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Dreaming About Having Twins? Here's What It Could Mean

Don’t start buying two of everything just yet.

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Dreams are mysterious. Every night as we doze off to sleep, our subconscious takes over and drives our ship to places both familiar and bizarre. But upon waking you might find yourself scratching your head wondering what on earth those night vision meant. This feeling might be all the more overwhelming if your dreams include a pregnancy. What if you dream about having twins?! What on earth does that mean?

You need to mine the experiences you’ve had over the past few days to determine the answer, says Layne Dalfen, a dream analyst and writer for Oprah Daily.

You need to ask yourself, “what's happening in my life that's bringing the illusion in my head?” says Dalfen.

What do dreams about twins mean?

Before you go guessing at your dream about having twins — or take a pregnancy test, for that matter — Dalfen says she tells clients to pause and consider the following:

“A dream is a conversation between your subconscious and your conscious,” says Dalfen. “A dream is triggered by something very specific that either happened to you yesterday or it's something that you thought about yesterday. And the important thing is that it’s something that's bugging you. And then the unconscious and the conscious have a conversation about whatever it is that's bothering you this week, and it comes to a conclusion.”

Within this discussion, she says there are six points of entry you can use to try to figure out a dream’s meaning: feeling, action, symbols, plot, repetition, and plays on words or puns.

For instance, when thinking about a dream about having twins, Dalfen says you should ask yourself, how did you feel in the dream? Did something repeat over and over? Was there a weird part of the plot that stood out? Using these points of entry she says you can begin to deconstruct the meaning.

1. Dueling problems

Twins can be associated with dueling problems you might be dealing with in life, Dalfen says. For instance, you might have two big decisions to make, have two issues you’re carrying around with you, or are trying to please two people.

Perhaps one of the more interesting ways of assessing dreams is Dalfen’s concept of puns or plays on words as an entry point.

“Double trouble,” Dalfen says, could be the pun your subconscious is playing with by delivering a dream about twins. Are there two big issues or interconnected issues in your life that have you extra stressed out? That, she says, could manifest into a twin dream.

2. Decision Making

“It might also mean that it’s time to give birth to a reaction,” says Dalfen. Perhaps you’ve been contemplating taking action on multiple issues. The dream might signal that you need to give birth, so to speak, to your decisions.

3. Pregnancy

“Dreams are metaphoric for the most part, but it doesn't mean that they can't also be literal at the same time,” says Dalfen. “Maybe a woman really is pregnant.” So don’t rule out the pregnancy test entirely! Maybe you are pregnant with twins. If so, dreaming about them makes sense. But given each individual’s dreams are reliant on their own experiences, your dream about twins could mean any number of things.

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It all comes down to problem-solving

Ultimately, Dalfen says all dreams are about problem solving and if you take the time to figure them out in your waking hours, you might get a solution to something troubling you in your everyday life much faster.

“That is what happens to people who do dream analysis and who understand the message. They start problem-solving faster,” she says.

As for the meaning of a dream about having twins, consider what’s been on your mind in the past few days. Are two issues giving you pause? Do you feel like you’re carrying a weight that’s far too great for you? Could you be in some kind of double trouble? Are you wrestling with your alter ego? Are you struggling with your best friend or kindred spirit? With a little analysis, Dalfen says you’ll find the answer.

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