Stepmother's Day

a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great way to celebrate stepmother's day
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Get Ready To Celebrate Stepmother's Day, It's Almost Here

Mark your calendar.

The start of May means many things, an explosion of flowers, the arrival of hot weather, and the anticipation of Mother’s Day. But did you know it’s also a time to celebrate Stepmother’s Day too? Stepmother’s Day is a time to acknowledge all the love and support stepparents give. The relatively new holiday is a progressive approach to appreciating modern families and is a great time to tell your stepmom how much you love and care for them. But when is Stepmother’s Day? Here’s everything you need to know about this sweet holiday.

When is Stepmother's Day 2022 celebrated in the U.S.?

Stepmother’s Day always falls on the following Sunday after Mother’s Day. This year that means it will be celebrated on Sunday, May 15, 2022. So mark your calendar and book another brunch, it’s time to give another queen her due.

What’s the history of Stepmother’s Day?

As mentioned, Stepmother’s Day is a relatively new addition to the holiday calendar. How did it come about? Back in 2000, Lizzie Capuzzi, a 9-year-old from Pennsylvania, wanted to celebrate her stepmother, according to Blended & Black. But it wasn’t enough for Capuzzi to just throw a party at home with her family. She wanted other people to enjoy the holiday too. So she sent a note to then-Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum suggesting the idea. Not long after, on July 11, 2000, Santorum spoke on the Senate floor in support of stepparents and acknowledged the day, making it into the Congressional Record.

Twenty-two years later, the special day is still going strong and picking up steam.

Have a wonderful stepmother in your life? Set aside May 15 as a special celebration of Stepmother’s Day (and maybe toast Lizzie Capuzzi while you’re at it.)