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Double Your Fun With These Instagram Captions For Twin Pics

Two heads are better than one.

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Raising twins means having two adorable photography subjects on hand at all times. Thankfully, there's no shortage of cute Instagram captions for pics of twins, because honestly you have a never-ending supply of precious kid pics. Now it will be easier than ever to caption those moments to share with family and friends all over Insta.

Remember that your twins are a pretty unique pair. Out of every 1,000 live births, twins make up only about 33 of those, as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although there are factors that can increase your chance of having twins, such as using fertility supplements, it's still a relatively rare and special occurrence. If you've been out and about with twins for very long, then you know how much attention they can demand. It may be tricky to get through a single grocery store trip without someone stopping you to ask, "Are they twins?!"

Although parenting twins means doubling up on the diaper duty and late-night feedings, it's also fascinating to watch these extremely close siblings grow up together. Basically, it's raising kids with permanent double vision. It's no wonder there are so many cool quotes and sayings about twins that can dress up your Insta feed.


"Being a twin is like being born with a best friend." — Tricia Marrapodi


The connection between twins is legendary, and with good reason. Sometimes these kids seem to share a mind. It's like they have a BFF from day one on the earth.


"Twin one, twin two!"

This little caption sounds like something from a Dr. Seuss book. It's perfect for pics with the kids dressed alike. And really, aren't you always double-checking to make sure the correct number of kids are nearby?


"Do you ever switch places with one another?"

This is one of those questions that twins probably hear about a zillion times over. Still, it's a fun idea. Who wouldn't want a best friend to enjoy this kind of mischief?


"With twins, reading aloud to them was the only chance I could get to sit down." — Beverly Cleary

This quote from the beloved author is probably super-relatable to any parent of twins. Still, any activity that can capture the attention of both kids at once is magic all on its own. Use this caption for a pic of you and the twins enjoying story time.


"Twinning is a way of life."

Show off your #twinlife moments with this caption. Maybe it's a pic of your kids in the double-stroller, or a combo birthday party. At any rate, your kids are super accustomed to sharing just about everything.


"I may be a twin, but I'm one of a kind."

Whether your twins are fraternal or identical, they're still unique individuals. It's a perfection phrase for those pics of your kids showing off their distinctive personalities. As a parent, you're probably super attuned to these differences, anyway.


"Buy one, get one free."

If you enjoy a good BOGO sale (and who doesn't?), then twins are basically the ultimate version of this deal. This would be an adorable caption of twins coming home for the first time, or a shot of both babies in their carriers. Here's to all the parents who got a "bargain" with their babies.


“Winning at twinning"


Maybe both kids are asleep for a nap at the same time. Or you've found a new show that they both enjoy equally. Whatever the case, capture those moment where you're just #winningattwinning.


"Double the love"

Save this one for the cutest, mushiest pics you have. Maybe the ones where the kids are hugging one another, or a family member is holding both babies at once. It's double the work, sure, but also double the love.


"All the weird, crazy things people say, like twins can read each other minds, they can feel each other's feelings, it's all true." — Brie Bella

You don't have to be a pro wrestler like Brie to have that super-strong twin connection. Sometimes you just know when your kids are on the same wavelength about something. That connection is strong.


“There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins.” – Josh Billings

Chances are, all you can do is agree with Billings' sentiments here. There really wasn't a way to prepare for the reality of double-baby life. It's just a lot that you learn on the fly.


“Twins. Twice the love, half the sleep!”

Sure, most all new parents joke about the loss of sleep. This is only compounded when there are two infants who also have the ability to wake each other up at night. (That said, sleep deprivation in parents can have serious effects on your health and mental well-being, so don't hesitate to ask for help if you're feeling overwhelmed.)


"Double trouble."

It's the perfect caption for those mischievous pics. You know, where the kids are obviously up to something, but you're not entirely sure what. Hey, sometimes they just have you outnumbered.


"Are you identical?"

This is perfect for the fraternal twins who get that question all the time. Yes, you can be twins without looking exactly the same. Sharing a womb doesn't automatically make you identical.


"Twice as nice."

Sure, #twinlife can be hectic. But it's also an amazing experience. Sometime, having twins is double the love and fun.


“We made a wish. And two came true.”

OK, this is one of the sweetest quotes about having twins out there. But it is so true. Having two babies at once can feel like you’ve just had a dream turn into reality, and then some. If you’ve been trying for a baby, then getting this unexpected two-for-one deal can be a major moment of joy, a milestone you’ll never forget. This is a perfect Instagram caption to share of your twins’ first ultrasound, or their earliest baby photos together. Because sometimes wishes do come true, in ways you never imagined, and the first time you learn you’re having twins is one of those moments.


“Without identical twins, you’ll never get to experience entering a hotel room with one of them and watching him run into the full-length mirror because he thought he saw his brother.” — Ray Romano

One of the biggest joys of parenting are those wonderful and hilarious silly-kid moments that just defy all adult logic. And when you have the honor of parenting twins, then this means you get to experience all of these moments in duplicate. While most parents are concerned about their kids saying something awkward at an inopportune moment, parents of twins have twice the chances of their kids wilding out. At some point, all you can do is embrace the chaos and laugh at these inevitable kid moments. To be fair, though, mirrors are probably an especially tough concept for twins to understand at first, because many of them are so used to seeing their own reflection all day anyway.


“A good friend will babysit. A best friend will babysit twins.”

Once you have twins, the question of childcare can become a little sticky. The well-meaning neighbors or family members who are happy to watch after a child in theory may not be up to the reality of babysitting both of your toddler twins at once. Sometimes, they can be a lot. So if you do find that friend or nanny who is confident enough to watch your two kiddos at once, then that is probably a relationship you will treasure forever. Just tell them that it is perfectly OK to use name tags at first if they need to, because it can take a little practice to tell one identical twin from another.


“Two to kiss and two to hug and best of all two to love.”

Edwin Tan /E+/Getty Images

This is a great Instagram caption to use for those photos of you cuddling both babies at once, because that idea of “twice the love” is very true. On a random note, don’t be shy about asking friends or family members to take pics of you with both babies so you can remember these moments. Most parents know how difficult it can be to snag a good selfie with one kid, but convincing twin babies to look at a camera at the same time is nearly impossible. Having your friend or family member on standby to be a photographer from time to time can help capture those precious early days with your twins. Plus, watching over both kids at once is enough work without having to worry about good lighting or hitting the shutter at the right moment.


“The other one is a stunt double.”

You are guaranteed to get the “Are they twins?” question a lot, and it is perfectly OK to keep some snappy (but good-spirited) responses on hand. This comment in particular is kind of hysterical because it invites you to imagine a baby doing dangerous stunt work, like scaling a skyscraper or jumping from a plane. Honestly, a shirt that says “stunt double” for one of the twins would be super cute in its own right. At any rate, this is a clever comeback for the question you’re going to get all day, every day, whether your kids are identical or fraternal twins.


“She is my sounding board, my confidante, my keeper of secrets — and my best friend.” — Kathleen O’Keefe

The bond between twins is something to be celebrated, and for many twin siblings it is a very real phenomenon that can last for a lifetime. In fact, twins tend to be closer than non-twin siblings, with some pairs forming a connection that seems to border on psychic. Celebrate this close relationship with a heartfelt quote about twins for your Instagram caption, because you get to record the early moments of this lasting bond. (And it is totally okay if they squabble like siblings from time to time, too, because that’s just part of growing up with any brother or sister.)