Funky Haircuts FTW

No More DIY — Mattel Has A Weird Barbie Doll Already Made For You

TBD on if she smells like basement.

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One of the best parts of the Barbie movie was catching so many references to Barbie dolls you had in your own toy box growing up. But nothing felt quite as relatable as Weird Barbie. Kate McKinnon’s character represented every Barbie in every household who could “do the splits” with a “funky haircut” and smelled “like basement.” And now, Mattel is helping the entire world out by giving us a Weird Barbie doll — no need to cut her hair yourself with a pair of kid-safety scissors.

Seeing Weird Barbie in the movie probably gave you a hefty dose of nostalgia. Whether you had one yourself or had a bestie who had a few of them, Weird Barbie is a very specific ode to a part of girlhood and playing with Barbies. Part of the Mattel Creations, Weird Barbie looks just like her movie counterpart with a bright pink dress with puffy sleeves and original artwork, along with green snakeskin boots, her epic funky hair, and the “played too much” markings right on her face. It’s the perfect chance for you to tell your kids, “In my day, we had to make our own Weird Barbie. You can buy anything these days!”

But along with Weird Barbie, Mattel is also releasing some other fan-favorite moments from the movie in toy form. The brand already had a pretty great Barbie movie doll and toy collection, but now along with Weird Barbie, you can buy Barbie and Ken in their ’90s blading looks, Ken’s faux fur coat, and Barbie’s pink power jumpsuit.

The Barbie Signature dolls — both Weird Barbie and Ken in the faux fur jacket — are available for preorder now for $75. Other dolls are available to purchase for $25. I truly think there is not a better pair than Ken in the faux fur jacket and Weird Barbie. The energy! The style! The hair! Grab your doll stands and get ready to put them on display. They deserve it.

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