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These Wizard Costumes Are Enchanting For All Ages


Want to hear a stat that will have you saying “witch, please?” There has been an 82% increase in searches for wizard costumes on Etsy in the last three months compared to the same time the previous year. Wizards have us under their spell, y’all! And if you want nothing more than to don a cape, put on a pointy hat this Halloween, yell an incantation, why you’re in luck. There are more wizard costumes available online than you can shake a wand at. In fact, there are wizard costumes for babies, kids, and adults.

Your whole brood could go as a wizarding family this year and you don’t even need a degree from Hogwarts to do so (cash or PayPal will do). The key to making the most of this magical time of year is to figure out what kind of wizard you, your child, or your baby are. First off, do you want to be a good wizard or a bad wizard, because we all know both exist. Then if personality is less important, consider colors. Are you looking for a bright wizard look with flashy symbols like moons and stars on the cape? Or something more subtle that says “don’t cross me or I’ll turn your house into a pumpkin”?

Once you have those questions answered, you can begin shopping and here is a great place to start.

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Adult Full Length Wizard Costume

Wizardess or sorceress is typically the name given to a female wizard, but who cares about gender norms when the real important stuff is that you look super enchanted? Get your spellbinding look right with this Medieval wizardess gown. Navy blue and lined in faux fur, this outfit will make you appear as if you just escaped your forest cave where you whipped up a new potion. With laces up the bodice and embroidered detailing down the front, this intricate sorceress gown is as captivating as it is mysterious.


Sparkly Kids’ Wizard Costume

What’s a wizard without a little glitz and glamour? You gotta have some sparkle come Halloween night and to get it, buy this kids wizard costume. A tunic with an attached robe and hat, this wizard costume is 100% polyester and covered with sparkly stars so no one will miss your little sorcerer. To make it even better, the cuffs of the wide sleeves as well as the front of the cape are covered in gold trim so your child will be a metallic force to be reckoned with.


Starry Wizard Costume

Prefer your wizard appliques a little more in your face? Go with this shimmery blue hat and cape with sparkly moon and star accents. Designed to look especially magical in the moonlight, this ensemble is comfortable and the cape is short so there won’t be any hypnotic hiccups while your child is working their Halloween magic. Better yet, the hat has a jaunty twist at the top assuring other trick-or-treaters that they’re the real thing and not just some out-of-the-box diviner.


Glow In The Dark Wizard Costume

Worried about losing your warlock on Halloween? You won’t with this costume that glows in the dark. Made of 100% polyester organza and tulle fabrics, the dress and hat glow in the dark. Now you won’t have any trouble finding your child in the throng of trick-or-treaters. Just look for the spider web-encrusted hat bounding up and down doorsteps and you’ll know you’ve found your witch. Just remember to charge your child’s costume under light before the festivities begin to enjoy optimum illumination.


Harry Potter Kids’ Wizard Costume

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include Harry Potter and friends in this list of important wizards. Hogwarts is chock full of them, so naturally, your wannabe-wizard might be dreaming of their own Sorting Hat day. Give them the satisfaction with this costume that comes with a wizard cloak and HP’s signature glasses. You can DIY his signature lighting bolt scar yourself with a little Halloween makeup. Then dress it up with a tie, grey pants, and a wand.


Gandalf Costume

Gandalf the Grey is not just an incredible wizard in J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. He’s the leader of the Fellowship of the Ring, a ragtag group of elves, dwarves, and hobbits who must work together to take the One Ring to Mordor that it might be cast into the fires of Mount Doom. No easy task. But if you feel like you have the leadership skills necessary to lead such a perilous journey, you’ll need this costume. Included is a tunic, hooded cloak belt, hat, and bag. The only extra you need to splurge on is Gandalf’s beard and you’ll be all set to head out on your adventure.


Child Warlock Costume

Have a kid itching to test out their magic? Put them in this wizard costume that includes a cloak that ties with a drawstring and a matching hat. Decorated with gold stars, this is a sweet wizard costume for those who steer clear of the dark arts. Sure they may want to turn their little brother into a rat, but they’d sooner wish for more candy bars than something seriously sinister. And because not even the best sorcerers have come up with a potion to remove nasty stains, this costume is machine washable.


