a great job! Congrats!
  • You guys are killing it!

Empathetic Texts

  • I’m sorry it’s not going how you had hoped. I know how discouraging it can feel when they backslide.
  • I remember how frustrating it was when my toddler would have an accident while standing steps away from the potty.
  • It’s okay if you need to walk away and take a break for a few minutes if you need to. Potty training can be hard on a parent!
  • Ugh, potty training is the worst, isn’t it?
  • I know how tough it can be to stay patient while potty training, I’m here if you need to vent at all!

Funny Texts

  • Don’t forget to watch where you step. I don’t want you slipping in any pee.
  • What are you going to do with all of the empty space in your purse when you don’t have to carry around spare diapers anymore?
  • Don’t worry, no one will ever notice that small poop stain on the carpet. Definitely make sure to do something about the smell, though.
  • If all else fails, you can always try playing Cocomelon potty songs on a loop to see if that will work.
  • Send me an SOS if you need me to drop off some booze.

Supportive Texts

  • Just checking in. How is potty training going?
  • Hey, I’m out at the store, do you guys need anything? I’m sure it’s tough to get away from the house right now, so I can bring something by if it’ll help.
  • It seems like you have everything under control, but I’m happy to share what worked for us if you have any questions.
  • If you need someone to take [sibling(s)] out for a little while so you can focus on potty training, let me know!
  • Don’t worry, they’ll get the hang of it. You’re doing great.

There is no magic formula to help you craft the perfect texts to send someone who is potty training, and the right thing to send will depend a lot on their attitude towards it all (are they feeling deflated or like have no other choice than to laugh at the situation?). If you’re not sure where their head is at, start by simply checking in to see how everyone is done, then go from there. Even if you don’t get it exactly right, they’ll still appreciate the thought — and the distraction from stressing out over all of those new couch stains they have to try to clean up.

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