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These Socks Are Perfect For Your Toddler, So You Can Call Off Your Search
by Lisa Fogarty
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Socks are one of the most important, overlooked clothing necessities your little one needs. The best socks for toddlers are, of course, comfortable and preferably made from natural fabrics like cotton and wool that wick away moisture and keep little feet cool, dry, and free from blisters.

Just as toddler clothing comes with features designed specifically for toddler needs — like plenty of elastic waistband leggings and button-fly jeans that are simple to pull on and off for potty training — toddler socks are also designed with toddler behavior in mind.

Getting tired of watching your toddler rip off socks and throw them under the couch about five minutes after you dress them? Try a pair of triple-roll socks that are more difficult for them to remove, but also give you three sock length options. Can't stand pairing your toddler's colored socks because one (or eight) are always missing? Make life easier on yourself by investing in simple white socks that come 12 socks in a pack. Some of the best toddler socks have features like non-skid grips to keep toddlers safe on slippery floors and soft, cushiony tabs that make it a snap to dress your toddler and remove or put on socks.

A quality pair of the best toddler socks are a must — and these four great pairs will keep your little one's feet safe and warm.


The Overall Best, All Things Considered

These ankle socks feature padded tabs around the cuff that can be used to quickly take socks off and on. They're made from a cotton blend and feature anti-skid grips on the soles that keep curious toddlers from slipping as they master walking on hardwood and other hard floor types. These socks are slightly more expensive than most others on the list, but when you consider you’re getting six pairs of highly rated non-skid socks for less than $20 — this is a pretty sweet deal. These socks cover your toddler’s foot fully, in the front and back, reducing any risk of coming into contact with dirt, germs, and bacteria. And the color choices are great — you can score a packet of all-white socks or so-called “girls” and “boys” colored packs, which are both great, wearable, toned-down shades that work for all toddlers.

A helpful review: “My little guy loves to run laps in our hardwood floor house and up and down the stairs. These have been a life saver for his bumps and bruises and his mom's anxiety. Plus, no matching socks anymore. Win win”

  • Available Sizes: 12-36 Months (4-9 Shoe Size)


The Best Calf Socks Versatile Enough For Dress And Play

Whether you’re dressing your toddler for a playdate or a dressy function, these calf socks from Bombas will work for both occasions — as well as everything else in between. Made from a soft cotton blend, they feature thin micro stripes that feel just as high-quality as they look. Additionally, a cushioned footbed and honeycomb arch support ensure comfort and support. These calf socks also feature a seamless toe design helpful for children with sensory sensitivity. They come in one size applicable to sizes 5T to 8T, however, reviewers note these Bombas socks offer a lot of stretch.

A helpful review: “These are the best socks! So comfortable and they last forever(well, not forever, but for a long time.)”

  • Available Sizes: One Size (5T-8.5T)


The Best Ankle Socks To Keep Your Toddler From Slipping

These Bombas gripper ankle socks are fun, colorful, and fantastic at preventing slipping and sliding. Silicone grips added to the bottom help your child stay up on their feet when running and playing throughout the house. Even more so, they’re a perfect pick for babies who are brand new to walking and still getting used to standing. A cushioned footbed and arch support help offer exceptional comfort for your little one. If your toddler experiences sensory sensitivity, then they will especially appreciate the seamless toe design.

A helpful review: “Love these socks. They don’t slip down or show any signs of being too tight. They are very soft but very sturdy.”

  • Available Sizes: One Size (5T-8.5T)


An Even More Affordable 12-Pack

While it’s true that these plain white toddler socks don’t boast fancy features, they are exactly what you need when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on socks that young children grow out of quickly — and would rather not waste time searching for lost colored socks while folding laundry. These socks have rib knit cuffs to keep them from falling and slipping and are made from soft cotton (though the exact percentage of cotton isn’t listed). They're on the lighter side and don’t have non-skid bottoms, which is why this 12-pack doesn't get the overall best spot on this list. But these socks are one of the most affordable, quality sock options you’ll find — and you can get them for just over $1 a pair. Considering how often toddlers lose their socks, that’s a steal.

A helpful review: “I love having one kind/color of socks for my toddler so I don't have to find single matching socks with dinosaurs or pandas or polka dots. The anti-slip dots on the bottom help with traction without making it difficult to put shoes on. I'm planning on buying more of these for future sizes and future kids.”

  • Available Sizes: 0 Months-5T


The Best Triple-Roll Socks To Prevent Socks From Falling Off

Triple-roll socks are one of the best types of toddler socks because they offer three lengths in one sock, which gives you options (crew length, ankle length) without having to spend money on socks that little ones will outgrow quickly. The added benefit of choosing this sock type is that, when they’re folded down, they will stay in place and won’t slip as readily as other socks. These socks are made with a breathable blend of 75 percent cotton, nylon, and spandex, which makes them stretchy, comfortable, and perfect for all seasons. They come in a wide range of assortments and colors, including both neutral and more playful options he one downside, especially if you have slippery floors: there are no non-skid grips under the feet.

A helpful review: “I hate baby socks! They don’t stay on, they shrink when you wash, and they don’t go up high enough. These are great and meet all of the above expectations. The cuff is not sewn so you can pull them up further. Only thing that would make them better is a non-slip grip.”

  • Available Sizes: 0-24 Months


The Best Winter-Wool Socks For Cold Weather

These thick, wool winter toddler socks are made from 48 percent wool, 37 percent polyester, and 15 percent spandex to keep your toddler’s feet warm, while naturally wicking away moisture to prevent blisters. These socks have fairly thick, large elastic cuffs that are comfortable and won’t squeeze your toddler’s legs, and hold them up and in place. One thing to note? These are very thick, which means you may have some trouble fitting your toddler’s feet into shoes (though roomier rain or snow boots should be fine).

A helpful review: “These are super warm on my 8-month-old baby. I use them for layering on her usually cold feet. I can tell she likes them on her feet and feels cozy. They barely pill as well!”

  • Available Sizes: 0-3 Years

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