Adult Wizard Robe

Want to spend Halloween night as comfortable as possible while also portraying a wizard? Consider this magnificent robe. Made of crushed green velvet, its generous construction means you could probably store a few wizards inside it. Yoked shoulders and draping at the back give it a grand construction while huge bell sleeves ensure dramatic gestures. This cloak’s fabric makes for an excellent blanket when your Halloween festivities are over, too. All the better to sleep a spell.


Snow Wizard Costume

The power to control nature is something humans have been dreaming about for ages. But surely only a wizard can do that. And if a blizzard is what you’re after, dress your child up as a snow wizard with this Moon Mother of Pearl cape and cap. As the Etsy vendor explains, “The sequined fabric is cut and sewn in a way that creates volume while also allowing the shimmering elements to be securely fixed to the velvet.” Talk about an enchanting look.


Toddler Wizard Dress

Not everyone digs a cape. Especially parents concerned about clumsy children falling down on Halloween night. No amount of magic can make up for a skinned knee while trick-or-treating. The solution: A wizard dress. This one is also accompanied by a matching hat, both made in charming blue cotton for extra comfort. And, to easily get this dress, on the back has a zip above a purple waistband. No fuss, no muss. Now that’s serious sorcery.


Baby Harry Potter Costume

Want to go as the 2021 graduating class of Hogwarts? Get baby in on the fun with this tiny tot Harry Potter costume. Composed of a frilly diaper cover and tunic with faux tie, even your infant can look like a new Gryffindor recruit. Have twins? Opt for two uniforms, the other in a onesie also with a faux tie appliqué. And if your family prefers another Hogwarts house, just ask this Etsy vendor. They can be your own personal sorting hat just for Halloween.


Iridescent Wizard Cape

If you want your own wizard costume to have strong Stevie Nicks vibes, then you really must buy this iridescent wizard cape. Comprised of gold star print, black chiffon, and gold cord, its see-through effect is all kinds of mysterious and magical. Plus, it’s extra long so it can flow behind you as you chase after your little wizards-in-training. Just be careful with the footwear. A misplaced high heel could rip away your mystical powers.


Merlin Hat

Merlin the enchanter has been a powerful character in literature since the King Arthur tales. Foundational to all of our latter day wizards, Merlin is the O.G. sorcerer, so naturally you might want to be him for Halloween. Get started with this Merlin hat. With a comfortable metallic silver brim stuffed with fluff and a tall cone shape adorned. The hat is still in its original packaging so this second hand piece is a hot find.


Kid Dark Wizard Costume

Hey, Halloween is all about the occult, so if you want your kid wants their wizarding to be more on the dark side of the moon, no shame. Let them channel their inner evil wizard in this kid’s dark wizard costume. They can spook the neighbors with this four piece set that includes: a hooded robe, mask with attached hair, belt, and medallion. Foam shoulder pads made this spooky look all the more menacing. And the mask, well just be prepared to hear some kids scream.


Plus-size Wise Wizard Costume

Every wannabe-wizard should be able to find a great cloak or gown perfect for them. That’s why this plus-size long purple crushed velvet robe with bell sleeves over an attached gray tunic, matching wizard hat, and black rope belt is so great. With a 54 inch chest and a 55 inch length, the 100% polyester costume is designed to be comfortable so you can cast your spells all night long. Then throw it in the wash (on delicate, of course) when you get home.


Plus-size Hooded Sorceress

Have a knack for necromancy? Love to dabble in divination? Put this plus-size gown and a red lace-up bodice and hood on to get to work making magic. The bell sleeves are generous so you can easily stir your potions and wild concoctions, while the deep neckline allows you to show off a little skin. Designed for size 16/18, this dress is as glamorous as it is gripping. All the better to put wayward passersby under your control.


Toddler Wizard Costume

The littlest wizards need not feel left out on Halloween night. They can get in on the fun too with this vibrant toddler wizard costume. Made of a robe and hat, it’s trimmed in a milky way of fabric. Plus the sleeves are bell design, so you can hide tricks up them. And to really cap it off, the hat comes with a beard attached! No shaving necessary! Just take note: wands are sold separately.

Every good wizard knows that a beard is the ultimate accessory. All the better to stroke while coming up with new spells.