Valentine's Day

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23 Quirky, Sentimental, & Practical Valentine's Gifts For Teens

They're notoriously hard to shop for.

Crushes, secret admirers, hopes of getting a surprise rose in your locker, these are the classic daydreams of high schoolers come Valentine’s Day (or was that just me?). But as every teen movie reminds us, those lovestruck wishes aren’t guaranteed. So parents, it often falls on us to buoy our kids’ unrequited love with little reminders of how special we think they are. That’s why you can’t overlook giving gifts to your teenagers on V-Day. They need one of these 17 Valentine gifts for teens just as much as they needed conversation hearts when they were kiddos.

With any luck, your teen has at least a modest sense of humor and can appreciate the fun of some of these items. Now’s your chance to get a little goofy with the lovey dovey stuff, so don’t rule out having flowers delivered to them at home or school or giving them a bear holding a heart. Secretly, I bet they’ll love it. And don’t forget to throw in a thoughtful card. Even if it elicits a mega eye-roll, they’ll head off to school knowing they’re loved without condition no matter how many Valentine’s or roses or winks they get in the lunchroom that day.

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Rose-Colored Glasses

If you want to encourage your teen to see through rose colored glasses, gift them these in the shape of hearts.


The Ultimate Friendship Bracelet Kit

Remember friendship bracelets? These classic symbols of bestie devotion never really went out of style and if you have a teen who loves crafts, they make a great Valentine's gift.


The Biggest Kiss

Indulge your teenager’s sugar cravings (and avoidance of your kisses) with not just a handful of Hershey’s but a big old giant Hershey’s kiss.


A Pair Of Extra Cozy Jammies

Everyone needs fresh pajamas and these are stylish and on theme for V-Day. Plus, now you can finally toss your teen's threadbare sweatpants.


All the Feels T-shirt

What is Valentine’s if not a day about feelings? And no one feels them harder than a teen. Tap into those emotions with this on point sweatshirt.


Cologne that Smells Like Teen Spirit

Asking for cologne or perfume might be a difficult thing for some teens to approach their parents about. Lend them a hand by gifting them a nice bottle.


A Gift to Encourage Her Hoop Dreams

Has your teen got game? Support their passion on the court with this fun floral basketball.


Extra Warm Slippers

You’re always picking up dirty sneakers, right? Well, encourage your teen to leave their giant, smelly shoes in their own room (or by the front door) and wander the house in these clean, cozy slippers instead.


The Coziest Blanket

Even almost-adults like to stay cozy. So set them up right with a Land’s End throw with their initials monogrammed so no one goes stealing their blankie.


A Journal to Channel Their Emotions

Have a young writer on your hands? Let them get their emotions on paper with a sharp new journal.


A Hip Hoodie

Just because it's Valentine's Day, you don't have to gift your hard-to-shop-for teen something pink and covered in hearts. Some people are just practical and this simple hoodie is the kind of present that won't end up in the wastebasket before the week's over.


Wearable Words of Encouragement

This famous Shakespeare quote really says exactly what many parents hope to teach their children: be true to yourself and you can’t go wrong. Help them never forget the Bard's words with this lovely bracelet.


A Wallet They Can ID

Have a teen always losing their wallet? Personalize it and then they’ll stand a better chance of tracking it down each time it goes missing.


A Shirt for Your Budding Gym Enthusiast

Ideal for those who are just discovering the joys of weight lifting, this playful tee says “nice flex” in the most chill (and hilarious) way a parent can.


A Smart Bookmark for Your Big Reader

If your teen can’t get their head of out a book, this lovely set of bookmarks makes a great gift. Now they’ll never lose their page again.


A DIY Manicure Set

This nail polish set from Pear Nova comes with cuticle oil, a bottle of top coat, and four tubes of timeless shades.


A Turntable for At-Home Dance Parties

Is your teen just discovering records? Help them keep spinning the hits with this sweet turntable. Bonus points if you throw in some vinyl with Valentine’s classics like Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”


A heart-shaped thermos

Keep your child hydrated and reminded of your love with this stylish heart-shaped thermos. Designed to keep both cold and hot drinks at an ideal temperature, it's the perfect year-round gift.


Super Warm Men's Mittens

Bernie Sanders isn't the only one who can rock a bold mitten. These knits are knit from wool and lined with fleece, so they'll keep hands extra toasty.


Valentine's Day Shoelaces

Dress up your teen's sneaks with a pair of heart shoelaces that will put a pup in their step.


An Eye-Catching Earbud Holder

You spent big bucks on your teen's earbuds, now give them a gift that'll keep them from getting lost. This floral earbud holder will keep them safe and is easy to attach to a backpack or purse.


An In-Home Spa Treatment

Even teens need to invest in self-care. Teach them that treating themselves can be a healthy choice by gifting them a spa basket filled with nice bubble bath, soaps, lotions, and other bath goodies.