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29 Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Quotes To Share At The Dinner Table

Embracing gratitude, laughs, and family.

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For kids, Thanksgiving might not be quite as exciting as Halloween (Trick-or-treating! Free candy!) or as magical as Christmas (Santa Claus! Presents!), but it can still be a fun day for them. Even kids who are super picky eaters every other day of the year will enjoy sitting at the table with their family, eating delicious side dishes like sweet potatoes with marshmallows and macaroni and cheese. Of course, Thanksgiving is about more than just food. One way to show your little ones that is through some Thanksgiving quotes for kids.

Whether you share the quotes in a cute card you bought just for them or you decide to read some quotes at the table as part of an exercise about being grateful and thankful, any of the below Thanksgiving quotes for kids are a good way to show them what Thanksgiving is all about. Choose a quote about gratitude to teach your kids to be appreciative of what they have every day, and not just during the holidays. Or share a funny quote they’ll understand to make them laugh.

Whatever you want to do with your Thanksgiving quotes, kids will probably be more into it than you think. Here are some of the best ones out there that kids can get behind.

Thanksgiving Quotes About Gratitude

  • “The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.” — Walt Disney
  • “It isn’t so much what’s on the table that matters, as what’s on the chairs.” — W.S. Gilbert
  • "And I'm thankful for Ryder and the pups, and our friends who came from far away, and all the people in town. But I really am thankful that these potatoes aren't too hot. Yum!" — Marshall, Paw Patrol
  • “Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.” — Winnie-the-Pooh (A.A. Milne)
  • “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.” — W. Clement Stone
  • “Thanksgiving is more than eating, Chuck… Those early Pilgrims were thankful for what had happened to them, and we should be thankful, too. We should just be thankful for being together. I think that’s what they mean by ‘Thanksgiving,’ Charlie Brown.” — A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.
  • “What if, today, we were grateful for everything?” — Charlie Brown
  • God, we thank you for this food. For rest and home and all things good. For wind and rain and sun above, but most of all, for those we love.
  • “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” — Maya Angelou
  • “Those who appreciate what they have are the ones who always value what they have in life. Warm greetings on the occasion of Thanksgiving.”
  • “Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.” — Alphonse Karr
  • “Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have.” — Catherine Pulsifer
  • “What I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s purely about getting together with friends or family and enjoying food. It’s really for everybody, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from.” — Daniel Humm
  • “I am grateful for what I am and have. My Thanksgiving is perpetual.” — Henry David Thoreau

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

  • “Hello, what’s this? Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! You see that, Odie? Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving. That’s the day people celebrate with food by eating as much of it as possible.” — Garfield
  • “Happy’s your turn to say Happy Thanksgiving back.” — You’ve Got Mail
  • The turkey is a funny bird, its head goes bobble, bobble. And all he knows is just one word, and that is gobble, gobble!
  • Why can’t you take a turkey to a church? They use fowl language.
  • Gobble till ya wobble!
  • “There’s always something to be grateful for on Thanksgiving, even if it’s just not being a turkey.” — Unknown
  • “Thanksgiving — when the people who are the most thankful are the ones who don’t have to cook.” — Melanie White
  • This Thanksgiving, I hope you’re able to avoid the tragedy of the different foods on your plate touching one another.
  • “The turkey. The sweet potatoes. The stuffing. The pumpkin pie. Is there anything else we can all agree so vehemently about? I don’t think so.” — Nora Ephron
  • “I can’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast.” — Charlie Brown
  • “Good mashed potato is one of the great luxuries of life.” — Lindsey Bareham
  • “It's not too much food. This is what we've been training for our whole lives. This is our destiny, this is our finest hour.” — Lorelai Gilmore
  • “Overeating at Thanksgiving is a case in point. It’s a national tradition.” — Eric Samuel Timm
  • “I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.” Erma Bombeck

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