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Costco’s Halloween Selection Isn’t Huge, But It Is Already There

Here’s how to get the best stuff first!

If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, then you aren’t waiting around to get in the spirit, and Costco is helping its members get a leg up on what they need. So it helps to know when you can hit the wholesale warehouse for your Halloween costumes and decor, right? Although you may already have a trunk or plastic bins full of spooky decor, being able to grab a couple of new pieces to add to your creepy holiday ambiance will give you a spark of excitement!

Let’s start with costumes! Waiting until the last minute to figure out what array of options your child has may leave you with the scraps of butterflies, princess outfits, witches, and other overstocked or barely left intact garments that every other parent has picked over. While these aren’t bad, it may not be that perfect character or creation your child was looking to show off this season. So don’t wait — the costumes are out at Costco stores now.

“We have costumes and some decorations out there,” a Costco team member tells Romper. He also shares that they don’t usually have a wide selection. “ We don’t get lots and lots of stuff. We just get a few things. Not a great deal of Halloween decorations.” But don’t let that discourage you. You still might find the perfect novelty item to take your spookiness to the next level.

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You can, however, grab the kids and browse the costume selection, which is already stocked at most locations. “Boys and girls costumes are out now,” another team member tells Romper. “More will be periodically coming in. But your best bet is right after Labor Day.” A different team member confirmed this timeframe, saying they expected to get more in “by the beginning of September.”

While some stores are a step ahead of others in making Halloween items available, you can definitely begin shopping Costco’s costume selection. For everything else, you won’t have to wait long! Labor Day is just around the corner.