19 Sleds & Tubes The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Get ready for the best winter ever

Sledding is just about the only outdoor winter activity I enjoy and it just so happens to be a great socially distanced thing to do with a group. If you live in a cold climate, sledding is definitely not cancelled this year, so you’re going to want to know about these sleds and tubes for kids and families. Whether you’re hoping to share a tube as you soar down the snowy hill, or your kid will be gliding down that hill solo, there’s something here for everyone at a wide variety of price points.

You'll find a pair of sleds featuring the cutest characters (plus they’re foam so your kid can’t claim it’s “too heavy” to haul back up the hill) and classic wooden toboggan styles that are equally perfect for styling a holiday photo shoot or for riding. There are inflatable sleds that are durable yet easily transportable, and even a unicorn tube because your kid needs a mythical accessory for every occasion.

Just note that while sledding is a fun activity for the whole family (especially when followed by cocoa or hot cider) it's only a good time for everyone if no one gets hurt. Kids Health recommends that kids under 5 are accompanied by adults, and that all kids (and adults, looking at you, Fun Uncle) avoid standing on the sled or going down head first. With that out of the way, check out these awesome sleds and tubes for all ages.

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Timeless Wood

This wooden sled is giving me serious Austrian vibes and I love how it can double as winter decor when not in use. It's made of kiln-dried northern hardwoods with steel blades for tracking and grip. and It includes the foam pads so you'll have two comfy riders in tow.


Shiny & Bright

Turn heads with the chic, 100% recycled aluminum sled that will glint like a diamond n the snow. Perfect for snowy days (and photo ops) any child riding on this one will feel like Elsa.


A Sturdy Style

This sturdy option is great for hauling up to two kids (or a child and the dog). The grooved sides make it easy for little hands to hold on tight, and the rope makes pulling the sled up the hill as painless as possible.


A Festive Design

This inflatable sled is printed with a cute skier mountainscape which will make it stand out against a sea of solid colors. It can hold up two 250 pounds or two riders, but because it's inflatable it's easy to carry, which is a definite bonus when hauling it back up the hill. The vinyl material can withstand -25 degrees (though at that temperature I hope you're inside drinking hot chocolate).


A Roomy Sled

This one won't get lost in the snow thanks to its bright green details. It's comfy to sit in because of its broader body and foot rests, and it has steel-tined levers that are covered in no-slip plastic which makes it easier to steer and even brake.


Tandem Ride

Tandem tubing is so fun, especially when each person has their own seat and handle (so there's no child limbs poking you in the stomach). It has a slick-coated bottom so you can easily pick up speed, but it's durable; this one's best for kids ages 4 and up.


A Wooden Toboggan

With six feet of gorgeous wood, there's plenty of room for your crew to hop on. The toboggan comfortably fits two adults or three children, and you'll feel like you're cruising on Santa's sleigh (though it's best to have an experienced person steering). You can buy this one as is, or for an extra cost you can buy a pad for ultimate comfort and you can even get it custom engraved with your family name.


A Two Pack

This duo of foam sleds are light enough for kids to carry without too much complaint. Ideal for siblings who are still getting the hang of taking turns, the fox and the penguin designs will look super sweet sailing down the hill.


A Unicorn Tube

Unicorn lovers rejoice, you can now soar down a snowy hill on your favorite majestical creature. Kids will flip for this one (and good luck getting them to share), plus it's water-resistant and includes a patch kit in case you hit any snags.


Eye-Catching & Fast

You'll have no problem watching your child soar down the snowy hill with this brightly colored, triangular tube. It fits one rider, has super grippy handles for extra control, and it comes with a fabric cover for easy storing.


A Classic Flyer

This lightweight (it's only 3 pounds) no-frills option is perfect for a long day of sledding. It can hold up to 200 pounds and it has a molded handle for steering (or holding on for dear life). Plus, you really can't beat the price.


A Vehicle Lovers Dream

If your little one can't get enough of all vehicles and knows the name of everything on a construction site, then they'll love this sled. It's made of high polymer resin and it has stainless steel runners for traction.


Plaid & Inflatable

A toboggan style without the extra weight? Sign me up. This inflatable sled looks like a stocking and it holds up to 250 pounds. It's both portable and durable with a reinforced rubber bottom that won't pop if you hit some ice or a stick.


Buffalo Plaid Tube

This buffalo plaid tube brings serious winter vibes to any slope. Originally designed to be used in commercial tubing parks, you can bet this one is as durable as it is cute. This comes in two sizes; the smaller one is good for solo sledding and the larger works well for a parent and a child.


A Sled With A Steering Wheel

Kids will love feeling like they're "driving" the sled (and in a sense, they are). This option has a two ski steering system and a steel brake, so they can stop safely no matter how fast they're going. The sled is designed for kids ages 3 and up.


A Sled Fit For A Holiday Card

This sweet sled is made for children 18 months to 4 years old. It has a tow rope to make pulling your little one a breeze, and it's made of northern hardwood Maple to last a long time.


Lime Green

Amidst a sea of red sleds, this lime green one will stand out. It has a fold-over edge to keep snow out of little eyes (no tears!) plus this design is made to reduce turbulence.


A Duo Of Sliders

These round sleds keep kids low to the ground, and they have tracking ridges on the bottom so your path stays relatively straight. Just note that these are designed to be sat on with the handle between the legs, and should not be stood on.


A Sled With A Buckle

Perfect for kids as young as 1 year old (or even younger as long as they can sit up), this sled has a buckle, similar to one you'd find on a booster seat, that keeps your little one from falling out. It can hold up to 40 pounds and has a pull rope so you can pull your little one along safely.

Sleds are sure to be a popular gift this winter with parents everywhere doing their part to spread joy (and find fun and active things to do with their kids). But winter is coming, so act quick. You don't want to find yourself hastily covering the lid of a trash can in butter spray in order to enjoy the first snowy hill of the year.