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Help Dad Celebrate His First Father's Day With These Gifts

It’s such a special occasion.

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Finding out you’re going to be a dad for many men is the ultimate gift ever in and of itself. But every new dad about to celebrate his first Father’s Day deserves some additional love and a showering of gifts to celebrate him. But what’s best for a newbie dad celebrating his first Father’s Day? Perhaps one of these items.

From super sweet customized memory keepers to a Dad hoodie made with hidden pockets for storing diapers, bottles, and wipes, these gifts are functional and fun. And, is if he needed any more proof that his life has changed forever, there are tech products to enhance stroller outings, a breakfast tool to make mornings just a tiny bit easier, and even some cufflinks that tell everyone he’s now a proud papa.

That very first Father’s Day is a once in a lifetime event — even if he may not remember due to an overwhelming lack of sleep. And with Father’s Day on June 20, 2021, the time to act is now. Start shopping today and you won’t find yourself scrambling the week of. So make it as special as possible with gifts, decorations, a great spread, hugs, and plenty of love.

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A Custom Illustration

Those first sweet days with a new baby are something many dads wish they could bottle and save forever. One way to try to capture that emotion is with a customized illustration of the special father/baby bond.

A Pair of Super Comfy Slippers

It rarely makes it into parenting books, but gaining ninja-like covert tip-toe skills is something every new dad will quickly discover is a necessity. Help his feet stay cozy and not wake the baby with a pair of great slippers.

A Smart Doorbell

Securing the perimeter is a natural instinct for many dads. And one way to make them feel more assured is with a smart doorbell that can keep tabs on who’s coming and going.

A Storage Hoodie

Keeping bottles and diapers and pacifiers within arms reach is a challenge. This Dad Hoodie solves all that with a series of pockets lining its comfy interior.

A Smart Phone Stroller Mount

New dads spend a lot of time strolling. But not all strollers are created equal and it can be hard to maneuver one-handed when you have to take a call or text. This smart phone stroller mount takes care of that.

A Breakfast Sandwich Hack

Getting a good meal with a baby on hand can be difficult. But this machine that looks a Rube Goldberg creation will cut the business of making a breakfast sandwich in half.

A Good Bottle of Wine

A glass of wine after a long day feeding, cleaning, playing with, and cuddling a new baby is a well deserved treat for any parent. So break out the good stuff for Dad this Father’s Day.

A Smart Phone Sanitizer

Babies are great, but they manage to get their goo everywhere. If that includes the dad in your life’s phone, give him this smart phone sanitizer that will clean it up in a jiff.

A Matching Pop and Tot Outfit Set

Matching outfits have long been the stuff of mama and babes, but why not let dad get in on the fun? Here a pint and half pint make a punny set for a beer-loving dad.

A Child Backpack Carrier

Exploring the great outdoors is a great family activity, but with baby on board it can be tricky. Unless, of course, a parent has a strong, well-built child backpack carrier like this one perfect for getting outside.

A Six Pack of New Dad Beer Labels

Know a craft beer guy who deserves a cold one after caring for his new baby? Give him a six pack of beers with these new dad labels right on theme for Father’s Day.

A New Daddy Mug

It doesn’t get more on the nose than a mug that says “Dad’s 1st Father’s Day.” Better yet, you can personalize it with a photo of dad’s new baby.

A How To Be A Dad Book

Know a dad who loves reading advice books? Then he’ll love this tome filled with parenting tips.

A Fast Bottle Warmer

Women get tons of baby tools, but why not give some to a new dad as a Father’s Day gift? This bottle warmer will help him help out with feedings.

A Cordless Facial Hair Trimmer

Time for a long leisurely shave flies out the door when a new baby arrives. If speed is of the essence, give the dad you love this cordless facial hair trimmer.

A Pair of Comfy Sneakers

Being able to get up and go to take care of a new baby is essential to a dad, but these Allbirds double as great workout shoes so pops can get some self-care in too.

A Personalized Cooler

Whether he wants to keep a picnic or a pack of bottles cool, no one will get a new dad’s cooler confused thanks to this personalized item.

A Box of Good Tea

A soothing cup of tea while holding a sweet new baby. Or a cuppa after the child’s gone to sleep are true luxuries a new dad can appreciate.

A Daddy Diaper Duty Apron

To add a little playful fun to Father’s Day, give dad this apron. Sporting an illustration of a baby and the words “Daddy Diaper Duty,” he can throw it on each time he has to handle a change.

A Coffee Subscription

To an exhausted new parent, the site of an empty coffee grounds jar can be horrifying. Spare dad an early morning trip to the grocery for more grounds with a coffee subscription.

A Set of New Daddy Cufflinks

Formal wear just got a whole lot cuter thanks to these footprint cufflinks. Whether the dad in your life has a big event coming up or just wants to jazz up business casual, these will do the trick nicely.

A Skin-to-Skin Shirt

Squeezing in as much snuggle time as possible is so important to the father/baby bonding experience. This shirt encourages skin-to-skin contact.

A Nice Face Cream Cleanser Set

Dads need self-care too. That includes tending to their skin which can look dry and puffy from sleepless nights rocking a restless baby. This three-in-one care pack can help renew and refresh their skin.

A Proud Dad T-Shirt

The pride a dad feels in his child is something many want to shout from the rooftops. Short of that, this shirt will do the trick.

A Great Brunch Delivery

Getting a treat one can typically only find in a special location can be the ultimate gift. This box of New York City bagels with lox is a decadent way to say “I love you, Dad.”

A Hip Turntable

If the daddy you love has big plans to inform his child’s musical tastes, he needs a slick turntable to do so. This one from Audio-Technica will help him keep playing the hits.

A Fancy Instant Pot

New fatherhood may cut down on some culinary-inclined Dads’ cooking time. But they can still play in the kitchen if they have an Instant Pot. Rather than spending hours making dinner, with this handy tool they can serve up great meals in minutes.

Some Clean Chocolate

Even dads get a hankering for chocolate every now and then, but maybe you have a health-conscious dad in your life who doesn’t eat products with names they can’t pronounce. In that case, Noons might make a great alternative. It’s “whole-plant, low sugar, highly snackable cacao bites” with interesting flavors like turmeric and mango.

Baby Foot Keepsake

Create a priceless memory for your favorite father with this baby foot keepsake kit. Everything you need, including the drying clay, to take your baby’s footprints then frame them with two photos is included.

A Personalized Keychain

Essentially the modern day version of a wallet brag book, this sweet leather keychain holder comes with an image of your choice that can be embossed with a dad’s initials, a special phrase, or anything else you’d like imprinted.

Engraved Whiskey Glass

Make your dad’s evening happy hour a little bit sweeter by giving him a whiskey glass etched with a photo of him and his favorite little people. Better yet, these glasses are machine washable.

Custom Father’s Day Socks

They say “wear your love on your sleeve.” But how about your feet too? Dad can with these customized socks.

A New Beard Trimmer

If dad likes to keep his facial hair ship shape, then this sleek trimmer is just the thing. Cordless and rechargeable, your dad can take it anywhere.

A Mug For A Dope Dad

Is your dad as cool as he is loving? As hip as he is protective? Then he might need this “Dope Black Dad” mug.

For the man who does so much for the new baby in his life, give him a first Father’s Day he’ll remember with these great gifts.