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10 Banana Bread Recipes To Make When You're Missing Some Pantry Staples

Making banana bread is the perfect way to inject some life into a batch of bananas that are about to go bad. But, if you're in-between grocery trips and out of flour or eggs or even sugar, your plans may hit a snag. Fortunately, these banana bread recipes without flour or other pantry staples can help you whip up something sweet without making a grocery run.

Is it just me, or does everyone seem like they're trying their hand at baking banana bread during lockdown? I've seen more than enough posts on social media of friends with loaves fresh out of the oven to convince me that I should absolutely be baking more banana bread. Pre-pandemic, I usually only baked around the holidays, but now I know the sweet bliss of baking on a random Tuesday afternoon and will not be looking back.

The delicious delicacy that is banana bread leans toward healthy while still being classified a sweet. Plus, you can eat it for breakfast, which classifies it as the epitome of ideal baked goods in my little corner of the universe. Alas, if you want to make this tasty treat but find yourself without certain pantry staples, these 10 recipes could still yield a suitable slice of banana-filled goodness.


Banana Bread Without Butter

To make a loaf of banana bread as moist as possible, many recipes call for at least some butter. This recipe for paleo banana bread by Well Plated uses almond butter instead of traditional butter to add a nuttiness to the bread and help retain moisture.


Banana Bread Without Flour

This simple recipe for banana bread from The Baker Mama features only five simple ingredients, and flour isn't one of them. So if you have bananas, eggs, rolled oats, baking soda, and maple syrup on hand, you can be in the banana bread business before you know it.


Banana Bread Without Refined Sugar

This recipe for banana bread by Cookie + Kate is perfect for bakers without any sugar on hand. It calls for honey or maple syrup in lieu of sugar, which works to sweeten your bread naturally instead of using refined sugars. Plus, the inclusion of whole wheat flour makes it a healthier alternative to traditional banana breads.


Banana Bread Without Brown Sugar

This classic recipe by Julie's Eats and Treats has all of the ingredients you might expect a load of banana bread to contain, with the exception of brown sugar. You'll still need regular granulated sugar to make this recipe work, but you don't need any other sweeteners or any other type of sugar for it.


Banana Bread Without Cinnamon

Cinnamon may not be everyone's cup of tea, but the flavor adds an unmistakeable spice to a loaf of banana bread. This recipe from Brown Eyed Baker doesn't use cinnamon, but instead features peanut butter and chocolate chips to add an unexpected twist on classic banana bread.


Banana Bread Without Eggs

People with egg allergies are forever on the hunt for treats that don't include any eggs. This eggless banana bread recipe from Mommy's Home Cooking fits the bill. It uses buttermilk to keep the loaf moist and is packed full of flavorful goodness.


Banana Bread Without Nuts

Not every banana bread recipe contains nuts, but honestly most of the popular ones do. If you don't have any walnuts, pecans, or almonds on hand — or, if you're allergic — this banana bread recipe from My Baking Addiction is the perfect one to try.


Banana Bread Without Milk

Looking for a dairy-free banana bread recipe that still gives you that tender, fresh-baked feel but without any milk or milk-products? Kitchen Treaty's recipe for easy dairy-free banana bread is exactly what you've been searching for. Whether you're allergic to dairy, or you just haven't stocked up on milk recently, you can still make this tasty treat.


Banana Bread Without Baking Powder (Bonus: Or Eggs)

If you're looking for a gluten-free, vegan banana bread, this version from Pickles & Honey is perfect. In addition to being egg-free, the recipe can be made without using any baking powder. It does call for baking soda, but they are not the same thing — as my college-aged self learned the hard way once upon a time.


Banana Bread Without Baking Soda

This recipe for three-ingredient banana bread from Stockpiling Moms is almost too good to be true. You won't need any baking soda at all to make this easy, delicious loaf. In fact, the only dry ingredient you need is a box of cake mix. This would be a great recipe for little kids to help with since there is literally zero measuring required.