These Top Gun costumes for the whole family are perfect.
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16 Top Gun Costumes For The Whole Family To Buy Or DIY

Talk to me, Goose.

Every Halloween, the year’s most popular movies, books, and TV shows inspire some of spooky season’s best costumes. This year, you’re probably going to see some some Margot Robbie-inspired Barbies, ‘80s outfits a la Stranger Things, and Top Gun costumes in every size imaginable (because even babies can be fighter pilots on Halloween). When your family hits the sidewalks to trick-or-treat, it’ll look like everyone at the flight academy is out for a stroll.

Top Gun, in all its 1980s glory, stars Tom Cruise as Maverick, a young naval pilot who is invited to train at TOPGUN, the nation’s toughest school for future fighter pilots. His best friend Goose attends as well, and Maverick soon meets his rival, Iceman, falls in love, and, well, plenty of other things we won’t spoil here.

Rebooted and released in 2022, Top Gun: Maverick tells the story of Mav after 30 years of service, heading back to TOPGUN to teach a new class of students for tougher missions than ever before. So, whether you’re obsessed with the original or your kids are now on board with all things Top Gun thanks to the new movie, here are the best Top Gun costumes for the whole family (*ahem,* flight crew).

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Maverick’s signature jacket

Tom Cruise’s Lt. Pete Mitchell (usually known as Maverick) has plenty of iconic looks from Top Gun, but his leather bomber jacket with the fur collar and countless patches is arguably the coolest. If you want to cop his swag, you need this Maverick bomber jacket for adults from Party City. It comes in standard and plus sizes, has a faux fur trim, and functional pockets (where you can store your sunglasses).


A baby Top Gun costume

Want to match your little wingman? The baby Maverick flight suit costume is part of Party City’s Top Gun line, which includes matching flight suits for the entire family. It’s printed with pockets and a faux zipper, and includes four sewn-on patches. It’s easy to take off and on your wiggly babe thanks to its rear hook-and-loop closure and snap leg closures.


A DIY stroller fighter jet

These two brothers, Leon and Elias, were dressed as Maverick and Goose for their very first Halloween, and mom Vania made sure they had the perfect ride. Whether you have one baby or twins, crafting their stroller into a plane is the cutest way to really sell their costume.


A Top Gun 2 women’s flight suit

Next up in Party City’s matching family costumes from Top Gun 2: the women’s Maverick flight suit costume, which is available in plus and standard sizes. It’s a polyknit jumpsuit designed to be form-fitting with functional shoulder pockets, sewn-on patches, and interchangeable name badges (one for Maverick, one for Rooster).


A men’s flight suit from Top Gun 2

A classic flight suit and some Aviator sunglasses are all you need to look like Maverick about to step into his plane. The Maverick flight suit costume for men matches Party City’s other Top Gun 2 ensembles. It has all the same features as the women’s costume, plus an adjustable waistband.


The matching kids’ Top Gun costume

Last but not least, older siblings need this Maverick flight suit costume for kids from Party City. This costume has working shoulder and thigh pockets for stashing sunnies and candy. Pair them with some combat boots and your kid is ready for takeoff (aka trick-or-treating).


A DIY fighter jet

Dallas-based mom Bianca made her son, Drew, a Top Gun costume using a thrifted flight suit and patches. To really sell the look, the pair turned a cardboard box into a tough looking fighter jet to wear over his costume. Your child would love the costume too, and you’ll enjoy the time spent making it together.


The aspiring fighter pilot’s dream costume

Not all flight suits are created equal, and for kids who are obsessed with planes, check out the daring fighter pilot costume for kids from HalloweenCostumes.com. It has plenty of pockets, a compass secured to the collar, embroidered patches, straps, and a faux parachute collar so your child looks like they really could take off any time.


A flight suit available in plus sizes

Want a flight suit that isn’t skin-tight? The Top Gun women's plus size flight suit costume from HalloweenCostumes.com has a more classic silhouette, but in a shiny, satin material that will be comfortable trick-or-treating or at a party. Don’t forget combat boots or heeled booties and a windblown hairdo to finish the look.


Charlotte Blackwood is Maverick’s love interest from the first film, where they cross paths while she instructs at the academy. Whether you use clothing you already own or thrift and order a few key items, you and your partner could easily transform into this iconic duo.


With the flight suit made for Goose and this helmet accessory, you’re all set to make a family member into the ultimate wingman. This would be so cute for a pair of brothers or even dad and son as they co-pilot through life together. (With less tragedy, hopefully.)


A kid-sized Maverick flight suit

Perfect for the younger kid who might not get all of the movie’s adult themes but still really wants to be Maverick, there’s this Maverick flight suit costume for kids. It’s an easy to put on one-piece that should keep them nice and cozy while trick-or-treating.


A onesie costume for babies

For the tiniest pilot, there’s this adorable baby flight suit in a romper ensemble. Super easy to put on and bonus, you can probably just put baby to bed after the Halloween festivities in their flight suit.


Must-have Aviators for your Top Gun costume

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to make your own costume or order done, you can always toss on some Mirror Sunglasses from Party City with jeans and a wrist bandage. Then you can totally claim you’re Maverick, but from the volleyball scene.

Grab your Goose, Rooster, Iceman, and anyone else in your fam who needs to suit up for flight (or a motorcycle ride). And don’t forget to snap a pic of your epic Top Gun family Halloween costume.