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20 Trader Joe’s Snacks You Need For Memorial Day Weekend

Snack happy.

Memorial Day is almost here which means your to do list probably includes purchasing the following items: sunscreen and snacks. Here’s some good news: You can get all of the above at Trader’s Joe’s and spare yourself another trip. Plus, TJ’s has some of the best snacking options around.

From savory to sweet, the compact grocery store packs a punch when it comes to tasty treats you’ll want on hand this Memorial Day. Now you could roll into your local Trader Joe’s and peruse yourself. Or you could take this trust shopping list and power shop your way to snack heaven. The key is to balance the flavors so that you have a little something for everyone. Also, think about the fact that you could be serving a crowd of varying tastes (from kids to grandparents). What are people going to want to be reaching for at 10 a.m. when testing the waters of Oma’s pool? They might prefer a breakfast Danish over a bag of chips and dip. Then again, when the sun reaches its zenith and your toddler’s floaties look like they’re about to deflate, it might be time to sit in the shade and grab a box of Cheddar Rockets for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s is that rare retailer that seems to have a super star snack item to suit every palate. All you need to do is buy enough of them.


Salty Potato Chips

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Is it even a summer holiday without a big bowl of savory potato chips? Sure isn’t. So you’re going to need at least one of these 16 oz. bags of Ridge Cut Potato Chips with Sea Salt ($2.99).


Trail Mix Crackers

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Sometimes you don’t want just another boring chip. You want something with that savory crunch but with a little extra pizzaz. Enter: TJ’s Trail Mix Crackers ($2.49). These babies are topped with mung beans, seeds, cashews, raisins, and AND cheese.


Five Layer Dip

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You know what those chips need? A little 5 layer dip ($4.99) to get the party really started. This one is made with hummus.


Raspberry Danish

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The sweet teeth among your crew will be thanking you all weekend for pulling up the Memorial Day party with this Iced Raspberry and Cream Cheese Danish ($4.99) that’s big enough to share with a crowd.


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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For those who like their sweet and savory to arrive in one compact bite, Trader Joe’s sells Milk Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels ($3.49). What could be more crushable between cannonballs?


Animal Crackers

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Keeping kids happy on a marathon holiday weekend is all about hydration, plenty of naps, and copious snack options. That’s why you probs will need a tub or two of these Animal Crackers ($3.99)


Pub Cheese

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Sharp and spreadable when your tongue is over the 5 layer dip, turn to this Pub Cheese ($3.99). You can put it on crackers, chips, or ever fruit, like grapes and slices of apple.


Snack Mix

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When cocktail hour approaches, swap out your snack bowls for this Many Things Snack Mix (2.99). A blend of crackers, pretzels, honey roasted peanuts, and corn sticks, it’s a tasty compliment to a refreshing libation.


Tea Cookies

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One of Trader Joe’s hottest new products, Ube Tea Cookies have, apparently, a huge cult following That might have to do with their bright purple look or jam and powdered sugar flavor. You be the judge.


Everything Bagel Nuts

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Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Nut Duo ($3.99) should probably be a controlled substance. It’s so hard to put down a bag of these, you’ll want to stock up for Memorial Day weekend.


Ghost Pepper Chips

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Things can get a little competitive during big holiday weekends. One-upmanship may start with who can do a perfect dive and end up with feasts of strength. So why not add a ghost pepper chip ($2.29) eating contest to the mix?


Chicken Poppers

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What is it about the word popper that just makes a dish sound suddenly so snackable? When your crew is begging for something a bit more filling, reach for this party popper: Buffalo Style Chicken Poppers ($4.99).


Half Moon Cookies

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A Memorial Day picnic isn’t complete without dessert. Sure you could make your own, but who has time for that on a holiday weekend? Grab these Half Moon cookies ($2.99) instead.


Star Cookies

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Shortbread plus strawberry jam equals OMG, I just ate the whole box of cookies. These sweet star cookies ($4.99) will please kids and adults alike.


Pita Chips

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Here’s the great thing about pita chips ($1.99): They keep for a long time. So even if they don’t all get eat Memorial Day weekend, you can enjoy them once you get home.


Salsa Verde

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You can have traditional salsa at any party. Why not shake it up with salsa verde for your Memorial Day? This big tub is a steal at $2.99.


Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Bison really do some heavy lifting when it comes to snacks. Take Buffalo Chicken Dip ($4.99). It’s practically a party requirement, but if your friend who brings it to every fete can’t make it this year, Trader Joe’s version will more than do in a pinch.


PB&J Bar

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When you can tell your kid is getting hangry, and you need a solution fast, Trader Joe’s PB&J Bar ($2.69) is a Memorial Day must-have. Soft and chewy, they’ll be back to running circles around you in no time.


Cheddar Rockets

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What is a family road trip without Cheddar Rockets ($2.49)? Some might say such a thing doesn’t exist. Not if you want to enjoy yourself. Looking to have a happy holiday? Pack these.


Cheese Sticks

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While you’re grabbing the Cheddar Rockets for your kids, do yourself a favor and throw in a couple boxes of these Cheese Sticks ($2.99) too. Fancy enough to be on a white tablecloth spread, you can say you made them yourself. We won’t tell.

Got your list ready? Time to hit TJs. And don’t forget to grab that sunscreen too!