Cottage Cheese Is Back

Salmon with Cottage Cheese and Cucumber on Toasted Bread
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11 Cottage Cheese Recipes You Need To Try Right Now

No seriously, it’s more than just a breakfast bowl mixed with fruit.

Cottage cheese is having a moment. Finally! It’s time to redeem cottage cheese, known primarily to many as the “diet” food of the ‘90s where many cookbooks suggested plopping it into the center of a leaf of lettuce for a “very satisfying” and calorie-deficient snack. Yum! But now we can appreciate cottage cheese for everything it truly is with all of these great cottage cheese recipes.

Cottage cheese, for a lot of people, is hard to enjoy because of its texture. And for others, like me, the texture is truly one of the best parts of eating cottage cheese. But these cottage cheese recipes turn the dairy staple into everything from a snack to another ingredient in a big, family dinner-type dish. You can still eat cottage cheese, even if you don’t love the texture, with some of these recipes, and if you’re a big fan of those curds and the salty, tangy taste, you can definitely get your fill of cottage cheese recipes where the cheese is the star of the show.

A hearty thank you to the powers that be (I assume some viral video on TikTok, maybe the avocado toast one?) for reminding all of us that cottage cheese is more than just some ‘90s diet fad. Cottage cheese is back, baby, and she deserves her spotlight with these cottage cheese recipes.


Whipped Cottage Cheese Dessert

For a long time, I was really into whipped feta to top naan and bowls, and now I’m ready to give this whipped cottage cheese dessert cup a whirl with my mixer. Literally three ingredients turn cottage cheese into a smooth, creamy dessert that you can top with a variety of things. This is literally perfect if the texture is not your favorite.


Cottage Cheese Sandwich

For an easy, nutritious lunch packed with sustenance, try out a recipe for this simple cottage cheese sandwich from Foodie Crush. This is definitely one to eat if you already enjoy the flavor and texture of cottage cheese, and it’s a fun, new way to try the fridge staple instead of your everyday breakfast bowl.


Cottage Cheese Lasagna

I’m not a huge fan of ricotta cheese, but this cottage cheese lasagna featured on Yummly takes on all the fab Italian flavors by replacing ricotta with cottage cheese. It’s a great way to incorporate cottage cheese if you’re not a fan of the texture, and it helps make a dish a little more budget-friendly.


Cottage Cheese Oatmeal

Cottage cheese is a great source of protein, and adding it into your oatmeal for a cottage cheese oatmeal bowl can really up your breakfast game. It makes it super creamy and satisfying, and will keep you feel all morning long.


Cottage Cheese Tuna Salad

My husband would hate this which means I must make it and eat this cottage cheese tuna salad directly in front of him. So much protein, so much creaminess, and a great way to swap out some mayo in a classic recipe.


Mediterranean Cottage Cheese Dip

Take a twist on a Mediterranean dish with this cottage cheese dip featured on Yummly. It’s a flavor to try when you’re a little over feta, and this dish itself is a great one to make when you’re having company over.


Cottage Cheese Avocado Toast

The viral cottage cheese toast recipe has varied a bit depending on who’s making it. This avocado cottage cheese toast from What Molly Made is drizzled with hot honey, but you can also do chili oil for a bit of a kick. Whichever version you try, this toast is packed with nutrients and protein, is perfectly creamy, and so delicious.


Fruity Cottage Bowl

I’m absolutely obsessed with this dish. A roasted strawberry cottage cheese bowl? Sign. Me. Up. There are so many great flavors in this cottage cheese recipe featured on Yummly, and you can easily make up a big batch for a breakfast crowd. So good.


Cottage Cheese Quiche

Cottage cheese in a quiche? Genius. This spinach, mushroom, and cottage cheese quiche featured on Yummly is so ooey, gooey, and delicious. It’s also super easy to pull together with a store-bought crust, so enjoy looking like a genius at breakfast.


Cottage Cheese Crab Bowl

Mmm, so many great flavors in this cottage cheese crab bowl featured on Yummly. It tastes a lot like sushi with the everything bagel seasoning, cucumbers, and sriracha, which is a fun way to enjoy cottage cheese.


Cottage Cheese Smoothie

If whipped cottage cheese is nice and creamy, imagine how good an apple and cottage cheese smoothie is! So many great flavors in here and a nice, healthy, super-filling smoothie for breakfast or even a high-protein snack.

Cottage cheese is officially back, and these recipes are perfect for mixing it back into your meal plans.