Father's Day

Your Dad Will Totally Love These Father's Day Zoom Backgrounds

It’s the next best thing to celebrating in person.

Thanks to video chat, celebrating Father’s Day with the dad in your life from afar isn’t so bad because you at least still get to see his smiling face. If you want to add some extra festive vibes to the call, you can download one or two Zoom backgrounds for Father’s Day to make him feel totally seen and loved. Whether it’s a shot of a beloved sports stadium, a still from one of his favorite shows, or a sweet message, a good background always makes a video chat a little more fun.

If you’re no stranger to Zoom, you know that there are all kinds of great backgrounds that you can add to calls. You can bring some humor to the convo with a wild graphic or you can set yourself up in front of a faux bookshelf to disguise your very messy house during a work chat. There is no shortage of fantastic background options available, which is obviously great for everyday chats, but it’s also why it can sometimes be difficult to find niche backgrounds for a specific purpose, like Father’s Day.

With some digging, you can definitely find some Father’s Day-specific Zoom backgrounds as well as some more general options that may better represent your relationship with the dad you’re celebrating. Whether you want to send an obvious message, liven up the chat a little, or give a subtle nod to something you know he loves, there’s a Zoom background that’s perfect for the occasion.


Rad Dad Zoom Background

Not only is this background perfect for the cool dads out there, it’s also totally free to download. To add a little extra Father’s Day magic to this background, have one of his favorite rock songs playing at the start of the call.


The Office Zoom Background

Even though it’s been off the air for years, if your dad is a die-hard fan of The Office, he will get a kick out of this Zoom background. After all, it’s one of Michael Scott’s best “quotes” to reflect on.


Sports Team Zoom Background

Since you can’t catch a game with him in person, you can make it feel like you’re rooting on his favorite team with a background like this. It’s one of many free sports team options from Zoom.


Cocktail Gathering Zoom Background

If you and your dad are meeting up for a video chat and cocktail hour, this background is perfect. Add a little extra love to the chat by pouring yourself one of his favorite drinks to toast with.


Tool Set Zoom Background

Is the dad in your life basically a Mr. Fix-It? Then this background is perfect for him. Bonus points if you also happened to gift him a new tool for Father’s Day this year.


“Sending Hugs” Zoom Background

It doesn’t get much sweeter than this background. If you’re really missing your dad this year, this background is a thoughtful way to let him know.


Pool Party Zoom Background

Turn your video chat into a pool party with this free background from West Elm. You can really lean into the theme by wearing some sunglasses and sipping on a delightful frozen drink during the chat.


‘Incredibles 2’ Zoom Background

Some dads are basically superheroes, so an Incredibles 2 background is totally fitting. If this isn’t among his top favorite Disney/Pixar movies, they offer plenty of other amazing backgrounds to choose from instead.


Dance Party Zoom Background

Turn your call into a full-on party with some upbeat music and this background. This one is especially great if you have young kids who would love nothing more than to dance around throughout the call.


Dad Love Zoom Background

For something low-key, consider this scenic background with a simple message. It’s heart-warming, nice to look at, and free to download.


Party Zoom Background

Some families love to go all out with a big celebration for Father’s Day. If that’s the case for you, instead of setting up actual party lights in your house (which you will have to clean up and pack away when the call is over), download this background that will give your home the look of a party without the work.


Avengers Zoom Background

Marvel comics fans will get a kick out of this throwback Avengers background. For dads who enjoy the epic movies more than the actual comics themselves, Marvel also has a bunch of movie-still backgrounds you can download for free.


Coffee Zoom Background

Meeting dad for a cup of coffee this Father’s Day? Download this cute background to really highlight the call’s theme.


Bob’s Burgers Zoom Background

Bob Belcher is among some of the greatest TV dads, ever, so setting yourself up in front of this background is basically like giving your old man a very high compliment.


Balloons Zoom Background

Nothing says “celebrate” like bundles of balloons. Download this background for free and show up to the call wearing a party hat for a proper Father’s Day celebration.

While nothing can replace the joy of celebrating the dad in your life in person, a video chat is a pretty good long-distance alternative. And, no, you don’t need a Father’s Day Zoom background to make the call meaningful, but it sure will help make it feel a little more like a celebration.