As A Mom With MS, I Struggled With Crushing Guilt

And then I got a text message that dissolved all of my self-doubt.

by Lindsay Karp
Living With MS

Why Some Women With MS Wish They Could Always Be Pregnant

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During pregnancy, many patients with multiple sclerosis experience relief from their symptoms. Can researchers actually use this fact to find treatments for the disease?


How I Finally Learned To Rethink My Ideas About Motherhood & Productivity

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You've Got This

Talking To Kids About A Chronic Illness Like MS Is Intimidating. Here’s How To Start.

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Honesty is always the best policy.

Health Trackers

The Oura Ring Actually Helps Me Troubleshoot My Sleep

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And it doesn’t bombard me with notifications all day.

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10 Women Share How Pelvic Floor Therapy Changed Their Lives

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How to Reframe Your Relationship with Exercise

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Parenting Is Hard. Parenting With MS Is Even Harder.

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Selma Blair's Son Arthur Thinks She's "Brave" For Battling MS

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Selma Blair Shared A Profound Message After Saying She Uses "A Wheelchair" Now

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