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Send These Supportive Texts To Someone Who Has Cancer

Because, well, f*ck cancer.

As corny or cliched as it might sound, there truly are moments in life that are absolutely unforgettable. Like your first kiss, or the time you graduated high school. You’ll remember the moment you said, “I do,” or the birth of your first baby.

Or, in my case, when your best friend since childhood tells you that they have stage 4 cancer.

Lana once said that she didn’t have a memory of herself as a child without me in it, and that’s true. We met in first grade, and I fell in love instantly. I proudly proclaimed to everyone at the lunch table at school that she and I would be best friends forever, and in typical fashion, my sweet, gentle-natured BFF agreed. We have gone through so many of life’s high points and hurdles together. Ever the optimist, Lana had a way of making me see the glass was always full, and that there was no problem without a solution.

Except for the fact that she now has cancer. And there’s not a damn thing I can do to fix it.

Since that fateful phone call when she stuttered and coughed her way through explaining why she had been ducking my calls for weeks as she processed the news herself, life has been a rollercoaster of oncology appointments, chemo treatments, and surgery. And through it all, there has been communication — oh, nonstop communication. Even on days when Lana was too tired or sick to speak, I would text her. Every single day. It might have just been to tell her how much I loved her, or I would send her bouquets of emoji flowers, rainbows (and, you know, sometimes donuts) just to let her know that I was thinking of her.

What I’ve learned about loving someone with cancer is that time becomes meaningless. There is only now, and it’s the now that we focus on with every ounce of our soul. Whether it’s your parent, friend, colleague, they need your encouragement and love right now. Right now.

So with that said, here are some texts to send someone with cancer, because your support means everything.

Thinking Of You Texts To Send To Someone With Cancer

“I’m so sorry for what you’re going through.”

“I’m here if you need me.”

“How do you feel today?”

“What appointment do you have today? Do you need help with it?”

“Do you need me to run any errands for you?”

“I’m cooking you dinner and I’m not taking no for an answer. What would you like?”

“Do you want me to pick up the kids for you?”

“Please tell me how I can help you.”

“Even if you don’t feel like talking, just know that I’m here.”

“How did your appointment go?”

“Who’s taking you/picking you up from your chemo appointment?”

“I love you.”

Supportive Texts To Send To Someone With Cancer

“You are so incredibly brave.”

“Nobody fights alone.”

“It’s okay to not be okay.”

“I’m leading your support squad. We’ll get through this together.”

“You’re stronger than cancer.”

“They say that God only gives you what you can handle. God apparently thinks you’re a badass.”

“Sending you healing vibes.”

“You are stronger than you know.”

“You are a cancer slaying warrior goddess.”

Funny Texts To Send To Someone With Cancer

“F*ck cancer.”

“Cancer sucks.”

“You can’t scare me. I’ve had chemo.”

“I’m sorry your boobs tried to kill you.”

“I’m going to give you a cancer card, which can be used to get out of pretty much anything.”

“Chemo gives you superpowers.”

“I scream, you scream, we all scream, f*uck cancer.”

“I hear your t*tties are being sh*tty.”

“Dear Cancer, you picked the wrong b*tch.”

“My, you’re looking radiant.”

“Roses are red, violets are blue. Cancer is an *sshole, but I love you!”

“Who needs boobs with an *ss like that?”

I have texted all this (and a lot more) to my beloved bestie. And right now, Lana is in remission (or as her doctor calls it, “cruise control”). We are blessed for the break from chemo treatments and further surgeries… for now. But I would be lying if I said that every time she calls or sends me a text, I don’t secretly shudder inside, for fear that one day, one potentially inevitable day, the cancer will come back “with a vengeance” as one doctor with zero bedside skills told her. Until then, though, we will laugh together, make plans for the future, and there will be texts (oh, lots and lots of texts) telling her exactly how much I adore my best friend… and always will.